Friday, October 25, 2013

Why should we go to temple??

I heard from many people that "if god is in our hearts then what is the need for going to temple for praying and worship???"

So my Point is , there is absolute need of going to temples and other holy places, let's take a very simple example, " We go to university for studies, even though for the same subject all the books, software's are available at market, we can buy them or just download them form internet, but still we go, Why ??? because there we have special persons to guide us, have atmosphere to learn more effectively and most importantly only university has power to grant you degree as a result of your work." similarly for devotional service temples and other holy places are like universities going there and having associations of devotees will improve our knowledge and love for our dear lord and will make us eligible to gain the degree of love and devotion. Also to keep healthy body we go to gym, visit doctors regularly for healthy tips similarly it is also necessary to go to temples and get association of devotees to get tips to keep our soul/thinking/thought process healthy. as all the great sages, people, scriptures repeatedly said " Human is nothing but the man of his thoughts" or " you become what you think of yourself" so healthy thought process is absolutely essential for a healthy life and healthy thoughts comes from a healthy mind, mind is healthy when given right association and knowledge and right association is association of a learned soul a mahatma who have devoted himself in service of humanity.. right association is association of scriptures who define life and guides us towards living a valuable life.. As doctors are found in clinic and scientists are found in lab, similarly These learned soul and teachings of scriptures are found in resident of god i.e. Temple
"Temples are more like a recharge centres for high spiritual energy (attain/ sustain) to put in simple terms"

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