Friday, October 25, 2013

Chanting mantras or stotras can lead to tremendous universal benefit

Chant and reap the benefits!
Chanting the below mantras/stotras can lead to tremendous universal benefit, below are few

1) Gayatri mantra - As Brahmins it is our natural duty to our community and society at large to chant this inestimable source of all power and prosperity. Chant it 108 times (if not, at least 21 times) in the morning and evening. Preferably offer water to the Sun while chanting.

2) Aditya Hridayam - This is an excellent prayer for the eradication of all health issues, boosts self confidence, energy and leads to all sucess in war. It was advised by Sage Agastya to a depressed Shri Rama who chanted it 3 times just before killing Ravana in battle.

3) Vishnu Sahasranama - This is a great source of curative powers. Chanting this stotra will lead to mental peace, prosperity and wisdom, as well as worldly benefits. Shankaracharya, Ramanuja, Madhva and many other scholars belonging to differing sects, have all extolled this stotra.

4) Hanuman Chalisa - The benefits of this short prayer are truly great. It gives great confidence, self belief, energy and gives relief from pain

5) Any chapter from the Bhagavad Gita daily - This will also give great energy, as well as helps us find more meaning in life.

6) If you chant it for one mandalam-48 days your wishes will come true.But your wishes should be a good one..

7) the Rudram from Krishna Yejur Veda!!!! Sage Yajnavalkya said that chanting this daily gives both material as well as spiritual ascension!!!!

Chant them daily, for 41 days together, and you would have seen massive positive changes in your life.


  1. I m nt getting the 5, 6 & 7 number points....

  2. Om Sri Hanumante Namah
    Read hanuman chalisa to get rid of any obstacles.

  3. Jai Hanuman. Reading hanuman chalisa in Morning times give you good results.Read hanuman chalisa atleast twicea day.