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HYMN I. Agni.

1. THOU, first inventor of this prayer, O Agni, Worker of Marvels, hast become our Herald.
Thou, Bull, hast made us strength which none may conquer, strength that shall overcome all other prowess.
2 As Priest thou sattest at the seat of worship, furthering us, best Offerer, meet for honour.
So first to thee have pious men resorted, turning thy mind to thoughts of ample riches.
3 In thee, still watching, they have followed riches, who goest with much wealth as with an army,
The radiant Agni, lofty, fair to look on, worshipped with marrow, evermore resplendent.
4 They who approached the God's abode with homage, eager for glory, won them perfect glory:
Yea, they gained even sacrificial titles, and found delight in thine auspicious aspect.
5 On earth the people magnify thee greatly, thee their celestial and terrestrial riches.
Thou, Helper, must be known as our Preserver, Father and Mother of mankind for ever.
6 Dear priest among mankind, adorable Agni hath seated him, joy-giver, skilled in worship.
Let us approach thee shining in thy dwelling, kneeling upon our knees, with adoration.
7 Longing for bliss, pure-minded, God-devoted, Agni, we seek thee, such, meet to be lauded.
Thou, Agni, leddest forth our men to battle, refulgent with the heaven's exalted splendour.
8 Sage of mankind, all peoples' Lord and Master, the Bull of men, the sender down of blessings,
Still pressing on, promoting, purifying, Agni the Holy One, the Lord of riches.
9 Agni, the mortal who hath toiled and worshipped, brought thee oblations with his kindled fuel,
And well knows sacrifice with adoration, gains every joy with thee to guard and help him.
10 Mightily let us worship thee the Mighty, with reverence, Agni! fuel and oblations,
With songs, O Son of Strength, with hymns, with altar: so may we strive for thine auspicious favour.
11 Thou who hast covered heaven and earth with splendour and with thy glories, glorious and triumphant.
Continue thou to shine on us, O Agni, with strength abundant, rich, and long enduring.
12 Vouchsafe us ever, as man needs, O Vasu, abundant wealth of kine for son and offspring.
Food noble, plenteous, far from sin and evil, he with us, and fair fame to make us happy.
13 May I obtain much wealth in many places by love of thee and through thy grace, King Agni;
For in thee Bounteous One, in thee the Sovran, Agni, are many boons for him who serves thee.

HYMN II. Agni.

1. THOU, Agni, even as Mitra, hast a princely glory of thine own.
Thou, active Vasu, makest fame increase like full prosperity.
2 For, verily, men pray to thee with sacrifices and with songs.
To thee the Friendly Courser, seen of all, comes speeding through the air.
3 Of one accord men kindle thee Heaven's signal of the sacrifice,
When, craving bliss, this race of man invites thee to the solemn rite.
4 Let the man thrive who travails sore, in prayer, far thee the Bountiful.
He with the help of lofty Dyaus comes safe through straits of enmity.
5 The mortal who with fuel lights thy flame and offers unto thee,
Supports a house with many a branch, Agni, to live a hundred years.
6 Thy bright smoke lifts itself aloft, and far-extended shines in heaven.
For, Purifier! like the Sun thou beamest with thy radiant glow.
7 For in men's houses thou must be glorified as a well-loved guest,
Gay like an elder in a fort, claiming protection like a son.
8 Thou, Agni, like an able steed, art urged by wisdom in the wood.
Thou art like wind; food, home art thou, like a young horse that runs astray.
9 E'en things imperishable, thou, O Agni, like a gazing ox,
Eatest, when hosts, Eternal One! of thee the Mighty rend the woods.
10 Agni, thou enterest as Priest the home of men who sacrifice.
Lord of the people, prosper them. Accept the ofrering, Angiras!
11 O Agni, God with Mitra's might, call hither the favour of the Gods from earth and heaven.
Bring weal from heaven, that men may dwell securely. May we o'ercome the foe's malign oppressions, may we o'ercome them, through thy help o'ercome them.


1. TRUE, guardian of the Law, thy faithful servant wins ample light and dwells in peace, O Agni,
Whom thou, as Varuna in accord with Mitra, guardest, O God, by banishing his trouble.
2 He hath paid sacrifices, toiled in worship, and offered gifts to wealth-increasing Agni.
Him the displeasure of the famous moves not, outrage and scorn affect not such a mortal.
3 Bright God, whose look is free from stain like Surya's, thou, swift, what time thou earnestly desirest,
Hast gear to give us. Come with joy at evening, where, Child of Wood, thou mayest also tarry.
4 Fierce is his gait and vast his wondrous body: he champeth like a horse with bit and bridle,
And, darting forth his tongue, as 'twere a hatchet, burning the woods, smelteth them like a smelter.
5 Archer-like, fain toshoot, he sets his arrow, and whets his splendour like the edge of iron:
The messenger of night with brilliant pathway, like a tree-roosting bird of rapid pinion.
6 In beams of morn he clothes him like the singer, and bright as Mitra with his splendour crackles.
Red in the night, by day the men's possession: red, he belongs to men by day, Immortal.
7 Like Heaven's when scattering beams his voice was uttered: among the plants the radiant Hero shouted,
Who with his glow in rapid course came hither to fill both worlds, well-wedded Dames, with treasure.
8 Who, with supporting streams and rays that suit him, hath flashed like lightning with his native vigour.
Like the deft Maker of the band of Maruts, the bright impetuous One hath shone refulgent.


1. As at man's service of the Gods, Invoker, thou, Son of Strength, dost sacrifice and worship,
So bring for us to-day all Gods together, bring willingly the willing Gods, O Agni.
2 May Agni, radiant Herald of the morning, meet to be known, accept our praise with favour.
Dear to all life, mid mortal men Immortal, our guest, awake at dawn, is Jatavedas.
3 Whose might the very heavens regard with wonder: bright as the Sun he clothes himself with lustre.
He who sends forth,, Eternal Purifier, hath shattered e'en the ancient works of Asna.
4 Thou art a Singer, Son! our feast-companion: Agni at birth prepared his food and pathway.
Therefore vouchsafe us strength, O Strength-bestower. Win like a King: foes trouble not thy dwelling.
5 Even he who cats his firm hard food with swiftness,and overtakes the nights as Vayu kingdoms.
May we o'ercome those who resist thine orders, like a steed casting down the flying foemen.
6 Like Surya with his fulgent rays, O Agni, thou overspreadest both the worlds with splendour.
Decked with bright colour he dispels the darkness, like Ausija, with clear flame swifily flying.
7 We have elected thee as most delightful for thy beams' glow: hear our great laud, O Agni.
The best men praise thee as the peer of Indra in strength, mid Gods, like Viyu in thy bounty.
8 Now, Agni, on the tranquil paths of riches come to us for our weal: save us from sorrow.
Grant chiefs and bard this boon. May we live happy, with hero children, through a hundred winters.

HYMN V. Agni.

1. I INVOCATE your Son of Strength, the Youthful, with hymns, the Youngest God, whose speech is guileless;
Sage who sends wealth comprising every treasure, bringer of many boons, devoid of malice.
2 At eve and morn thy pious servants bring thee their precious gifts, O Priest of many aspects,
On whom, the Purifier, all things living as on firm. ground their happiness have stablished.
3 Thou from of old hast dwelt among these people, by mental power the charioteer of blessings.
Hence sendest thou, O sapient Jatavedas, to him who serves thee treasures in succession.
4 Agni, whoever secretly attacks us, the neighbour, thou with Mitra's might! who harms us,
Burn him with thine own Steers for ever youthful, burning with burning heat, thou fiercest burner.
5 He who serves thee with sacrifice and fuel, with hymn, O Son of Strength, and chanted praises,
Shines out, Immortal! in the midst of mortals, a sage, with wealth, with splendour and with glory.
6 Do this, O Agni, when we urge thee, quickly, triumphant in thy might subdue our foemen.
When thou art praised with words and decked with brightness, accept this chanted hymn, the singer's worship.
7 Help us, that we may gain this wish, O Agni, gain riches, Wealthy One! with store of heroes.
Desiring strength from thee may we be strengthened, and win, Eternal! thine eternal glory.

HYMN VI. Agni.

1. HE who seeks furtherance and grace to help him goes to the Son of Strength with newest worship,
Calling the heavenly Priest to share the banquet, who rends the wood, bright, with his blackened pathway.
2 White-hued and thundering he dwells in splendour, Most Youthful, with the loudvoiced and eternal-
Agni, most variform, the Purifier, who follows crunching many ample forests.
3 Incited by the wind thy flames, O Agni, move onward, Pure One! pure, in all directions.
Thy most destructive heavenly Navagvas break the woods down and devastate them boldly.
4 Thy pure white horses from their bonds are loosened: O Radiant One, they shear the ground beneath them,
And far and wide shines out thy flame, and flickers rapidly moving over earth's high ridges.
5 Forth darts the Bull's tongue like the sharp stone weapon discharged by him who fights to win the cattle.
Agni's fierce flame is like a hero's onset: dread and resistless he destroys the forests.
6 Thou with the sunlight of the great Impeller hast boldly over-spread the earth's expanses.
So drive away with conquering might all perils. fighting out foemen burn up those who harm us.
7 Wondrous! of wondrous power! give to the singer wealth wondrous, marked, most wonderful, life-giving.
Wealth bright, O Bright One, vast, with many heroes, give with thy bright flames to the man who lauds thee.


1. Him, messenger of earth and head of heaven, Agni Vaisvanara, born in holy Order,
The Sage, the King, the guest of men, a vessel fit for their mouths, the Gods have generated.
2 Him have they praised, mid-point of sacrifices, great cistern of libations, seat of riches.
Vaisvanara, conveyer of oblations, ensign of worship, have the Gods engendered.
3 From thee, O Agni, springs the mighty singer, from thee come heroes who subdue the foeman.
O King, Vaisvanara, bestow thou on us excellent treasures worthy to belonged fo r.
4 To thee, Immortal! when to life thou springest, all the Gods sing for joy as to their infant.
They by thy mental powers were made immortal, Vaisvanara, when thou shonest from thy Parents.
5 Agni Vaisvanara, no one hath ever resisted these thy mighty ordinances,
When thou, arising from thy Parents' bosom, foundest the light for days' appointed courses.
6 The summits of the heaven are traversed through and through by the Immortal's light, Vaisvanara's brilliancy.
All creatures in existence rest upon his head. The Seven swift-flowing Streams have grown like branches forth,
7 Vaisvanara, who measured out the realms of air, Sage very wise who made the lucid spheres of heaven,
The Undeceivable who spread out all the worlds, keeper is he and guard of immortality.


1. AT Jatavedas' holy gathering I will tell aloud the conquering might of the swift red-hued Steer.
A pure and fresher hymn flows to Vaisvanara, even as for Agni lovely Soma is made pure.
2 That Agni, when in loftiest heaven he sprang to life, Guardian of Holy Laws, kept and observed them well.
Exceeding wise, he measured out the firmament. Vaisvanara attained to heaven by mightiness.
3 Wonderful Mitra propped the heaven and earth apart, and covered and concealed
the darkness with his light.
He made the two bowls part asunder like two skins. Vaisvanara put forth all his creative power.
4 The Migbty seized him in the bosom of the floods: the people waited on the King who should be praised.
As envoy of Vivasvan MatariSvan brought Agni Vaisvanara hither from far away.
5 In every age bestow upon the singers wealth, worthy of holy synods, glorious, ever new.
King, undecaying, as it were with sharpened bolt, smite down the sinner like a tree with lightning-flash.
6 Do thou bestow, O Agni, on our wealthy chiefs, rule, with good heroes, undecaying, bending not.
So may we win for us strength. O Vaisvanara, hundredfold, thousandfold, O Agni, by thy help.
7 O thou who dwellest in three places, Helper, keep with effective guards our princely patrons.
Keep our band, Agni, who have brought thee presents. Lengthen their lives, Vaisvanara, when lauded.

HYMN IX. Agni.

1. ONE half of day is dark, and bright the other: both atmospheres move on by sage devices.
Agni Vaisvanara, when born as Sovran, hath with his lustre overcome the darkness.
2 I know not either warp or woof, I know not the web they weave when moving to the contest.
Whose son shall here speak words that must be spoken without assistance from the Father near him?
3 For both the warp and woof he understandeth, and in due time shall speak what should be spoken,
Who knoweth as the immortal world's Protector, descending, seeing with no aid from other.
4 He is the Priest, the first of all: behold him. Mid mortal men he is the light immortal.
Here was he born, firm-seated in his station Immortal, ever waxing in his body.
5 A firm light hath been set for men to look on: among all things that fly the mind is swiftest.
All Gods of one accord, with one intention, move unobstructed to a single purpose.
6 Mine ears unclose to hear, mine eye to see him; the light that harbours in my spirit broadens.
Far roams my mind whose thoughts are in the distance. What shall I speak, what shall I now imagine?
7 All the Gods bowed them down in fear before thee, Agni, when thou wast dwelling in the darkness.
Vaisvanara be gracious to assist us, may the Immortal favour us and help us.

HYMN X. Agni.

1. INSTALL at sacrifice, while the rite advances, your pleasant, heavenly Agni, meet for praises.
With hymns-for he illumines us-install him. He, Jatavedas, makes our rites successful.
2 Hear this laud, Radiant Priest of many aspects, O Agni with the fires of man enkindled,
Laud which bards send forth pure as sacred butter, strength to this man, as 'twere for self-advantage.
3 Mid mortal men that singer thrives in glory who offers gifts with hymns of praise to Agni,
And the God, wondrous bright, with wondrous succours helps him to win a stable filled with cattle.
4 He, at his birth, whose path is black behind him, filled heaven and earth with far-apparent splendour:
And he himself hath been. through night's thick darkness, made manifest by light, the Purifier.
5 With thy most mighty aid, confer, O Agni, wonderful wealth on us and on our princes,
Who stand preeminent, surpassing others in liberal gifts, in fame, and hero virtues.
6 Agni, accept this sacrifice with gladness, which, seated here, the worshipper presenteth.
Fair hymns hadst thou among the Bharadvajas, and holpest them to gain abundant vigour.
7 Scatter our foes, increase our store. May we he glad a hundred winters with brave sons.

HYMN XI. Agni.

1. EAGERLY Sacrifice thou, most skilful, Agni! Priest, pressing on as if the Maruts sent thee.
To our oblation bring the two Nasatyas, Mitra and Varuna and Earth and Heaven.
2 Thou art our guileless, most delightful Herald, the God, among mankind, of holy synods.
A Priest with purifying tongue, O Agni, sacrifice with thy mouth to thine own body.
3 For even the blessed longing that is in thee would bring the Gods down to the singer's worship,
When the Angirases' sagest Sage, the Poet, sings the sweet measure at the solemn service.
4 Bright hath he beamed, the wise, the far-refulgent. Worship the two widespreading Worlds, O Agni,
Whom as the Living One rich in oblations the Five Tribes, bringing gifts, adorn with homage.
5 When I with reverence clip the grass for Agni, when the trimmed ladle, fullof oil, is lifted,
Firm on the seat of earth is based the altar: eye-like, the sacrifice is directed Sun-ward.
6 Enrich us, O thou Priest of many aspects, with the Gods, Agni, with thy fires, enkindled.
O Son of Strength, clad in the robe of riches, may we escape from woe as from
a prison.


1. KING of trimmed grass, Herald within the dwelling, may Agni worship the Impeller's World-halves.
He, Son of Strength, the Holy, from a distance hath spread himself abroad with light like Surya.
2 In thee, most wise, shall Dyaus, for full perfection, King! Holy One! pronounce the call to worship.
Found in three places, like the Speeder's footstep, come to present men's riches as oblations!
3 Whose blaze most splendid, sovran in the forest, shines waxing on his way like the - Impeller.
He knows himself, like as a guileless smelter, not to be stayed among the plants, Immortal.
4 Our friends extol him like a steed for vigour even Agni in the dwelling, jatave~as.
Trce-fed, he fights with power as doth a champion, like Dawn's Sire to be praised with sacrifices.
5 Men wonder at his shining glows when, paring the woods with case, o'er the broad earth he goeth,
And, like a rushing flood, loosed quickly, burneth, swift as a guilty thief, o'er desert places.
6 So mighty thou protectest us from slander, O Champion, Agni! with all fires enkindled.
Bring opulence and drive away affliction. May brave sons gladden us through a hundred winters.


1. FROM thee, as branches from a tree, O Agni, from thee, Auspicious God! spring all our blessings-
Wealth swiftly, strength in battle with our foemen, the rain besought of heaven, the flow of waters.
2 Thou art our Bhaga to send wealth thou dwellest, like circumambient air, with wondrous splendour.
Friend art thou of the lofty Law, like Mitra, Controller, Agni! God! of many a blessing.
3 Agni! the hero slays with might his foeman; the singer bears away the Pani's booty-
Even he whom thou, Sage, born in Law, incitest by wealth, accordant with the Child of Waters.
4 The man who, Son of Strength 1 with sacrifices, hymns, lauds, attracts thy fervour to the altar,
Enjoys each precious thing, O God, O Agni, gains wealth of corn and is the lord of treasures.
5 Grant, Son of Strength, to men for their subsistence such things as bring high fame and hero children.
For thou with might givest much food in cattle even to the wicked wolf when he is hungry.
6 Eloquent, Son of Strength, Most Mighty, Agni, vouchsafe us seed and offspring, full of vigour.
May I by all my songs obtain abundance. May brave sons gladden us through a hundred winters.


1. WHOSO to Agni hath endeared his thought and service by his hymns,
That mortal cats before the rest, and finds sufficiency of food.
2 Agni, in truth, is passing wise, most skilled in ordering, a Seer.
At sacrifices Manus' sons glorify Agni as their Priest.
3 The foeman's wealth in many a place, Agni, is emulous to help.
Men fight the fiend, and seek by rites to overcome the riteless foe.
4 Agni bestows the hero chief, winner of waters, firm in fray.
Soon as they look upon his might his enemies tremble in alarm.
5 For with his wisdom Agni, God, protects the mortal from reproach,
Whose conquering wealth is never checked, is never checked in deeds of might.
6 O Agni, God with Mitra's might call hither the favour of the Gods from earth and heaven.
Bring weal from heaven that men may dwell securely. May we o'ercome the foe's malign oppressions, may we o'ercome them, through thy help o'ercome them.

HYMN XV. Agni.

1. WITH this my song I strive to reach this guest of yours, who wakes at early morn, the Lord of all the tribes.
Each time he comes from heaven, the Pure One from of old: from ancient days the Child cats everlasting food.
2 Whom, well-dis sed, the Blirgus stablished as a rriend, whom men must glorify, high-flaming in the wood.
As such, most friendly, thou art every day extolled in lauds by Vitahavya, O thou wondrous God.
3 Be thou the foeless helper of the skilful man, subduer of the enemy near or far away.
Bestow a wealthy home on men, O Son of Strength. Give Vitahavya riches spreading far and wide, give Bharadvaja wide-spread wealth.
4 Him, your refulgent guest, Agni who comes from heaven, the Herald of mankind, well-skilled in sacred rites,
Who, like a holy singer, utters heavenly words, oblation-bearer, envoy, God, I seek with hymns.
5 Who with his purifying, eye-attracting form hath shone upon the earth as with the light of Dawn;
Who speeding on, as in the fight of Etaia, cometh, untouched by age, as one athirst in heat.
6 Worship ye Agni, Agni, with your log of wood; praise your beloved, your beloved guest with songs.
Invite ye the Immortal hither with your hymns. A God among the Gods, he loveth what is choice, loveth our service, God mid Gods.
7 Agni inflamed with fuel in my song I sing, pure, Cleanser, steadlast, set in tront at sacrifice.
Wise Jatavedas we implore with prayers for bliss the Priest, the holy Singer, bounteous, void of guile.
8 Men, Agni, in each age have made thee, Deathiess One, their envoy, offering-bearer, guard adorable.
With reverence Gods and mortals have established thee, the ever-watchful, omnipresent Household Lord.
9 Thou, Agni, ordering the works and ways of both, as envoy of the Gods traversest both the worlds.
When we lay claim to thy regard and gracious fare, be thou to us a thriceprotecting friendly guard.
10 Him fair of face, rapid, and fair to look on, him very wise may we who know not follow.
Let him who knows all rules invite for worship, Agru announce our offering to the Immortals.
11 Him, Agni, thou deliverest and savest who brings him prayer to thee the Wise, O Hero,
The end of sacrifice or its inception; yea, thou endowest him with power and riches.
12 Guard us from him who would assail us, Agni; preserve us, O thou Victor, from dishonour.
Here let the place of darkening come upon thee: may wealth be ours, desirable in thousands.
13 Agni, the Priest, is King, Lord of the homestead, he, Jatayedas, knows all generations.
Most skilful worshipper mid Gods and mortals, may he begin the sacrifice, the Holy.
14 Whate'er to-day thou, bright-flamed Priest, enjoyest from the man's rite-for thou art sacrificer-
Worship, for duly dost thou spread in greatness: bear off thine ofrerings of to-day, Most Youthful.
15 Look thou upon the viands duly laid for thee. Fain would he set thee here to worship Heaven and,Earth.
Help us, O liberal Agni, in the strife for spoil, so that we may o'ercome all things that trouble us, o'ercome, o'ercome them with thy help.
16 Together with all Gods, O fair-faced Agni, be seated first upon the woollined altar,
Nest-like, bedewed with oil. Bear this our worship to Savitar who sacrifices rightly.
17 Here the arranging priests, as did Atharvan, rub this Agni forth,
Whom, not bewildered, as he moved in winding ways, they brought from gloom.
18 For the Gods' banquet be thou born, for full perfection and for weal.
Bring the Immortal Gods who strengthen holy Law: so let our sacrifice reach the Gods.
19 O Agni, Lord and Master of men's homesteads, with kindled fuel we have made thee mighty.
Let not our household gear be found defective. Sharpen us with thy penetrating splendour.


1. PRIEST of all sacrifices hast thou been appointed by the Gods,
Agni, amid the race of man.
2 So with thy joyous tongues for us sacrifice nobly in this rite.
Bring thou the Gods and worship them.
3 For well, O God, Disposer, thou knowest, straight on, the paths and ways,
Agni, most wise in sacrifice.
4 Thee, too, hath Bharata of old, with mighty men, implored for bliss.
And worshipped thee the worshipful.
5 Thou givest these abundant boons to Divodasa pouring forth,
To Bharadvaja offering gifts.
6 Do thou, Immortal Messenger, bring hither the Celestial Folk;
Hearing the singer's eulogy.
7 Mortals with pious thought implore thee, Agni, God, at holy rites,
To come unto the feast of Gods.
8 I glorify thine aspect and the might of thee the Bountilul.
All those who love shall joy in thee,
9 Invoker placed by Manus, thou, Agni, art near, the wisest Priest:
Pay worship to the Tribes of Heaven.
10 Come, Agni, lauded, to the feast; come to the offering of the gifts.
As Priest be seated on the grass.
11 So, Angiras, we make thee strong with fuel and with holy oil.
Blaze high, thou youngest of the Gods.
12 For us thou winnest, Agni, God, heroic strength exceeding great,
Far-spreading and of high renown.
13 Agni, Atharvan brought thee forth, by rubbing, from the lotus-flower,
The head of Visva, of the Priest.
14 Thee. Vrtra's slayer, breaker down of castles, hath Atharvan's son,
Dadhyac the Rsi, lighted up.
15 The hero Pathya kindled thee the Dasyus'. most destructive foe,
Winner of spoil in every fight.
16 Come, here, O Agni, will I sing verily other songs to thee,
And with these drops shalt thou grow strong.
17 Where'er tby mind applies itself, vigour preeminent bast thou:
There wilt thou gain a dwelling-place.
18 Not for a moment only lasts thy bounty, good to many a one!
Our service therefore shalt thou gain.
19 Agni, the Bharata, hath been sought, the Vrtra-slayer, marked of all,
Yea, Divodasa's Hero Lord.
20 For he gave riches that surpass in greatness all the things of earth,
Fighting untroubled, unsubdued.
21 Thou, Agni, as in days of old, with recent glory, gathered light,
Hast overspread the lofty heaven.
22 Bring to your Agni, O my friends, boldly your laud and sacrifice:
Give the Disposer praise and song.
23 For as sagacious Herald he hath sat through every age of man,
Oblation-bearing messenger.
24 Bring those Two Kings whose ways are pure, Adityas, and the Marut host,
Excellent God! and Heaven and Earth.
25 For strong and active mortal man, excellent, Agni, is the look Of thee Immortal, Son of Strength
26 Rich through his wisdom, noblest be the giver serving thee to-day:
The man hath brought his hymn of praise.
27 These, Agni, these are helped by thee, who strong and active all their lives,
O'ercome the malice of the foe, fight down the malice ofthe foe.
28 May Agni with his pointed blaze cast down each fierce devouring fiend
May Agni win us wealth by war.
29 O active Jatavedas, bring riches with store of hero sons:
Slay thou the demons, O Most Wise.
30 Keep us, O Jatavedas, from the troubling of the man of sin:
Guard us thou Sage who knowest prayer.
31 Whatever sinner, Agni, brings oblations to procure our death,
Save us from woe that he would work.
32 Drive from us with thy tongue, O God, the man who doeth evil deeds,
The mortal who would strike us dead.
33 Give shelter reaching far and wide to Bharadvaja, conquering Lord!
Agni, send wealth most excellent.
34 May Agni slay the Vrtras,-fain for riches, through the lord of song,
Served with oblation, kindled, bright.
35 His Father's Father, shining in his Mother's everlasting side,
Set on the seat of holy Law.
36 O active Jatavedas, bring devotion that wins progeny, Agni, that it may shine to heaven.
37 O Child of Strength, to thee whose look is lovely we with dainty food,
O Agni, have poured forth our songs.
38 To thee for shelter are we come, as to the shade from fervent heat
Agni, who glitterest like gold.
39 Mighty as one who slays with shafts, or like a bull with sharpened horn,
Agni, thou breakest down the forts.
40 Whom, like an infant newly born, devourer, in their arms they bear,
Men's Agni, skilled in holy rites.
41 Bear to the banquet of the Gods the God best finder-out of wealth,
Let him he seated in his place.
42 In Jatavedas kindle ye the dear guest who hath now appeared
In a soft place, the homestead's Lord.
43 Harness, O Agni, O thou God, thy steeds which are most excellent:
They bear thee as thy spirit wills.
44 Come hither, bring the Gods to us to taste the sacrificial feast,
To drink the draught of Soma juice.
45 O Agni of the Bharatas, blaze high with everlasting might,
Shine forth and gleam, Eternal One.
46 The mortal man who serves the God with banquet, and, bringing gifts at sacrifice, lauds Agni,
May well attract, with prayer and hands uplifted, the Priest of Heaven and Earth, true Sacrificer.
47 Agni, we bring thee, with our hymn, oblation fashioned in the heart.
Let these be oxen unto thee, let these be bulls and kine to thee.
48 The Gods enkindle Agni, best slayer of Vrtra, first in rank,
The Mighty, One who brings us wealth and crushes down the Raksasas.


1. DRINK Soma, Mighty One, for which, when lauded, thou breakest through the cattle-stall, O Indra;
Thou who, O Bold One, armed with thunder smotest Vrtra with might, and every hostile being.
2 Drink it thou God who art impetuous victor, Lord of our hymns, with beauteousjaws, the Hero,
Render of kine-stalls, car-borne, thunder-wielding, so pierce thy way to wondrous strength, O Indra.
3 Drink as of old, and let the draught delight thee. hear thou our prayer and let our songs exalt thee.
Make the Sun visible, make food abundant, slaughter the foes, pierce through and free the cattle.
4 These gladdening drops, O Indra, Self-sustainer, quaffed shall augment thee in thy mighty splendour.
Yea, let the cheering drops delight thee greatly, great, perfect, strong, powerful, all-subduing.
5 Gladdened whereby, bursting the firm enclosures, thou gavest splendour to the Sun and Morning.
The mighty rock that compassed in the cattle, ne'er moved, thou shookest from its seat, O Indra.
6 Thou with thy wisdom, power, and works of wonder, hast stored the ripe milk in the raw cows' udders
Unbarred the firm doors for the kine of Morning, and, with the Angirases, set free the cattle.
7 Thou hast spread out wide earth, a mighty marvel, and, high thyself, propped lofty heaven, O Indra.
Both worlds, whose Sons are Gods, thou hast supported, young, Mothers from old time ofholy Order.
8 Yea, Indra, all the Deities installed thee their one strong Champion in the van for battle.
What time the godless was the Gods' assailant, Indra they chose to win the light of heaven.
9 Yea, e'en that heaven itself of old bent backward before thy bolt, in terror of its anger,
When Indra, life of every living creature, smote down within his lair the assailing Dragon.
10 Yea, Strong One! Tvastar turned for thee, the Mighty, the bolt with thousand spikes and hundred edges,
Eager and prompt at will, wherewith thou crushedst the boasting Dragon, O impetuous Hero.
11 He dressed a hundred buffaloes, O Indra, for thee whom all accordant Maruts strengthen.
He, Pusan Visnu, poured forth three great vessels to him, the juice that cheers, that slaughters Vrtra.
12 Thou settest free the rushing wave of waters, the floods' great swell encompassed and obstructed.
Along steep slopes their course thou tumedst, Indra, directed downward, speeding to the ocean.
13 So may our new prayer bring thee to protect us, thee well-armed Hero with thy bolt of thunder,
Indra, who made these worlds, the Strong, the ty, who never groweth old, the victory-giver.
14 So, Indra, form us brilliant holy singers for strength, for glory, and for food and riches.
Give Bharadvaja hero patrons, Indra Indra, be ours upon the day of trial.
15 With this may we obtain strength God-appointed, and brave sons gladden us through a hundred winters.


1. GLORIFY him whose might is all-surpassing, Indra the much-invoked who fights uninjured.
Magnify with these songs the never-vanquished, the Strong, the Bull of men, the Mighty Victor.
2 He, Champion, Hero, Warrior, Lord of battles, impetuous, loudly roaring, great destroyer,
Who whirls the dust on high, alone, oerthrower, hath made all races of mankind his subjects.
3 Thou, thou alone, hast tamed the Dasyus; singly thou hast subdued the people for the Arya.
In this, or is it not, thine hero exploit, Indra? Declare it at the proper season.
4 For true, I deem, thy strength is, thine the Mighty, thine, O Most Potent, thine the Conquering Victor;
Strong, of the strong, Most Mighty, of the mighty, thine, driver of the churl to acts of bounty.
5 Be this our ancient bond of friendship with you and with Angirases here who speak of Vala.
Thou, Wondrous, Shaker of things firm, didst smite him in his fresh strength, and force his doors and castles.
6 With holy thoughts must he be called, the Mighty, showing his power in the great fight with Vrtra.
He must be called to give us seed and offspring, the Thunderer must he moved and sped to battle.
7 He in his might, with name that lives for ever, hath far surpassed all human generations.
He, most heroic, hath his home with splendour, with glory and with riches and with valour.
8 Stranger to guile, who ne'er was false or faithless, bearing a name that may be well remembered,
Indra crushed Cumuri, Dhuni, Sambara, Pipru, and Susna, that their castles fell in ruin.
9 With saving might that must be praised and lauded, Indra, ascend thy car to smite down Vrtra.
In thy right hand hold fast thy bolt of thunder, and weaken, Bounteous Lord, his art and magic.
10 As Agni, as the dart burns the dry forest, like the dread shaft burn down the fiends, O Indra;
Thou who with high deep-reaching spear hast broken, hast covered over mischief and destroyed it.
11 With wealth, by thousand paths come hither, Agni, paths that bring ample strength, O thou Most Splendid.
Come, Son of Strength, o'er whom, Invoked of many! the godless hath no power to keep thee distant.
12 From heaven, from earth is bruited forth the greatness of him the firm, the fiery, the resplendent.
No foe hath he, no counterpart, no refuge is there from him the Conqueror full of wisdom
13 This day the deed that thou hast done is famous, when thou, for him, with many thousand others
Laidest low Kutsa, Ayu, Atithigva, and boldly didst deliver Turvayana.
14 In thee, O God, the wisest of the Sages, all Gods were joyful when thou slewest Ahi.
When lauded for thyself, thou gavest freedom to sore-afflicted Heaven and to the people.
15 This power of thine both heaven and earth acknowledge, the deathless Gods acknowledge it, O Indra.
Do what thou ne'er hast done, O Mighty Worker: beget a new hymn at thy sacrifices.

HYMN XIX. Indra.

1. GREAT, hero-like controlling men is Indra, unwasting in his powers, doubled in vastness.
He, turned to us, hath grown to hero vigour: broad, wide, he hath been decked by those who serve him.
2 The bowl made Indra swift to gather booty, the High, the Lofty, Youthful, Undecaying,
Him who hath waxed by strength which none may conquer, and even at once grown to complete perfection.
3 Stretch out those hands of thine, extend to us-ward thy wide capacious arms, and grant us glory.
Like as the household herdsman guards the cattle, so move thou round about us in the combat.
4 Now, fain for strength, let us invite your Indra hither, who lieth hidden with his Heroes,-
Free from all blame, without reproach, uninjured, e'en as were those who sang, of old, his praises.
5 With steadfast laws, wealth-giver, strong through Soma, he hath much fair and precious food to feed us.
In him unite all paths that lead to riches, like rivers that commingle with the ocean.
6 Bring unto us the mightiest might, O Hero, strong and most potent force, thou great Subduer!
All splendid vigorous powers of men vouchsafe us, Lord of Bay Steeds, that they may make us joyful.
7 Bring us, grown mighty in its strength, O Indra, thy friendly rapturous joy that wins the battle,
Wherewith by thee assisted and triumphant, we may laud thee in gaining seed and offspring.
8 Indra, bestow on us the power heroic skilled and exceeding strong, that wins the booty,
Wherewith, by thine assistance, we may conquer our foes in battle, be they kin or stranger.
9 Let thine heroic strength come from behind us, before us, from above us or below us.
From every side may it approach us, Indra. Give us the glory of the realm of splendour.
10 With most heroic aid from thee, like heroes Indra, may we win wealth by deeds glory.
Thou, King, art Lord of earthly, heavenly treasure: vouchsafe us riches vast, sublime, and lasting.
11 The Bull, whose strength hath waxed, whom Maruts follow, free-giving Indra, the Celestial Ruler,
Mighty, all-conquering, the victory-giver, him let us call to grant us new protection.
12 Give up the people who are high and haughty to these men and to me, O Thunder-wielder!
Therefore upon the earth do we invoke thee, where heroes win, for sons and kine and waters.
13 Through these thy friendships, God invoked of many! may we be victors over every foeman.
Slaying both kinds of foe, may we, O Hero, be happy, helped by thee, with ample riches.

HYMN XX. Indra.

1. GIVE us wealth, Indra, that with might, as heaven o'ertops the earth, o'ercomes our foes in battle
Wealth that brings thousands and that wins the corn-lands, wealth, Son of Strength! that vanquishes the foeman.
2 Even as the power of Dyaus, to thee, O Indra, all Asura sway was by the Gods entrusted,
When thou, Impetuous! leagued with Visnu, slewest Vrtra the Dragon who enclosed the waters.
3 Indra, Strong, Victor, Mightier than the mighty, addressed with prayer and perfect in his splendour,
Lord of the bolt that breaketh forts in pieces, became the King of the sweet juice of Soma..
4 There, Indra, while the light was won, the Panis f1ed, 'neath a hundred blows, for wise Dasoni,
And greedy Susna's magical devices nor left he any of their food remaining.
5 What time the thunder fell and Susna perished, all life's support from the great Druh was taken.
Indra made room for his car-drivcr Kutsa who sate beside him, when he gained the sunlight.
6 As the Hawk rent for him the stalk that gladdens, he wrenched the head from Namuci the Dasa.
He guarded Nam, Sayya's son, in slumber, and sated him with food, success, and riches.
7 Thou, thunder-armed, with thy great might hast shattered Pipru's strong forts who knew the wiles of serpents.
Thou gavest to thy worshipper Rjisvan imperishable Wealth, O Bounteous Giver.
8 The crafty Vetasu, the swift Dasni, and Tugra speedily with all his servants,
Hath Indra, gladdening with strong assistance, forced near as 'twere to glorify the Mother.
9 Resistless, with the hosts he battles, bearing in both his arms the Vrtra-slaying thunder.
He mounts his Bays, as the car-seat an archer: yoked at a word they bear the lofty Indra.
10 May we, O Indra, gain by thy new favour: so Parus laud thee, with their sacrifices,
That thou hast wrecked seven autumn forts, their shelter, slain Dasa tribes and aided Purukutsa.
11 Favouring Usana the son of Kavi, thou wast his ancient strengthener, O Indra.
Thou gavest Navavastva. as a present, to the great father gavest back his grandson.
12 Thou, roaring Indra, drovest on the waters that made a roaring sound like rushing rivers,
What time, O Hero, o'er the sea thou broughtest, in safety broughtest Turvasa and Yadu.
13 This Indra, was thy work in war: thou sentest Dhuni and Cumuri to sleep and slumber.
Dabhiti lit the flame for thee, and worshipped with fuel, hymns, poured Soma, dressed oblations.

HYMN XXI. Indra. Visvedevas.

1. THESE the most constant singer's invocations call thee who art to be invoked, O Hero;
Hymns call anew the chariot-borne, Eternal: by eloquence men gain abundant riches.
2 I praise that Indra, known to all men, honoured with songs, extolled with hymns at sacrifices,
Whose majesty, rich in wondrous arts, surpasseth the magnitude of earth, and heaven in greatness.
3 He hath made pathways, with the Sun to aid him, throughout the darkness that extended pathless.
Mortals who yearn to worship ne'er dishonour, O Mighty God, thy Law who art Immortal.
4 And he who did these things, where is that Indra? among what tribes? what people doth he visit?
What sacrifice contents thy mind , and wishes? What priest among them all? what hymn, O Indra?
5 Yea, here were they who, born of old, have served thee, thy friends of ancient time, thou active Worker.
Bethink thee now of these, Invoked of many! the midmost and the recent, and the youngest.
6 Inquiring after him, thy later servants, Indra, have gained thy former old traditions.
Hero, to whom the prayer is brought, we praise thee as great for that wherein we know thee mighty.
7 The demon's strength is gathered fast against thee: great as that strength hath grown, go forth to meet it.
With thine own ancient friend and companion, the thunderbolt, brave Champion! drive it backward.
8 Hear, too, the prayer of this thy present beadsman, O Indra, Hero, cherishing the singer.
For thou wast aye our fathers' Friend aforetime, still swift to listen to their supplication.
9 Bring to our help this day, for our protection, Varuna, Mitra , Indra, and the Maruts,
Pusan and Visnu, Agni and Purandhi, Savitar also, and the Plants and Mountains.
10 The singers here exalt with hymns and praises thee who art very Mighty and Most Holy.
Hear, when invoked, the invoker's invocation. Beside thee there is nonelike thee, Immortal!
11 Now to my words come quickly thou who knowest, O Son of Strength, with all who claim our worship,
Who visit sacred rites, whose tongue is Agni, Gods who made Manu stronger than the Dasyu.
12 On good and evil ways be thou our Leader, thou who art known to all as Path-preparer.
Bring power to us, O Indra, with thy Horses, Steeds that are best to draw, broad-backed, unwearied.


1. WITH these my hymns I glorify that Indra who is alone to be invoked by mortals,
The Lord, the Mighty One, of manly vigour, victorious, Hero, true, and full of wisdom.
2 Our sires of old,. Navagvas, sages seven, while urging him to show his might, extolled him,
Dwelling on heights, swift, smiting down opponents, guileless in word, and in his thoughts most mighty.
3 We seek that Indra to obtain his riches that bring much food, and men, and store of heroes.
Bring us, Lord of Bay Steeds, to make us joyful, celestial wealth, abundant, undecaying.
4 Tell thou us this, if at thy hand aforetime the earlier singers have obtained good fortune,
What is thy share and portion, Strong Subduer, Asura-slayer, rich, invoked of many?
5 He who for car-borne Indra, armed with thunder, hath a hymn, craving, deeply-piercing, fluent,
Who sends a song effectual, firmly-grasping, and strength-bestowing, he comes near the mighty.
6 Strong of thyself, thou by this art hast shattered, with thought-swift Parvata, him who waxed against thee,
And, Mightiest! roaring! boldly rent in pieces things that were firmly fixed and never shaken.
7 Him will we fit for you with new devotion, the strongest Ancient One, in ancient manner.
So may that Indra, boundless, faithful Leader, conduct us o'er all places hard to traverse.
8 Thou for the people who oppress hast kindled the earthly firmament and that of heaven.
With heat, O Bull, on every side consume them: heat earth and flood for him who hates devotion.
9 Of all the Heavenly Folk, of earthly creatures thou art the King, O God of splendid aspect.
In thy right hand, O Indra, grasp die thunder: Eternal! thou destroyest all enchantments.
10 Give us confirmed prosperity, O Indra, vast and exhaustless for the foe's subduing.
Strengthen therewith the Arya's hate and Dasa's, and let the arms of Nahusas be mighty.
11 Come with thy team which brings all blessings hither, Disposer, much-invoked, exceeding holy.
Thou whom no fiend, no God can stay or hinder, come swittly with these Steeds in my direction.


1. THOU art attached to pressed-out Soma, Indra, at laud, at prayer, and when the hymn is chanted;
Or when with yoked Bays, Maghavan, thou comest, O Indra, bearing in thine arms the thunder.
2 Or when on that decisive day thou holpest the presser of the juice at Vrtra's slaughter;
Or when thou, while the strong one feared, undaunted, gavest to death, Indra, the daring Dasyus.
3 Let Indra drink the pressed-out Soma, Helper and mighty Guide of him who sings his praises.
He gives the hero room who pours oblations, and treasure even to the lowly singer.
4 E'en humble rites with his Bay steeds he visits: he wields the bolt, drinks Soma, gives us cattle.
He makes the valiant rich in store of heroes, accepts our praise and hears the singer's calling.
5 What he hath longed for we have brought to Indra, who from the days of old hath done us service.
While Soma flows we will sing hymn, and laud him, so that our prayer may streng. then Indra's vigour.
6 Thou hast made prayer the means of thine exalting, therefore we wait on thee with hymns, O Indra.
May we, by the pressed Soma, Somadrinker! bring thee, with sacrifice, blissful sweet refreshment.
7 Mark well our sacrificial cake, delighted Indra, drink Soma and the milk commingled.
Here on the sacrificer's grass be seated: give ample room to thy devoted servant.
8 O Mighty One, be joyful as thou willest. Let these our sacrifices reach and find thee;
And may this hymn and these our invocations turn thee, whom many men invoke, to help us.
9 Friends, when thejuices flow, replenish duly your own, your bounteous Indra with the Soma.
Will it not aid him to support us? Indra. spares him who sheds the juice to win his favour.
10 While Soma flowed, thus Indra hath been lauded, Ruler of nobles, mid the Bharadvajas,
That Indra may become the singer's patron and give him wealth in every kind of treasure.


1. STRONG rapturous joy, praise, glory are with Indra: impetuous God, he quaffs the juice of Soma:
That Maghavan whom men must laud with singing, Heaven-dweller, King of songs, whose help is lasting.
2 He, Friend of man, most wise, victorious Hero, hears, with far-reaching aid, the singer call him.
Excellent, Praise of Men, the bard's Supporter, Strong, he gives strength, extolled in holy synod.
3 The lofty axle of thy wheels, O Hero, is not surpassed by heaven and earth in greatness.
Like branches of a tree, Invoked of many manifold aids spring forth from thee, O Indra.
4 Strong Lord, thine energies, endowed with vigour, are like the paths of kine converging homeward.
Like bonds of cord, Indra, that bind the younglings, no bonds are they, O thou of boundless bounty.
5 One act to-day, another act tomorrow oft Indra makes what is not yet existeni.
Here have we Mitra, Varuna, and Pusan to overcome the foeman's domination.
6 By song and sacrifice men brought the waters from thee, as from a mountain's ridge, O Indra.
Urging thy might, with these fair lauds they seek thee, O theme of song, as horses rush tobattle.
7 That Indra whom nor months nor autumn seasons wither with age, nor fleeting days enfeeble,-
Still may his body Wax, e'en now so mighty, glorified by the lauds and hymns that praise him.
8 Extolled, he bends not to the strong, the steadfast, nor to the bold incited by the Dasyu.
High mountains are as level plains to Indra: even in the deep he finds firm ground to rest on.
9 Impetuous Speeder through all depth and distance, give strengthening food, thou drinker of the juices.
Stand up erect to help us, unreluctant, what time the gloom of night brightens to morning.
10 Hasting to help, come hither and protect him, keep him from harm when he is here, O Indra.
At home, abroad, from injury preserve him. May brave sons gladden us through a hundred winters.

HYMN XXV. Indra.

1. WITH thine assistance, O thou Mighty Indra, be it the least, the midmost, or the highest,-
Great with those aids and by these powers support us, Strong God! in battle that subdues our foemen.
2 With these discomfit hosts that fight against us, and check the opponent's wrath, thyself uninjured.
With these chase all our foes to every quarter: subdue the tribes of Dasas to the Arya.
3 Those who array themselves as foes to smite us, O Indra, be they kin or be they strangers,-
Strike thou their manly strength that it be feeble, and drive in headlong flight our foemen backward.
4 With strength of limb the hero slays the hero, when bright in arms they range them for the combat.
When two opposing hosts contend in battle for seed and offspring, waters, kine, or corn-lands.
5 Yet no strong man hath conquered thee, no hero, no brave, no warrior trusting in his valour.
Not one of these is match for thee, O Indra. Thou far surpassest all these living creatures.
6 He is the Lord of both these armies' valour when the commanders call them to the conflict:
When with their ranks expanded they are fighting with a great foe or for a home with heroes.
7 And when the people stir themselves for battle, be thou their saviour, Indra, and protector,
And theirs, thy manliest of our friends, the pious, the chiefs who have installed us priests, O Indra.
8 To thee for high dominion hath been for evermore, for slaughtering the Vrtras,
All lordly power and might, O Holy Indra, given by Gods for victory in battle.
9 So urge our hosts together in the combats: yield up the godless bands that fight against us.
Singing, at morn may we find thee with favour, yea, Indra, and e'en now, we Bharadvajas.


1. O INDRA, hear us. Raining down the Soma, we call on thee to win us mighty valour.
Give us strong succour on the day of trial, when the tribes gather on the field of battle.
2 The warrior, son of warrior sire, invokes thee, to gain great strength that may be won as booty:
To thee, the brave man's Lord, the fiends' subduer, he looks when fighting hand to hand for cattle.
3 Thou didst impel the sage to win the daylight, didst ruin Susna for the pious Kutsa.
The invulnerable demon's head thou clavest when thou wouldst win the praise of Atithigva.
4 The lofty battle-car thou broughtest forward; thou holpest Dasadyu the strong when fighting.
Along with Vetasu thou slewest Tugra, and madest Tuji strong, who praised thee, Indra.
5 Thou madest good the laud, what time thou rentest a hundred thousand fighting foes, O Hero,
Slewest the Dasa Sambara of the mountain, and with strange aids didst succour Divodasa.
6 Made glad with Soma-draughts and faith, thou sentest Cumuri to his sleep, to please Dabhiti.
Thou, kindly giving Raji to Pithinas, slewest with might, at once, the sixty thousand.
7 May I too, with the liberal chiefs, O Indra, acquire thy blin supreme and domination,
When, Mightiest! Hero-girt! Nahusa heroes boast them in thee, the triply-strong Defender.
8 So may we he thy friends, thy best beloved, O Indra, at this holy invocation.
Best be Pratardani, illustrious ruler, in slaying foemen and in gaining riches.


1 WHAT deed hath Indra done in the wild transport, in quaffing or in friendship with, the Soma?
What joys have men of ancient times or recent obtained within the chamber of libation?
2 In its wild joy Indra hath proved him faithful, faithful in quaffing, faithful in its friendship.
His truth is the delight that in this chamber the men of old and recent times have tasted.
3 All thy vast power, O Maghavan, we know not, know not the riches of thy full abundance.
No one hath seen that might of thine, productive of bounty every day renewed, O Indra.
4 This one great power of thine our eyes have witnessed, wherewith thou slewest Varasikha's children,
When by the force of thy descending thunder, at the mere solund, their boldest was demolished.
5 In aid of Abhyavartin Cayamana, Indra destroyed the seed of Varasikha.
At Hariyupiya he smote the vanguard of the Vrcivans, and the rear fled frighted.
6 Three thousand, mailed, in quest of fame, together, on the Yavyavati, O much-sought Indra,
Vrcivan's sons, falling before the arrow, like bursting vessels went to their destruction.
7 He, whose two red Steers, seeking goodly pasture, plying their tongues move on 'twixt earth and heaven,
Gave Turvasa to Srnjaya, and, to aid him, gave the Vrcivans up to Daivavata.
8 Two wagon-teams, with damsels, twenty oxen, O Agni, Abhydvartin Cayamdna,
The liberal Sovran, giveth me. This guerdon of Prthu's seed is hard to win from others.


I. THE Kine have come and brought good fortune: let them rest in the cow-pen and be happy near us.
Here let them stay prolific, many-coloured, and yield through many morns their milk for Indra.
2 Indra aids him who offers sacrifice and gifts: he takes not what is his, and gives him more thereto.
Increasing ever more and ever more his wealth, he makes the pious dwell within unbroken bounds.
3 These are ne'er lost, no robber ever injures them: no evil-minded foe attempts to harass them.
The master of the Kine lives many a year with these, the Cows whereby he pours his gifts and serves the Gods.
4 The charger with his dusty brow o'ertakes them not, and never to the shambles do they take their way.
These Cows, the cattle of the pious worshipper, roam over widespread pasture where no danger is.
5 To me the Cows seem Bhaga, they seem Indra, they seem a portion of the first-poured Soma.
These present Cows, they, O ye Indra. I long for Indra with my heart and spirit.
6 O Cows, ye fatten e'en the worn and wasted, and make the unlovely beautiful tolook on.
Prosper my house, ye with auspicious voices. Your power is glorified in our assemblies.
7 Crop goodly pasturage and be prolific drink pure sweet water at good drinking places.
Never be thief or sinful man your matter, and may the dart of Rudra still avoid you.
8 Now let this close admixture be close intermigled with these Cows,
Mixt with the Steer's prolific flow, and, Indra, with thy hero might.


1. YOUR men have followed Indra for his friendship, and for his loving-kindness glorified him.
For he bestows great wealth, the Thunder-wielder: worship him, Great and Kind, to win his favour.
2 Him to whose hand, men closely cling, and drivers stand on his golden chariot firmly stationed.
With his firm arms he holds the reins; his Horses, the Stallions, are yoked ready for the journey.
3 Thy devotees embrace thy feet for glory. Bold, thunder-armed, rich, through thy strength, in guerdon,
Robed in a garment fair as heaven to look on, thou hast displayed thee like an active dancer.
4 That Soma when effused hath best consistence, for which the food is dressed and grain is mingled;
By which the men who pray, extolling Indra chief favourites of Gods, recite their praises.
5 No limit of thy might hath been appointed, which by its greatness sundered earth and heaven.
These the Prince filleth full with strong endeavour, driving, as 'twere, with help his flocks to waters.
6 So be the lofty Indra prompt to listen, Helper unaided, golden-visored Hero.
Yea, so may he, shown forth in might unequalled, smite down the many Vrtras and the Dasyus.

HYMN XXX. Indra.

1. INDRA hath waxed yet more for hero prowess, alone, Eternal, he bestoweth treasures.
Indra transcendeth both the worlds in greatness: one half of him equalleth earth and heaven.
2 Yea, mighty I esteem his Godlike nature: none hindereth what he hath once determined.
Near and afar he spread and set the regions, and every day the Sun became apparent.
3 E'en now endures thine exploit of the Rivers, when, Indra, for their floods thou clavest passage.
Like men who sit at meat the mountains settled: by thee, Most Wise! the regions were made steadfast.
4 This is the truth, none else is like thee, Indra, no God superior to thee, no mortal.
Thou slewest Ahi who besieged the waters, and lettest loose the streams to hurry seaward.
5 Indra, thou breakest up the floods and portals on all sides, and the firmness of the mountain.
Thou art the King of men, of all that liveth, engendering at once Sun, Heaven, and Morning.


1. SOLE Lord of wealth art thou, O Lord of riches: thou in thine hands hast held the people, Indra!
Men have invoked thee with contending voices for seed and waters, progeny and sunlight.
2 Through fear of thee, O Indra, all the regions of earth, though naught may move them, shake and tremble.
All that is firm is frightened at thy coming, -the earth, the heaven, the mountain, and the forest.
3 With Kutsa, Indra! thou didst conquer Susna, voracious, bane of crops, in fight for cattle.
In the close fray thou rentest him: thou stolest the Sun's wheel and didst drive away misfortunes.
4 Thou smotest to the ground the hundred castles, impregnable, of Sambara the Dasyu,
When, Strong, with might thou holpest Divodasa who poured libations out, O Soma-buyer, and madest Bharadvaja rich who praised thee.
5 As such, true Hero, for great joy of battle mount thy terrific car, O Brave and Manly.
Come with thine help to me, thou distant Roamer, and, glorious God, spread among men my glory.


1. I WITH my lips have fashioned for this Hero words never matched, most plentiful and auspicious,
For him the Ancient, Great, Strong, Energetic, the very mighty Wielder of the Thunder.
2 Amid the sages, with the Sun he brightened the Parents: glorified, he burst the mountain;
And, roaring with the holy-thoughted singers, he loosed the bond that held the beams of Morning.
3 Famed for great deeds, with priests who kneel and laud him, he still hath conquered in the frays for cattle,
And broken down the forts, the Fort-destroyer, a Friend with friends, a Sage among the sages.
4 Come with thy girthed mares, with abundant vigour and plenteous strength to him who sings thy praises.
Come hither, borne by mares with many heroes, Lover of song! Steer! for the people's welfare.
5 Indra with rush and might, sped by his Coursers, hath swiftly won the waters from the southward.
Thus set at liberty the rivers daily flow to their goal, incessant and exhaustless.


1. GIVE us the rapture that is mightiest, Indra, prompt to bestow and swift to aid, O Hero,
That wins with brave steeds where brave steeds encounter, and quells the Vrtras and the foes in battle.
2 For with loud voice the tribes invoke thee, Indra, to aid them in the battlefield of heroes.
Thou, with the singers, hast pierced through the Panis: the charger whom thou aidest wins the booty.
3 Both races, Indra, of opposing foemen, O Hero, both the Arya and the Dasa,
Hast thou struck down like woods with well-shot lightnings: thou rentest them in fight, most manly Chieftain!
4 Indra, befriend us with no scanty succour, prosper and aid us, Loved of all that liveth,
When, fighting for the sunlight, we invoke thee, O Hero, in the fray, in war's division.
5 Be ours, O Indra, now and for the future, be graciously inclined and near to help us.
Thus may we, singing, sheltered by the Mighty, win many cattle on the day of trial.


1. FULL Many songs have met in thee, O Indra, and many a noble thought from thee proceedeth.
Now and of old the eulogies of sages, their holy hymns and lauds, have yearned for Indra.
2 He, praised of many, bold, invoked of many, alone is glorified at sacrifices.
Like a car harnessed for some great achievement, Indra must be the cause of our rejoicing.
3 They make their way to Indra and exalt him, bim whom no prayers and no laudations trouble;
For when a hundred or a thousand singers. laud him who loves the song their praise delights him.
4 As brightness mingles with the Moon in heaven, the offered Soma yearns to mix with Indra.
Like water brought to men in desert places, our gifts at sacrifice have still refreshed him.
5 To him this mighty eulogy, to Indra hath this our laud been uttered by the poets,
That in the great encounter with the foemen, Loved of all life, Indra may guard and help us.


1. WHEN shall our prayers rest in thy car beside thee? When dost thou give the singer food for thousands?
When wilt thou clothe this poet's laud with plenty, and when wilt thou enrich our hymns with booty?
2 When wilt thou gatber men with men, O Indra, heroes with heroes, and prevail in combat?
Thou shalt win triply kine in frays for cattle, so, Indra, give thou us celestial glory.
3 Yea, when wilt thou, O Indra, thou Most Mighty, make the prayer all-sustaining for the singer?
When wilt thou yoke, as we yoke songs, thy Horses, and come to offerings that bring wealth in cattle?
4 Grant to the Singer food with store of cattle, splendid with horses and the fame of riches.
Send food to swell the milch-cow good at milking: bright be its shine among the Bharadvajas.
5 Lead otherwise this present foeman, Sakra! Hence art thou praised as Hero, foe destroyer
Him who gives pure gifts may I praise unceasing. Sage, quicken the Angirases by devotion.


1. THY raptures ever were for all men's profit: so evermore have been thine earthly riches.
Thou still hast been the dealer-forth of vigour, since among Gods thou hast had power and Godhead.
2 Men have obtained his strength by sacrificing, and ever urged him, on to hero valour.
For the rein-seizing, the impetuous Charger they furnished power even for Vrtra's slaughter.
3 Associate with him, as teams of horses, help, manly might, and vigour follow Indra.
As rivers reach the sea, so, strong with praises, our holy songs reach him the Comprehensive.
4 Lauded by us, let flow the spring, O Indra, of excellent and brightly-shining riches.
For thou art Lord of men, without an equal: of all the world thou art the only Sovran.
5 Hear what thou mayst hear, thou who, fain for worship, as heaven girds earth, guardest thy servant's treasure;
Tlat thou mayst be our own, joying in power, famed through thy might in every generation.


1. LET thy Bay Horses, yoked, O mighty Indra, bring thy car hither fraught with every blessing.
For thee, the Heavenly, e'en the poor invoketh: may we this day, thy feast-companions, prosper.
2 Forth to the vat the brown drops flow for service, and purified proceed directly forward.
May Indra drink of this, our guest aforetime, Celestial King of the strong draught of Soma.
3 Bringing us hitherward all-potent Indra on well-wheeled chariot, may the Steeds who bear him
Convey him on the road direct to glory, and ne'er may Vayu's Amrta cease and fail him.
4 Supreme, he stirs this man to give the guerdon,-Indra, most efficacious of the princes,-
Wherewith, O Thunderer, thou removest sorrow, and, Bold One! partest wealth among the nobles.
5 Indra is hewho gives enduring vigour: may our songs magnify the God Most Mighty.
Best Vrtra-slayer be the Hero Indra these things he gives as Prince, with strong endeavour.


1. HE hath drunk hence, Most Marvellous, and carried away our great and splendid call on Indra.
The Bounteous, when we serve the Gods, accepteth song yet more famous and the gifts we bring him.
2 The speaker filleth with a cry to Indra his ears who cometh nigh e'en from a distance.
May this my call bring Indra to my presence, this call to Gods composed in sacred verses.
3 Him have I sung with my best song and praises, Indra of ancient birth and Everlasting.
For prayer and songs in him are concentrated: let laud wax mighty when addressed to Indra:
4 Indra, whom sacrifice shall strengthen, Soma, and song and hymn, and praises and devotion,
Whom Dawns shall strengthen when the night departeth, Indra whom days shall strengthen, months, and autumns.
5 Him, born for conquering might in full perfection, and waxen strongfor bounty and for glory,
Great, Powerful, will we to-day, O singer, invite to aid. us and to quell our foemen.


1. OF this our charming, our celestial Soma, eloquent, wise, Priest, with inspired devotion,
Of this thy close attendant, hast thou drunken. God, send the singer food with milk to grace it.
2 Craving the kine, rushing against the mountain led on by Law, with holyminded comrades,
He broke the never-broken ridge of Vala. With words of might Indra subdued the Panis.
3 This Indu lighted darksome nights, O Indra, throughout the years, at morning and at evening.
Him have they stablished as the days' bright ensign. He made the Mornings to be born in splendour.
4 He shone and caused to shme the worlds that shone not. By Law he lighted up the host of Mornings.
He moves with Steeds yoked by eternal Order, contenting men with nave that finds the sunlight.
5 Now, praised, O Ancient King! fill thou the singer with plenteous food that he may deal forth treasures.
Give waters, herbs that have no poison, forests, and kine, and steeds, and men, to him who lauds thee.

HYMN XL. Indra

1. DRINK, Indra; juice is shed to make thee joyful: loose thy Bay Steeds and give thy friends their freedom.
Begin the song, seated in our assembly. Give strength for sacrifice to him who singeth.
2 Drink thou of this whereof at birth, O Indra, thou drankest, Mighty One for power and rapture.
The men, the pressing-stones, the cows, the waters have made this Soma ready for thy drinking.
3 The fire is kindled, Soma pressed, O Indra: let thy Bays, best to draw, convey thee hither.
With mind devoted, Indra, I invoke thee. Come, for our great prosperity approach us.
4 Indra, come hither: evermore thou camest through our great strong desire to drink the Soma.
Listen and hear the prayers which now we offer, and let this sacrifice increase thy vigour.
5 Mayst thou, O Indra, on the day of trial, present or absent, wheresoe'er thou dwellest,
Thence, with thy team, accordant with the Maruts, Song-lover! guard our sacrifice, to help us.


1. COME gracious to our sacrifice, O Indra: pressed Soma-drops are purified to please thee.
As cattle seek their home, so Thunderwielder, come, Indra, first of those who claim our worship.
2 With that well-formed most wide-extending palate, wherewith thou ever drinkest streams of sweetness,
Drink thou; the Adhvaryu standeth up before thee: let thy spoil-winning thunderbolt attend thee.
3 This drop, steer-strong and omniform, the Soma, hath been made ready for the Bull, for India.
Drink this, Lord of the Bays, thou Strong Supporter, this that is thine of old, thy food for ever.
4 Soma when pressed excels the unpressed Soma, better, for one who knows, to give him pleasure.
Come to this sacrifice of ours, O Victor replenish all thy powers with this libation.
5 We call on thee, O Indra: come thou hither: sufficient be the Soma for thy body.
Rejoice thee, Satakratu! in the juices guard us in wars, guard us among our people.


1. BRING sacrificial gifts to him, Omniscient, for he longs to drink,
The Wanderer who comes with speed, the Hero ever in the van.
2 With Soma go ye nigh to him chief drinker of the Soma's juice:
With beakers to the Impetuous God, to Indra with the drops effused.
3 What time, with Soma, with the juice effused, ye come before the God,
Full wise he knows the hope of each, and, Bold One, strikes this foe and that.
4 To him, Adhvaryu! yea, to him give offerings of the juice expressed.
Will he not keep us safely from the spiteful curse of each presumptuous high-born foe?


1. IN whose wild joy thou madest once Sambara Divodasa's prey,
This Soma is pressed out for thee, O Indra: drink!
2 Whose gladdening draught, shed from the points, thou guardest in the midst and end,
This Soma is pressed out for thee, O Indra drink!
3 In whose wild joy thou settest free the kine held fast within the rock,
This Soma is pressed out for thee, O Indra: drink!
4 This, in whose juice delighting thou gainest the might of Maghavan,
This Soma is pressed out for thee, O Indra drink!


1. THAT which is wealthiest, Wealthy God in splendoursmost illustrious,
Soma is pressed: thy gladdening draught, Indra! libation's Lord! is this.
2 Effectual, Most Effectual One! thine, as bestowing wealth of hymns,
Soma is pressed: thy gladdening draught, Indra! libation's Lord! is this.
3 Wherewith thou art increased in strength, and conquerest with thy proper aids,
Soma is pressed: thy gladdening draught, Indra! libation's Lord! is this.
4 Him for your sake I glorify as Lord of Strength who wrongeth none,
The Hero Indra, conquering all, Most Bounteous, God of all the tribes.
5 Those Goddesses, both Heaven and Earth, revere the power and might of him,
Him whom our songs increase in strength, the Lord of bounty swift to come.
6 To seat your Indra, I will spread abroad with power this song of praise.
The saving succours that abide in him, like songs, extend and grow.
7 A recent Friend, he found the skilful priest: he drank, and showed forth treasure from the Gods.
He conquered, borne by strong all-shaking mares, and was with far-spread power his friends' Protector.
8 In course of Law the sapient juice was quaffed: the Deities to glory turned their mind.
Winning through hymns a lofty title, he, the Lovely, made his beauteous form apparent.
9 Bestow on us the most illustrious strength ward off men's manifold malignities.
Give with thy might abundant vital force, and aid us graciously in gaining riches.
10 We turn to thee as Giver, liberal Indra. Lord of the Bay Steeds, be not thou ungracious.
No friend among mankind have we to lookto: why have men called thee him who spurs the niggard?
11 Give us not up, Strong Hero! to the hungry: unharmed be we whom thou, so rich, befriendest.
Full many a boon hast thou for men demolish those who present no gifts nor pour oblations.
12 As Indra thundering impels the rain-clouds, so doth he send us store of kine and horses.
Thou art of old the Cherisher of singers let not the rich who bring no gifts deceive thee.
13 Adbyaryu, hero, bring to mighty Indrafor he is King thereof-the pressed-out juices;
To him exalted by the hymns and praises, ancient and modern, of the singing Rsis.
14 In the wild joy of this hath Indra, knowing full many a form, struck down resistless Vrtras.
Proclaim aloud to him the savoury Soma so that the Hero, strong of jaw, may drink it.
15 May Indra drink this Soma poured to please him, and cheered therewith slay Vrtra with his thunder.
Come to our sacrifice even from a distance, good lover of our songs, the bard's Supporter.
16 The cup whence Indra drinks the draught is present: the Amrta dear to Indra hath been drunken,
That it may cheer the God to gracious favour, and keep far from us hatred and affliction.
17 Therewith enraptured, Hero, slay our foemen, the unfriendly, Maghavan be they kin or strangers,
Those who still aim their hostile darts to smite us, turn them to flight, O Indra, crush and kill them.
18 O Indra Maghavan, in these our battles win easy paths for us and ample freedom.
That we may gain waters and seed and offspring, set thou our princes on thy side, O Indra.
19 Let thy Bay Stallions, harnessed, bring thee hither, Steeds with strong chariot and strong reins to hold them,
Strong Horses, speeding hither, bearing thunder, well-harnessed, for the strong exciting potion.
20 Beside the vat, Strong God! stand thy strong Horses, shining with holy oil, like waves exulting.
Indra, they bring to thee, the Strong and Mighty, Soma of juices shed by mighty press-stones.
21 Thou art the Bull of earth, the Bull of heaven, Bull of the rivers, Bull of standing waters.
For thee, the Strong, O Bull, hath Indu swollen. juice pleasant, sweet to drink, for thine election.
22 This God, with might, when first he had his being, with Indra for ally, held fast the Pani.
This Indu stole away the warlike weapons, and foiled the arts of his malignant father.
23 The Dawns he wedded to a glorious Consort, and set within the Sun the light that lights him.
He found in heaven, in the third lucid regions, the threefold Amrta in its close concealment.
24 He stayed and held the heaven and earth asunder: the chariot with the sevenfold reins he harnessed.
This Soma Set with power within the milch-kine a spring whose ripe contents ten fingers empty.

HYMN XLV. Indra.

1. THAT Indra is our youthful Friend, who with his trusty guidance led
Turvasa, Yadu from afar.
2 Even to the dull and uninspired Indra, gives vital power, and wins
Even with slow steed the offered prize.
3 Great are his ways of guiding us, and!nanilbld are Ins eulogies:
His kind protections never fail.
4 Friends, sing your psalm and offer praise to him to whom the prayer is brought:
For our great Providence is he.
5 Thou, Slaughterer of Vrtra, art Guardian and Friend of one and two,
Yea, of a man like one of us.
6 Beyond men's hate thou leadest us, and givest cause to sing thy praise:
Good hero art thou called by men.
7 I call with hymns, as 'twere a cow to milk, the Friend who merits praise,
The Brahman who accepts the prayer.
8 Him in whose hands they say are stored all treasures from the days of old,
The Hero, conquering in the fight.
9 Lord of Strength, Caster of the Stone, destroy the firm forts built by men,
And foil their arts, unbending God!
10 Thee, thee as such, O Lord of Power, O Indra, Soma-drinker, true,
We, fain for glory, have invoked.
11 Such as thou wast of old, and art now to be called on when the prize
lies ready, listen to our call.
12 With hymns and coursers we will gain, Indra, through thee, both steeds and spoil
Most glorious, and the proffered prize.
13 Thou, Indra, Lover of the Song, whom men must stir to help, hast been
Great in the contest for the prize.
14 Slayer of foes, whatever aid of thine imparts the swiftest course,
With that impel our car to speed.
15 As skilfullest of those who drive the chariot, with our art and aim,
O Conqueror, win the proffered prize.
16 Praise him who, Matchless and Alone, was born the Lord of living men,
Most active, with heroic soul.
17 Thou who hast been the singers' Friend, a Friend auspicious with thine aid,
As such, O Indra, favour us.
18 Grasp in thine arms the thunderbolt, O Thunder-armed, to slay the fiends:
Mayst thou subdue the foemen's host.
19 I call the ancient Friend, allied with wealth, who speeds the lowly man,
Him to whom chiefly prayer is brought.
20 For he alone is Lord of all the treasures of the earth: he speeds
Hither, chief Lover of the Song.
21 So with thy yoked teams satisfy our wish with power and wealth in steeds
And cattle, boldly, Lord of kine!
22 Sing this, what time the ' juice is pressed, to him your Hero, Much-invoked,
To please him as a mighty Steer.
23 He, Excellent, withholdeth not his gift of power and wealth in kine,
When he hath listened to our songs.
24 May he with might unclose for us the cow's stall, whosesoe'er it be,
To which the Dasyu-slayer goes.
25 O Indra Satakratu, these our songs have called aloud to thee,
Like mother cows to meet their calves.
26 Hard is thy love to win: thou art a Steer to him who longs for steers:
Be to one craving steeds a Steed.
27 Delight thee with the juice we pour for thine own great munificence:
Yield not thy singer to reproach.
28 These songs with every draught we pour come, Lover of the Song, to thee,
As milch-kine hasten to their young
29 To thee most oft invoked, amid the many singers' rivalry
Who beg with all their might for wealth.
30 Nearest and most attractive may our laud, O Indra come to thee.
Urge thou us on to ample wealth.
31 Brbu hath set himself above the Panis, o'er their highest head,
Like the wide bush on Ganga's bank.
32 He whose good bounty, thousandfold, swift as the rushing of the wind,
Suddenly offers as a gift.
33 So all our singers ever praise the pious Brbu's noble deed,
Chief, best to give his thousands, best to give a thousand liberal gifts.


1. THAT we may win us wealth and power we poets, verily, call on thee:
In war men call on thee, Indra, the hero's Lord, in the steed's race-course call on thee.
2 As such, O Wonderful, whose hand holds thunder, praised as mighty, Caster of the Stone!
Pour on us boldly, Indra, kine and chariotsteeds, ever to be the conqueror's strength.
3 We call upon that Indra, who, most active, ever slays the foe:
Lord of the brave, Most Manly, with a thousand powers, help thou and prosper us in fight.
4 Rcisama, thou forcest men as with a bull, with anger, in the furious fray.
Be thou our Helper in the mighty battle fought for sunlight, water, and for life.
5 O Indra, bring us name and fame, enriching, mightiest, excellent,
Wherewith, O Wondrous God, fair-visored, thunder-armed, thou hast filled full this earth and heaven.
6 We call on thee, O King, Mighty amid the Gods, Ruler of men, to succour us.
All that is weak in us, Excellent God, make firm: make our foes easy to subdue.
7 All strength and valour that is found, Indra, in tribes of Nahusas, and all the splendid fame that the Five Tribes enjoy
Bring, yea, all manly powers at once.
8 Or, Maghavan, what vigorous strength in Trksi lay, in Druhyus or in Paru's folk,
Fully bestow on us, that, in the conquering fray, we may subdue our foes in fight.
9 O Indra, grant a happy home, a triple refuge triply strong.
Bestow a dwelling-place on the rich lords and me, and keep thy dart afar from these.
10 They who with minds intent on spoil subdue the foe, boldly attack and smite him down,-
From these, O Indra Maghavan who lovest song, be closest guardian of our lives.
11 And now, O Indra, strengthen us: come near and aid us in the fight,
What time the feathered shafts are flying in the air, the arrows with their sharpened points.
12 Give us, where heroes strain their bodies in the fight, the shelter that our fathers loved.
To us and to our sons give refuge: keep afar all unobserved hostility.
13 When, Indra, in the mighty fray thou urgest chargers to their speed,
On the uneven road and on a toilsome path, like falcons, eager for renown,
14 Speeding like rivers rushing down a steep descent, responsive to the urging call,
That come like birds attracted to the bait, held in by reins in both the driver's hands.

HYMN XLVII. Indra, Etc.

1. YEA, this is good to taste and full of. sweetness, verily it is strong and rich in flavour.
No one may conquer Indra in the battle when he hath drunken of the draught we offer.
2 This sweet juice here had mightiest power to gladden: it boldened Indra when he siaughtered Vrtra,
When he defeated Sambara's many onslaughts, and battered down his nineand ninety ramparts.
3 This stirreth up my voice when I have drunk it: this hath aroused from sleep my yearning spirit.
This Sage hath measured out the six expanses from which no single creature is excluded.
4 This, even this, is he who hath created the breadth of earth, the lofty height of heaven.
He formed the nectar in three headlong rivers. Soma supports the wide mid-air above us.
5 He found the wavy sea of brilliant colours in forefront of the Dawns who dwell in brightness.
This Mighty One, the Steer begirt by Maruts, hath propped the heavens up with a mighty pillar.
6 Drink Soma boldly from the beaker, Indra, in war for treasures, Hero, Vrtra-slayer!
Fill thyself full at the mid-day libation, and give us wealth, thou Treasury of riches.
7 Look out for us, O Indra, as our Leader, and guide us on to gain yet goodlier treasure.
Excellent Guardian, bear us well through peril, and lead us on to wealth with careful guidance.
8 Lead us to ample room, O thou who knowest, to happiness, security, and sunlight.
High, Indra, are the arms of thee the Mighty: may we betake. us to their lofty shelter.
9 Set us on widest chariot-seat, O Indra, with two steeds best to draw, O Lord of Hundreds!
Bring us the best among all sorts of viands: let not the foe's wealth, Maghavan, subdue us.
10 Be gracious, Indra, let my days be lengthened: sharpen my thought as 'twere a blade of iron
Approve whatever words I speak, dependent on thee, and grant me thy divine protection.
11 Indra the Rescuer, Indra the Helper, Hero who listens at each invocation,
Sakra I call, Indra invoked of many. May Indra Maghavan prosper and bless us.
12 May helpful Indra as our good Protector, Lord of all treasures, favour us with succour,
Baffle our foes, and give us rest and safety, and may we be the lords of hero vigour.
13 May we enjoy the grace of him the Holy, yea, may we dwell in his auspicious favour.
May helpful Indra as our good Preserver drive from us, even from afar, our foemen.
14 Like rivers rushing down a slope, O Indra, to thee haste songs and prayers and linked verses.
Thou gatherest, Thunderer! like widespread bounty, kine, water, drops, and manifold libations.
15 Who lauds him, satisfies him, pays him worship? E'en the rich noble still hath found him mighty.
With power, as when one moves his feet alternate, he makes the last precede, the foremost follow.
16 Famed is the Hero as each strong man's tamer, ever advancing one and then another.
King of both worlds, hating the high and haughty, Indra protects the men who are his people.
17 He loves no more the men he loved aforetime: he turns and moves away allied with others.
Rejecting those who disregard his worship, Indra victorious lives through many autumns.
18 In every figure he hath been the mode: this is his only form for us to look on.
Indra moves multiform by his illusions; for his Bay Steeds are yoked, ten times a hundred.
19 Here Tvastar, yoking to the car the Bay Steeds, hath extended sway.
Who will for ever stand upon the foeman's side, even when our princes sit at ease?
20 Gods, we have reached a country void of pasture the land, though spacious, was too small to hold us.
Brhaspati, provide in war for cattle; find a path, Indra, for this faithful singer.
21 Day after day far from their seat he drove them, alike, from place to place, those darksome creatures.
The Hero slew the meanly-huckstering Dasas, Varcin and Sambara, where the waters gather.
22 Out of thy bounty, Indra, hath Prastoka bestowed ten coffers and ten mettled horses.
We have received in turn from Divodasa Sambara's wealth, the gift of Atithigva.
23 Ten horses and ten treasure-chests, ten garments as an added gift,
These and ten lumps of gold have I received from Divodasa's hand.
24 Ten cars with extra steed to each, for the Atharvans hundred cows,
Hath Asvatha to Payu given.
25 Thus Srnjaya's son honoured the Bharadvajas, recipients of all noble gifts and bounty.
26 Lord of the wood, be firm and strong in body: be, bearing us, a brave victorious hero
Show forth thy strength, compact with straps of leather, and let thy rider win all spoils of battle.
27 Its mighty strength was borrowed from the heaven and earth: its conquering force was brought from sovrans of the wood.
Honour with holy gifts the Car like Indra's bolt, the Car bound round with straps, the vigour of the floods.
28 Thou Bolt of Indra, Vanguard of the Maruts, close knit to Varuna and Child of Mitra,-
As such, accepting gifts which here we offer, receive, O Godlike Chariot, these oblations.
29 Send forth thy voice aloud through earth and heaven, and let the world in all its breadth regard thee;
O Drum, accordant with the Gods and Indra, drive thou afar, yea, very far, our foemen.
30 Thunder out strength and fill us full of vigour: yea, thunder forth and drive away all dangers.
Drive hence, O War-drum, drive away misfortune: thou art the Fist of Indra: show thy firmness.
31 Drive hither those, and these again bring hither: the War-drum speaks aloud as battle's signal.
Our heroes, winged with horses, come together. Let our car-warriors, Indra, be triumphant.

HYMN XLVIII. Agni and Others.

1. SING to your Agni with each song, at every sacrifice, for strength.
Come, let us praise the Wise and Everlasting God, even as a well-beloved Friend,
2 The Son of Strength; for is he not our gracious Lord? Let us serve him who bears our gifts.
In battle may he be our help and strengthener, yea, be the saviour of our lives.
3 Agni, thou beamest forth with light, great Hero, never changed by time.
Shining, pure Agni! with a light that never fades, beam with thy fair beams brilliantly.
4 Thou worshippest great Gods: bring them without delay by wisdom and thy wondrous power.
O Agni, make them turn hither to succour us. Give strength, and win it for thyself.
5 He whom floods, stones, and trees support, the offspring of eternal Law;
He who when rubbed with force is brought to life by men upon the lofty height of earth;
6 He who hath filled both worlds fult with his brilliant shine, who hastens with his smoke to heaven;
He made himself apparent through the gloom by night, the Red Bull in the darksome nights, the Red Bull in the darksome nights.
7 O Agni, with thy lofty beams, with thy pure brilliancy, O God,
Kindled, Most Youthful One! by Bharadvaja's hand, shine on us, O pure God, with wealth, shine, Purifier! splendidly.
8 Thou art the Lord of house and home of all the tribes, O Agni, of all tribes of men.
Guard with a hundred forts thy kindler from distress, through hundred winters, Youngest God! and those who make thy singers rich.
9 Wonderful, with thy favouring help, send us thy bounties, gracious Lord.
Thou art the Charioteer, Agni, of earthly wealth: find rest and safety for our seed.
10 With guards unfailing never negligent speed thou our children and our progeny.
Keep far from us, O Agni, all celestial wrath and wickedness of godless men.
11 Hither, O friends, with newest song drive her who freely pours her milk;
Loose her who never turns away;
12 Who, for the host of Maruts bright with native sheen, hath shed immortal fame like milk;
Whom the impetuous Maruts look upon with love, who moves in splendour on their ways.
13 For Bharadvaja she poured down in days of old
The milch-cow yielding milk for all, and food that gives all nourishment.
14 Your friend like Indra passing wise, with magic power like Varuna.
Like Aryaman joy-giving, bringing plenteous food like ViSnxu for my wish, I praise,
15 Bright as the host of Maruts mighty in their roar. May they bring Pusan free from foes;
May they bring hither hundreds, thousands for our men: may they bring hidden stores to light, and make wealth easy to be found.
16 Haste to me, Pusan, in thine car, bright Deity: I fain would speak:
Most sinful is our foeman's hate.
17 Tear not up by the roots the Kakambira tree: destroy thou all malignity.
Let them not snare by day the neck of that Celestial Bird the Sun.
18 Uninjured let thy friendship be, like the smooth surface of a skin,
A flawless skin, containing curds, full to the mouth, containing curds.
19 For thou art high above mankind, in glory equal to the Gods.
Therefore, O Pusan, look upon us in the fight: now help us as in days of old.
20 May the kind excellence of him the Kind, loud Roarers! be our guide,
Be it the God's, O Maruts, or a mortal man's who worships, ye impetuous Ones!
21 They whose high glory in a moment like the God, the Sun, goes round the space of heaven,
The Maruts have obtained bright strength, a sacred name, strength that destroys the Vrtras, strength Vrtra-destroying excellent.
22 Once, only once, the heaven was made, once only once, the earth was formed-
Once, only Prsni's milk was shed: no second, after this, is born.

HYMN XLIX. Visvedevas.

1. I LAUD with newest songs the Righteous People, Mitra and Varuna who make us happy.
Let them approach, here let them listen,Agni, Varuna, Mitra, Lords of fair dominion.
2 Him, to be praised at each tribe's sacrifices, the Two young Matrons' sober-minded Herald,
The Son of Strength, the Child of Heaven, the signal of sacrifice, red Agni will I worship.
3 Unlike in form are the Red God's two Daughters: one is the Sun's, and stars bedeck the other.
Apart, the Sanctifiers, in succession, come to the famed hymn, praised in holy verses.
4 I with a lofty song call hither Vayu, all-bounteous, filler of his car, most wealthy.
Thou, Sage, with bright path, Lord of harnessed horses, impetuous, promptly honourest the prudent.
5 That chariot of the Asvins, fair to look on, pleaseth me well, yoked with a thought, refulgent,
Wherewith, Nasatyas, Chiefs, ye seek our dwelling, to give new strength to us and to our children.
6 Bulls of the Earth, O Vata and Parjanya, stir up for us the regions of the water.
Hearers of truth, ye, Sages, World-Supporters, increase his living wealth whose songs delight you.
7 So may Sarasvati, the Hero's Consort, brisk with rare life, the lightning's Child, inspire us,
And, with the Dames accordant, give the singer a refuge unassailable and flawless.
8 I praise with eloquence him who guards all pathways. He, when his love impelled him, went to Arka.
May he vouchsafe us gear with gold to grace it: may Pusan make each prayer of ours efective.
9 May Herald Agni, fulgent, bring for worship Tvastar adored, in homes and swift to listen,
Glorious, first to share, the life-bestower, the ever active God, fair-armed, fair-handed.
10 Rudra by day, Rudra at night we honour with these our songs, the Universe's Father.
Him great and lofty, blissful, undecaying let us call specially as the Sage impels us.
11 Ye who are youthful, wise, and meet for worship, come, Martits, to the longing of the singer.
Coming, as erst to Angiras, O Heroes, ye animate and quicken e'en the desert.
12 Even as the herdsman driveth home his cattle, I urge my songs to him the strong swift Hero
May he, the glorious, lay upon his body the singer's hymns, as stars bedeck the heaven.
13 He who for man's behoof in his afiliction thrice measured out the earthly regions, Visnu-
When one so great as thou affordeth shelter, may we with wealth and with ourselves be happy.
14 Sweet be this song of mine to Ahibudhnya, Parvata, Savitar, with Floods and Lightnings;
Sweet, with the Plants, to Gods who seek oblations. May liberal Bhaga speed us on to riches.
15 Give riches borne on cars, with many heroes, contenting men, the guard of mighty Order.
Give us a lasting home that we may battle with godless bands of men who fight against us, and meet with tribes to whom the Gods are gracious.

HYMN L. Visvedevas.

1. I CALL with prayers on Aditi your Goddess, on Agni, Mitra, Varuna for favour,
On Aryaman who gives unasked, the gracious, on Gods who save, on Savitar and Bhaga.
2 Visit, to prove us free from sin, O Surya Lord of great might, the bright Gods sprung from Daksa,
Twice-born and true, observing sacred duties, Holy and full of light, whose tongue is Agni.
3 And, O ye Heaven and Earth, a wide dominion, O ye most blissful Worlds, our lofty shelter,
Give ample room and freedom for our dwelling, a home, ye Hemispheres, which none may rival.
4 This day invited may the Sons of Rudra, resistless, excellent, stoop down to meet us;
For, when beset with slight or sore affliction, we ever call upon the Gods, the Maruts;
5 To whom the Goddess Rodasi clings closely, whom Pusan follows bringing ample bounty.
What time ye hear our call and come, O Maruts, upon your separate path all creatures tremble.
6 With a new hymn extol, O thou who singest, the Lover of the Song, the Hero Indra.
May he, exalted, hear our invocation, and grant us mighty wealth and strength when lauded.
7 Give full protection, Friends of man, ye Waters, in peace and trouble, to our sons and grandsons.
For ye are our most motherly physicians, parents of all that standeth, all that moveth.
8 May Savitar come hither and approach us, the God who rescues, Holy, goldenhanded,
The God who, bounteous as the face of Morning, discloses precious gifts for him who worships.
9 And thou, O Son of Strength, do thou turn hither the Gods to-day to this our holy service.
May I for evermore enjoy thy bounty and, Agni, by thy grace be rich in heroes.
10 Come also to my call, O ye Nasatyas, yea, verily, through my prayers, ye Holy Sages.
As from great darkness ye delivered Atri, protect us, Chiefs, from danger in the conflict.
11 O Gods, bestow upon us riches, splendid with strength and heroes, bringing food in plenty.
Be gracious, helpful Gods of earth, of heaven, born of the Cow, and dwellers in the waters.
12 May Rudra and Sarasvati, accordant, Visnu and Vayu, pour down gifts and bless us;
Rbhuksan, Vaja, and divine Vidhatar, Parjanya, Vata make our food abundant.
13 May this God Savitar, the Lord, the Offspring of Waters, pouring down his dew be gracious,
And, with the Gods and Dames accordant, Tvastar; Dyaus with the Gods and Prthivi with oceans.
14 May Aja-Ekapad and Ahibudhnya, and Earth and Ocean hear our invocation;
All Gods who strengthen Law, invoked and lauded, and holy texts uttered by sages, help us.
15 So with my thoughts and hymns of praise the children of Bharadvaja sing aloud to please you.
The Dames invoked, and the resistless Vasus, and all ye Holy Ones have been exalted.

HYMN LI. Visvedevas.

1. THAT mighty eye of Varuna and Mitra, infallible and dear, is moving upward.
The pure and lovely face of holy Order hath shone like gold of heaven in its arising.
2 The Sage who knows these Gods' three ranks and orders, and all their generations near and distant,
Beholding good and evil acts of mortals, Sura marks well the doing of the pious.
3 I praise you Guards of mighty Law eternal, Aditi, Mitra, Varuna, the noble,
Aryaman, Bhaga, all whose thoughts are faithful: hither I call the Bright who share in common.
4 Lords of the brave, infallible, foe-destroyers, great Kings, bestowers of fair homes to dwell in,
Young, Heroes, ruling heaven with strong dominion, Adityas, Aditi I seek with worship.
5 O Heaven our Father, Earth our guileless Mother, O Brother Agni, and ye Vasus, bless us.
Grant us, O Aditi and ye Adityas, all of one mind, your manifold protection.
6 Give us not up to any evil creature, as spoil to wolf or she-wolf, O ye Holy.
For ye are they who guide aright our bodies, ye are the rulers of our speech and vigour.
7 Let us not suffer for the sin of others, nor do the deed which ye, O Vasus, punish.
Ye, Universal Gods! are all-controllers: may he do harm unto himself who hates Me.
8 Mighty is homage: I adopt and use it. Homage hath held in place the earth and heaven.
Homage to Gods! Homage commands and rules them. I banish even committed sin by homage
9 You Furtherers of Law, pure in your spirit, infallible, dwellers in the home of Order,
To you all Heroes mighty and far-seeing I bow me down, O Holy Ones, with homage.
10 For these are they who shine with noblest splendour; through all our troubles these conduct us safely-
Varuna, Mitra, Agni, mighty Rulers, trueminded, faithful to the hymn's controllers.
11 May they, Earth, Aditi, Indra, Bhaga, Pusan increase our laud, increase the Fivefold people.
Giving good help, good refuge, goodly guidance, be they our good deliverers, good protectors.
12 Come now, O Gods, to your celestial station: the Bharadvajas' priest entreats your favour.
He, sacrificing, fain for wealth, hath honoured the Gods vath those who sit and share oblations.
13 Agni, drive thou the wicked foe, the evil-hearted thief away,
Far, far, Lord of the brave I and give us easy paths.
14 Soma, these pressing-stones have called aloud to win thee for our Friend.
Destroy the greedy Pani, for a wolf is he.
15 Ye, O most bountiful, are they who, led by Indra, seek the sky.
Give us good paths for travel: guard us ivell at home.
16 Now have we entered on the road that leads to bliss, without a foe,
The road whereon a man escapes all enemies and gathers wealth.

HYMN LIL Visvedevas.

1. THIS I allow not in the earth or heaven, at sacrifice or in these holy duties.
May the huge mountains crush him down: degraded be Atiyaja's sacrificing patron.
2 Or he who holds us in contempt, O Maruts, or seeks to blame the prayer that we are making,
May agonies of burning be his portion. May the sky scorch the man who hates devotion.
3 Why then, O Soma, do they call thee keeper of prayer? Why then our guardian from reproaches?
Why then beholdest thou how men revile us? Cast thy hot dart at him who hates devotion.
4 May Mornings as they spring to life, protect me, and may the Rivers as they swell preserve me.
My guardians be the firmly-seated mountains: the Fathers, when I call on Gods, defend me!
5 Through all our days may we be healthy. minded, and look upon the Sun when he arises.
Grant this the Treasure-Lord of treasures, coming, observant, oftenest of Gods, with succour!
6 Most near, most oft comes Indra with protection, and she Sarasvati, who swells with rivers -
Parjanya, bringing health with herbs, and Agni, well lauded swift to listen, like a father.
7 Hear this mine invocation; come hither, O Universal Gods,
Be seated on this holy grass.
8 To him who comes to meet you, Gods, with offerings bathed in holy oil-
Approach ye, one and all, to him.
9 All Sons of Immortality shall listen to the songs we sing,
And be exceeding good to us.
10 May all the Gods who strengthen Law, with Rtus, listening to our call,
Be pleased with theit appropriate draught.
11 May 1ndra, with the Marut host, with Tvastar, Mitra, Aryaman,
Accept the laud and these our gifts.
12 O Agni, Priest, as rules ordain, offer this sacrifice of ours,
Remembering the Heavenly Folk.
13 Listen, All-Gods, to this mine invocation, Ye who inhabit heaven, and air's midregions,
All ye, O Holy Ones, whose tongue is Agni, seated upon this sacred grass, be joyful.
14 May the All-Gods who claim our worship hear my thought; may the two World-halves hear it, and the Waters' Child.
Let me not utter words that ye may disregard. Closely allied with you may we rejoice in bliss.
15 And those who, Mighty, with the wiles of serpents, were born on earth, in heaven, where waters gather-
May they vouchsafe us life of full duration. May the Gods kindly give us nights and mornings.
16 At this my call, O Agni and Parjanya, help, swift to hear, my thought and our laudation.
One generates holy food, the other offspring, so grant us food enough with store of children.
17 When holy grass is strewn and fire enkindled, with hymn and lowly homage I invite you.
All-Gods, to day in this our great assembly rejoice, ye Holy, in the gifts we offer.


1. LORD of the path, O Pusan, we have yoked and bound thee to our hymn,
Even as a car, to win the prize.
2 Bring us the wealth that men require, a manly master of a house,
Free-handed with the liberal meed.
3 Even him who would not give, do thou,
O glowing Pusan, urge to give,
And make the niggard's soul grow soft.
4 Clear paths that we may win the prize; scatter our enemies afar.
Strong God, be all our thoughts fulfilled.
5 Penetrate with an awl, O Sage, the hearts of avaricious churls,
And make them subject to our will.
6 Thrust with thine awl, O Pusan: seek that which the niggard's heart holds dear,
And make him subject to our will.
7 Tear up and read in pieces, Sage, the hearts of avaricious churls,
And make them subject to our will.
8 Thou, glowing Pusan, carriest an awl that urges men to prayer;
Therewith do thou tear up and rend to shreds the heart of every one.
9 Thou bearest, glowing Lord! a goad with horny point that guides the cows
Thence do we seek thy gift of bliss.
10 And make this hymn of ours produce kine, horses, and a store of wealth
For our delight and use as men.

HYMN LIV. Pusan.

1. O PUSAN, bring us to the man who knows, who shall direct us straight,
And say unto us, It is here.
2 May we go forth with Pusan who shall point the houses out to us,
And say to us, These same are they.
3 Unharmed is Pusan's chariot wheel; the box ne'er falleth to the ground,
Nor doth the loosened felIy shake.
4 Pusan forgetteth not the man who serveth him with offered gift:
That man is first to gather wealth.
5 May Pusan follow near our kine; may Pusan keep our horses safe:
May Pusan gather gear for us.
6 Follow the kine of him who pours libations out and worships thee;
And ours who sing thee songs of praise.
7 Let none be lost, none injured, none sink in a pit and break a limb.
Return with these all safe and sound.
8 Pusan who listens to our prayers, the Strong whose wealth is never lost,
The Lord of riches, we implore.
9 Secure in thy protecting care, O Pusan, never may we fail.
We here are they who sing thy praise.
10 From out the distance, far and wide, may Pusan stretch his right hand forth,
And drive our lost again to us.

HYMN LV. Pusan.

1. SON of Deliverance, come, bright God!
Let us twain go together: be our charioteer of sacrifice.
2 We pray for wealth to thee most skilled of charioteers, with braided hair,
Lord of great riches, and our Friend.
3 Bright God whose steeds are goats, thou art a stream of wealth, a treasure-heap,
The Friend of every pious man.
4 Pusan, who driveth goats for steeds, the strong and Mighty, who is called
His Sister's lover, will we laud.
5 His Mother's suitor I address. May he who loves his Sister hear,
Brother of Indra, and my Friend.
6 May the sure-footed goats come nigh, conveying Pusan on his car,
The God who visiteth mankind.

HYMN LVI, Pusan.

1. WHOSO remembers Pusan as cater of mingled curd and meal
Need think no more upon the God.
2 And he is best of charioteers. Indra, the hero's Lord, allied
With him as Friend, destroys the foes.
3 And there the best of charioteers hath guided through the speckled cloud
The golden wheel of Sura's car.
4 Whate'er we speak this day to thee, Wise, Wondrous God whom many praise,
Give thou fulfilment of our thought.
5 Lead on this company of ours, that longs for kine, to win the spoil:
Thou, Pusan, art renowned afar.
6 Prosperity we crave from thee, afar from sin and near to wealth,
Tending to perfect happiness both for to. morrow and to-day.

HYMN LVII. Indra and Pusan.

1. INDRA and Pusan will we call for friend ship and prosperity
And for the winning of the spoil.
2 One by the Soma sits to drink juice which the mortar hath expressed:
The other longs for curd and meal.
3 Goats are the team that draws the one: the other hath Bay Steeds at hand;
With both of these he slays the fiends.
4 When Indra, wondrous strong, brought down the streams, the mighty waterfloods,
Pusan was standing by his side.
5 To this, to Pusan's favouring love, and Indra's, may we closely cling,
As to a tree's extended bough.
6 As one who drives a car draws in his reins, may we draw Pusan near,
And Indra, for our great success.


1. LIKE heaven art thou: one form is bright, one holy, like Day and Night dissimilar in colour.
All magic powers thou aidest, self-depen. dent! Auspicious be thy bounty here, O Pusan.
2 Goat-borne, the guard of cattle, he whose home is strength, inspirer of the hymn, set over all the world;
Brandishing here and there his lightly. moving goad, beholding every creature, Pusan, God, goes forth.
3 O Pusan, with thy golden ships that travel across the ocean, in the air's mid-region,
Thou goest on an embassy to Surya, subdued by love, desirous of the glory.
4 Near kinsman of the heaven and earth is Pusan, liberal, Lord of food, of wondrous iustre,
Whom strong and vigorous and swiftlymoving, subdued by love, the Deities gave to Surya.

HYMN LIX. Indra-Agni.

1. I WILL declare, while juices flow, the manly deeds that ye have done:
Your Fathers, enemies of Gods, were smitten down, and, Indra-Agni, ye survive.
2 Thus, Indra-Agnip verily your greatness merits loftiest praise,
Sprung from one common Father, brothers, twins are ye; your Mother is in every place.
3 These who delight in flowing juice, like fellow horses at their food,
Indra and Agni, Gods armed with the thunderbolt, we call this day to come with help.
4 Indra and Agni, Friends of Law, served with rich gifts, your speech is kind
To him who praises you while these libations flow: that man, O Gods, ye ne'er consume.
5 What mortal understands, O Gods, Indra and Agni, this your way?
One of you, yoking Steeds that move to every side, advances in your common car.
6 First, Indra-Agni, hath this Maid come footless unto those with feet.
Stretching her head and speaking loudly with her tongue, she hath gone downward thirty steps.
7 E'en now, O Indra-Agni, men hold in their arms and stretch their bows.
Desert us not in this great fray, in battles for the sake of kine.
8 The foeman's sinful enmities, Indra and Agni, vex me sore.
Drive those who hate me far away, and keep them distant from the Sun.
9 Indra and Agni, yours are all the treasures of the heavens and earth.
Here give ye us the opulence that prospers every living man.
10 O Indra-Agni, who accept the laud, and hear us for our praise,
Come near us, drawn by all our songs, to drink of this our Soma juice.

HYMN LX. Indra-Agni.

1. HE slays the foe and wins the spoil who worships Indra and Agni, strong and mighty Heroes,
Who rule as Sovrans over ample riches, victorious, showing forth their power in conquest.
2 So battle now, O Indra and thou, Agni, for cows and waters, sunlight, stolen Mornings.
Team-borne, thou makest kine thine own, O Agni: thou, Indra, light, Dawns, regions, wondrous waters.
3 With Vrtra-slaying might, Indra and Agni, come, drawn by homage, O ye Vrtra-slayers.
Indra and Agni, show yourselves among us with your supreme and unrestricted bounties.
4 I call the Twain whose deeds of old have all been famed in ancient days
O Indra-Agni, harm us not.
5 The Strong, the scatterers of the foe, Indra and Agni, we invoke;
May they be kind to one like me.
6 They slay our Arya foes, these Lords of heroes, slay our Dasyu foes
And drive our enemies away.
7 Indra and Agni, these our songs of praise have sounded forth to you:
Ye who bring blessings! drink the juice.
8 Come, Indra-Agni, with those teams, desired of many, which ye have,
O Heroes, for the worshipper.
9 With those to this libation poured, ye Heroes, Indra-Agni, come:
Come ye to drink the Soma juice.
10 Glorify him who compasses all forests with his glowing flame,
And leaves them blackened with his tongue.
11 He who gains Indra's bliss with fire enkindled finds an easy way
Over the floods to happiness.
12 Give us fleet coursers to convey Indra and Agni, and bestow
Abundant strengthening food on us.
13 Indra and Agni, I will call you hither and make you joyful with the gifts I offer.
Ye Twain are givers both of food and riches: to win me strength and vigour I invoke you.
14 Come unto us with riches, come with wealth in horses and in kine.
Indra and Agni, we invoke you both, the Gods, as Friends for friendship, bringing bliss.
15 Indra and Agni, hear his call who worships. with libations poured.
Come and enjoy the offerings, drink the sweetly-flavoured Soma juice.

HYMN LXI. Sarasvati.

1. To Vadhryasva when. be worshipped her with gifts she gave fierce Divodasa, canceller of debts.
Consumer of the churlish niggard, one and all, thine, O Sarasvati, are these effectual boons.
2 She with her might, like one who digs for lotus-stems, hath burst with her strong waves the ridges of the hills.
Let us invite with songs and holy hymns for help Sarasvati who slayeth the Paravatas.
3 Thou castest down, Sarasvati, those who scorned the Gods, the brood of every Brsaya skilled in magic arts.
Thou hast discovered rivers for the tribes of men, and, rich in wealth! made poison flow away from them.
4 May the divine Sarasvati, rich in her wealth, protect us well,
Furthering all our thoughts with might
5 Whoso, divine Sarasvati, invokes thee where the prize is set,
Like Indra when he smites the foe.
6 Aid us, divine Sarasvad, thou who art strong in wealth and power
Like Pusan, give us opulence.
7 Yea, this divine Sarasvati, terrible with her golden path,
Foe-slayer, claims our eulogy.
8 Whose limitless unbroken flood, swift-moving with a rapid rush,
Comes onward with tempestuous roar.
9 She hath spread us beyond all foes, beyond her Sisters, Holy One,
As Surya spreadeth out the days.
10 Yea, she most dear amid dear stream, Seven-sistered, graciously inclined,
Sarasvati hath earned our praise.
11 Guard us from hate Sarasvati, she who hath filled the realms of earth,
And that wide tract, the firmament!
12 Seven-sistered, sprung from threefold source, the Five Tribes' prosperer, she must be
Invoked in every deed of might.
13 Marked out by majesty among the Mighty Ones, in glory swifter than the other rapid Streams,
Created vast for victory like a chariot, Sarasvati must be extolled by every sage.
14 Guide us, Sarasvati, to glorious treasure: refuse us not thy milk, nor spurn us from thee.
Gladly accept our friendship and obedience: let us not go from thee to distant countries.

HYMN LXII. Asvins.

1. I LAUD the Heroes Twain, this heaven's Controllers: singing with songs of praise I call the Asvins,
Fain in a moment, when the morns are breaking, to part the earth's ends and the spacious regions.
2 Moving to sacrifice through realms of lustre they light the radiance of the car that bears them.
Traversing many wide unmeasured spaces, over the wastes ye pass, and fields, and waters.
3 Ye to that bounteous path of yours, ye mighty, have ever borne away our thoughts with horses,
Mind-swift and full of vigour, that the trouble of man who offers gifts might cease and slumber.
4 So ye, when ye have yoked your chariothorses, come to the hymn of the most recent singer.
Our true and ancient Herald Priest shall bring you, the Youthful, bearing splendour, food, and vigour.
5 With newest hymn I call those Wonder-Workers, ancient and brilliant, and exceeding mighty,
Bringers of bliss to him who lauds and praises, bestowing varied bounties on the singer.
6 So ye, with birds, out of the sea and waters bore Bhujyu, son of Tugra, through the regions.
Speeding with winged steeds through dustless spaces, out of the bosom of the flood they bore him.
7 Victors, car-borne, ye rent the rock asunder: Bulls, heard the calling of the eunuch's consort.
Bounteous, ye filled the cow with milk for Sayu: thus, swift and zealous Ones, ye showed your favour.
8 Whate'er from olden time, Heaven, Earth! existeth great object of the wrath of Gods and mortals,
Make that, Adityas, Vasus, sons of Rudra, an evil brand to one allied with demons.
9 May he who knows, as Varuna and Mitra, air's realm, appointing both the Kings in season,
Against the secret fiend cast forth his weapon, against the lying words that strangers utter.
10 Come to our home with friendly wheels, for offipring; come on your radiant chariot rich in heroes.
Strike off, ye Twain, the heads of our assailants who with man's treacherous attack approach us.
11 Come hitherward to us with teams of horses, the highest and the midmost and the lowest.
Bountiful Lords, throw open to the singer doors e'en of the firm-closed stall of cattle.


1. WHERE hath the hymn with reverence, like an envoy, found both fair Gods to-day, invoked of many-
Hymn that hath brought the two Nasatyas hither? To this man's thought be ye, both Gods, most friendly.
2 Come readily to this mine invocation, lauded with songs, that ye may drink the juices.
Compass this house to keep it from the foeman, that none may force it, either near or distant.
3 Juice in wide room hath been prepared to feast you: for you the grass is strewn, most soft to tread on.
With lifted hands your servant hath adored you. Yearningfor you the press-stones shed the liquid.
4 Agni uplifts him at your sacrifices: forth goes the oblation dropping oil and glowing.
Up stands the grateful-minded priest, elected, appointed to invoke the two Nasatyas.
5 Lords of great wealth! for glory, Surya's Daughter mounted your car that brings a hundred succours.
Famed for your magic arts were ye, magicians! amid the race of Gods, ye dancing Heroes!
6 Ye Twain, with these your glories fair to look on, brought, to win victory, rich gifts for Surya.
After you flew your birds, marvels of beauty: dear to our hearts! the song, well lauded, reached you.
7 May your winged coursers, best to draw. Nasatyas! convey you to the object of your wishes.
Swift as the thought, your car hath been sent onward to food of many a sort and dainty viands.
8 Lords of great wealth, manifold is your bounty: ye filled our cow with food that never faileth.
Lovers of sweetness! yours are praise and singers, and poured libations which have sought your favour.
9 Mine were two mares of Puraya, brown, swift-footed; a hundred with Sumidha, food with Peruk
Sanda gave ten gold-decked and well-trained horses, tame and obedient and of lofty stature.
10 Nasatyas! Purupanthas offered hundreds, thousands of steeds to him who sang your praises,
Gave, Heroes! to the singer Bharadvaja. Ye-Wonder-Workers, let the fiends be slaughtered.
11 May I with princes share your bliss in freedom.


1. THE radiant Dawns have risen up for glory, in their white splendour like the waves of waters.
She maketh paths all easy, fair to travel, and, rich, hath shown herself benign and friendly.
2 We see that thou art good: far shines thy lustre; thy beams, thy splendours have flown up to heaven.
Decking thyself, thou makest bare thy bosom, shining in majesty, thou Goddess Morning.
3 Red are the kine and luminous that bear her the Blessed One who spreadeth through the distance.
The foes she chaseth like a valiant archer, like a swift warrior she repelleth darkness.
4 Thy ways are easy on the hills: thou passest Invincible! Se1f-luminous! through waters.
So lofty Goddess with thine ample pathway, Daughter of Heaven, bring wealth to give us comfort.
5 Dawn, bring me wealth: untroubled, with thine oxen thou bearest riches at thy will and pleasure;
Thou who, a Goddess, Child of Heaven, hast shown thee lovely through bounty when we called thee early.
6 As the birds fly forth from their restingplaces, so men with store of food rise at thy dawning.
Yea, to the liberal mortal who rernaineth at home, O Goddess Dawn, much good thou bringest.


1. SHEDDING her light on human habitations this Child of Heaven hath called us from our slumber;
She who at night-time with her argent lustre hath shown herself e'en through the shades of darkness.
2 All this with red-rayed steeds have they divided: the Dawns on bright cars shine in wondrous fashion.
They, bringing near the stately rite's commencement, drive far away the night's surrounding shadows.
3 Dawns, bringing hither, to the man who worships, glory and power and might and food and vigour,
Opulent, with imperial sway like heroes, favour your servant and this day enrich him.
4 Now is there treasure for the man who serves you, now for the hero, Dawns! who brings oblation;
Now for the singer when he sings the praise-song. Even to one like me ye brought aforetime.
5 O Dawn who standest on the mountain ridges, Angirases now praise thy stalls of cattle.
With prayer and holy hymn they burst them open: the heroes' calling on the Gods was fruitful.
6 Shine on us as of old, thou Child of Heaven,on him, rich Maid! who serves like Bharadvaja.
Give to the singer wealth with noble heroes, and upon us bestow wide-spreading glory.

HYMN LXVI. Maruts.

1. E'EN to the wise let that be still a wonder to which the general name of Cow is given.
The one hath swelled among mankind for milking: Prsni hath drained but once her fair bright udder.
2 They who like kindled flames of fire are glowing,. the Maruts, twice and thrice have waxen mighty.
Golden and dustless were their cars, invested with their great strength and their heroic vigour.
3 They who are Sons of the rain-pouring Rudra, whom the long-lasting One had power to foster:
The Mighty Ones whose germ great Mother Prsni is known to have received for man's advantage.
4 They shrink not from the birth; in this same manner still resting there they purge away reproaches.
When they have streamed forth, brilliant, at their pleasure, with their own splendour they bedew their bodies.
5 Even those who bear the brave bold name of Maruts, whom not the active quickly wins for milking.
Even the liberal wards not off those fierce ones, those who are light and agile in their greatness.
6 When, strong in strength and armed with potent weapons, they had united wellformed earth and heaven,
Rodasl stood among these furious Heroes like splendour shining with her native brightness.
7 No team of goats shall draw your car, O Maruts, no horse no charioteer be he who drives it.
Halting not, reinless, through the air it travels, speeding alone its paths through earth and heaven.
8 None may obstruct, none overtake, O Maruts, him whom ye succour in the strife of battle
For sons and progeny, for kine and waters: he bursts the cow-stall on the day of trial.
9 Bring a bright hymn to praise the band of Maruts, the Singers, rapid, strong in native vigour,
Who conquer mighty strength with strength more mighty: earth shakes in terror at their wars, O Agni.
10 Bright like the flashing flames of sacrifices, like tongues of fire impetuous in their onset,
Chanting their psalm, singing aloud, like heroes, splendid from birth, invincible, the Maruts.
11 That swelling band I call with invocation, the brood of Rudra, armed with glittering lances.
Pure hymns are meet for that celestial army: like floods and mountains have the Strong Ones battled.

HYMN LXVIL Mitra-Varuna.

1. NOW Mitra-Varuna shall be exalted high by your songs, noblest of all existing;
They who, as 'twere with reins are best Controllers, unequalled with their arms to check the people.
2 To you Two Gods is this my thought extended, turned to the sacred grass with loving homage.
Give us, O Mitra-Varuna, a dwelling safe from attack, which ye shall guard, Boon-Givers!
3 Come hither, Mitra-Varuna, invited with eulogies and loving adoration,
Ye who with your might, as Work-Controllers, urge even men who quickly hear to labour.
4 Whom, of pure origin, like two strong horses, Aditi bore as babes in proper season,
Whom, Mighty at your birth, the Mighty Goddess brought forth as terrors to the mortal foeman.
5 As all the Gods in their great joy and gladness gave you with one accord your high dominion,
As ye surround both worlds, though wide and spacious your spies are ever true and never bewildered.
6 So, through the days maintaining princely power. ye prop the height as 'twere from loftiest heaven.
The Star of all the Gods, established, filleth the heaven and earth with food of man who liveth.
7 Take the strong drink, to quaff till ye are sated, when he and his attendants fill the chamber.
The young Maids brook not that none seeks to win them, when, Quickeners of all! they scatter moisture.
8 So with your tongue come ever, when your envoy, faithful and very wise, attends our worship.
Nourished by holy oil! he this yGur glory: annihilate the sacrificer's trouble.
9 When, Mitra-Varuna, they strive against you and break tlie friendly laws ye have established,
They, neither Gods nor men in estimation, like Api's sons have godless sacrifices.
10 When singers in their song uplift their voices, some chant the Nivid texts with steady purpose.
Then may we sing you lauds that shall be fruitful: dp ye not rival all the Gods in greatness?
11 O Mitra-Varuna, may your large bounty come to us hither, near to this our dwelling,
When the kine haste to us, and when they harness the fleet-foot mettled stallion for the battle.

HYMN LXVIII. Indra-Varuna.

1. HIS honouring rite whose grass is trimmed is offered swiftly to you, in Manu's wise, accordant,
The rite which Indra-Varuna shall carry this day to high success and glorious issue.
2 For at Gods' worship they are best through vigour; they have become the strongest of the Heroes;
With mighty strength, most liberal of the Princes, Chiefs of the host, by Law made Vrtra's slayers.
3 Praise those Twain Gods for powers that merit worship, Indra and Varuna, for bliss, the joyous.
One with his might and thunderbolt slays Vrtra; the other as a Sage stands near in troubles.
4 Though dames and men have waxen strong and mighty, and all the Gods selfpraised among the Heroes,
Ye, Indra-Varuna, have in might surpassed them, and thus were ye spread wide, O Earth and Heaven.
5 Righteous is he, and liberal and helpful who, Indra-Varuna, brings you gifts with gladness.
That bounteous man through food shall conquer faemen, and win him opulence and wealthy people.
6 May wealth which ye bestow in food and treasure on him who brings you gifts and sacrifices,
Wealth, Gods! which breaks the curse of those who vex us, be, Indra-Varuna, e'en our own possession.
7 So also, Indra-Varuna, may our princes have riches swift to save, with Gods to guard them-
They whose great might gives victory in battles, and their triumphant glory spreads with swiftness.
8 Indra. and Varuna, Gods whom we are lauding, mingle ye wealth with our heroic glory.
May we, who praise the strength of what is mighty, pass dangers, as with boats we cross the waters.
9 Now will I sing a dear and far-extending hymn to Varuna the God, sublime, imperial Lord,
Who, mighty Governor, Eternal, as with flame, illumines both wide worlds with majesty and power.
10 True to Law, Indra-Varuna, drinkers of the juice, drink this pressed Soma which shall give you rapturous joy.
Your chariot cometh to the banquet of the Gods, to sacrifice, as it were home, that ye may drink.
11 Indra and Varuna, drink your fill, ye Heroes, of this invigorating sweetest Soma.
This juice is shed by us that ye may quaff it: on this trimmed grass be seated, and rejoice you

HYMN LXIX. Indra-Visnu

1. INDRA and Visnu, at my task's completion I urge you on with food and sacred service.
Accept the sacrifice and grant us riches, leading us on by unobstructed pathways.
2 Ye who inspire all hymns, Indra and Visnu, ye vessels who contain the Soma juices,
May hymns of praise that now are sung address you, the lauds that are recited by the singers.
3 Lords of joy-giving draughts, Indra and Visnu, come, giving gifts of treasure, to the Soma.
With brilliant rays of hymns let chanted praises, repeated with the lauds, adorn and deck you.
4 May your foe-conquering horses bring you hither, Indra and Visnu, sharers of the banquet.
Of all our hymns accept the invocations list to my prayers and hear the songs I sing you.
5 This your deed, Indra-Visnu, must be lauded: widely ye strode in the wild joy of Soma.
Ye made the firmament of larger compass, and made the regions broad for our existence.
6 Strengthened with sacred offerings, IndraVisnu, first eaters, served with worship ana oblation,
Fed with the holy oil, vouchsafe us riches ye are the lake, the vat that holds the Soma.
7 Drink of this meath, O Indra, thou, and Visnu; drink ye your fill of Soma, Wonder-Workers.
The sweet exhilarating juice hath reached you. Hear ye my prayers, give ear unto my calling.
8 Ye Twain have conquered, ne'er have yc been conquered: never hath either of the Twain been vanquished.
Ye, Indra-Visnu, when ye fought the battle, produced this infinite with three divisions.

HYMN LXX. Heaven and Earth.

1. FILLED full of fatness, compassing all things that be, wide, spacious, dropping meath, beautiful in their form,
The Heaven and the Earth by Varuna's decree, unwasting, rich in germs, stand parted each from each.
2 The Everlasting Pair, with full streams, rich in milk, in their pure rule pour fatness for the pious man.
Ye who are Regents of this world, O Earth and Heaven, pour into us the genial flow that prospers meit.
3 Whoso, for righteous life, pours offerings to you, O Heaven and Earth, ye Hemispheres, that man succeeds.
He in his seed is born again and spreads by Law: from you flow things diverse in form, but ruled alike.
4 Enclosed in fatness, Heaven and Earth are bright therewith: they mingle with the fatness which they still increase.
Wide, broad, set foremost at election of the priest, to them the singers pray for bliss to further them.
5 May Heaven and Earth pour down the balmy rain for us, balm-dropping, yielding balm, with balm upon your path,
Bestowing by your Godhead sacrifice and wealth, great fame and strength for us and good heroic might.
6 May Heaven and Earth make food swell plenteously for us, all-knowing Father, jother, wondrous in their works.
Pouring out bounties, may, in union, both the Worlds, all beneficial, send us gain, and power, and wealth.

HYMN LXXI. Savitar.

1. FULL of effectual wisdom Savitar the God hath stretched out golden arms that he may bring forth life.
Young and most skilful, while he holds the region up, the Warrior sprinkles fatness over both his hands.
2 May we enjoy the noblest vivifying force of Savitar the God, that he may give us wealth:
For thou art mighty to produce and lull to rest the world of life that moves on two feet and on four.
3 Protect our habitation, Savitar, this day, with guardian aids around, auspicious, firm and true.
God of the golden tongue, keep us for newest bliss: let not the evil-wisher have us in his power.
4 This Savitar the God, the golden-handed, Friend of the home, hath risen to meet the twilight.
With cheeks of brass, with pleasant tongue, the Holy, he sends the worshipper rich gifts in plenty.
5 Like a Director, Savitar hath extended his golden arms, exceeding fair to look on.
He hath gone up the heights of earth and heaven, and made each monster fall and cease from troubling.
6 Fair wealth, O Savitar, to-day, to-morrow, fair wealth produce for us each day that passes.
May we through this our song be happy gainers, God, of a fair and spacious habitation.

HYMN LXXII. Indra-Soma.

1. GREAT is this might of yours, Indra and Soma: the first high exploits were your own achievements.
Ye found the Sun ye found the light of heaven: ye killed all darkness and the Gods' blasphemers.
2 Ye, Indra-Soma, gave her light to Morning, and led the Sun on high with all his splendour.
Ye stayed the heaven with a supporting pillar, and spread abroad apart, the Earth, the Mother.
3 Ye slew the flood -obstructing serpent Vrtra, Indra and Soma: Heaven approved your exploit.
Ye urged to speed the currents of the rivers, and many seas have ye filled full with waters.
4 Ye in the unripe udders of the milch-kine have set the ripe milk, Indra, thou, and Soma.
Ye have held fast the unimpeded whiteness within these many-coloured moving creatures.
5 Verily ye bestow, Indra and Soma, wealth, famed, victorious, passing to our children.
Ye have invested men, ye Mighty Beings, with manly strength that conquers in the battle.

HYMN LXXIII. Brhaspati.

1. SERVED with oblations, first-born, mountain-render, Angiras' son, Brhaspati, the Holy,
With twice-firm path, dwelling in light, our Father, roars loudly, as a bull, to Earth and Heaven.
2 Brhaspati, who made for such a people wide room and verge when Gods were invocated,
Slaying his enemies, breaks down their castles, quelling his foes and conquering those who hate him.
3 Brhaspati in war hath won rich treasures, hath won, this God, the great stalls filled with cattle.
Striving to win waters and light, resistless, Brhaspati with lightning smites the foeman.

HYMN LXXIV. Soma-Rudra.

1. HOLD fast your Godlike sway, O Soma-Rudra: let these our sacrifices quickly reach you.
Placing in every house your seven great treasures, bring blessing to our quadrupeds and bipeds.
2 Soma and Rudra, chase to every quarter the sickness that hath visited our dwelling.
Drive Nirrti away into the distance, and give us excellent and happy glories.
3 Provide, O Soma-Rudra, for our bodies all needful medicines to heal and cure us.
Set free and draw away the sin committed which we have still inherent in our persons.
4 Armed with keen shafts and weapons, kind and loving, be gracious unto us, Soma and Rudra.
Release us from the noose of Varuna; keep us from sorrow, in your tender loving-kindness.

HYMN LXXV. Weapons of War.

1. THE warrior's look is like a thunderous rain-cloud's, when, armed with mail, he seeks the lap of battle.
Be thou victorious with unwounded body: so let the thickness of thy mail protect thee.
2 With Bow let us win kine, with Bow the battle, with Bow be victors in our hot encounters.
The Bow brings grief and sorrow to the foeman: armed with the Bow may we subdue all regions.
3 Close to his car, as fain to speak, She presses, holding her well-loved Friend in her embraces.
Strained on the Bow, She whispers like a woman-this Bowstring that preserves us in the combat.
4 These, meeting like a woman and her lover, bear, mother-like, their child upon their bosom.
May the two Bow-ends, starting swift asunder, scatter, in unison, the foes who hate us.
5 With many a son, father of many daughters, He clangs and clashes as he goes to battle.
Slung on the back, pouring his brood, the Quiver vanquishes all opposing bands and armies.
6 Upstanding in the Car the skilful Charioteer guides his strong Horses on whithersoe'er he will.
See and admire the strength of those controlling Reins which from behind declare the will of him who drives.
7 Horses whose hoofs rain dust are neighing loudly, yoked to the Chariots, showing forth their vigour,
With their forefeet descending on the foemen, they, never flinching, trample and destroy them.
8 Car-bearer is the name of his oblation, whercon are laid his Weapons and his Armour.
So let us here, each day that passes, honour the helpful Car with hearts exceeding joyful.
9 In sweet association lived the fathers who gave us life, profound and strong in trouble,
Unwearied, armed with shafts and wondrous weapons, free, real heroes, conquerors of armies.
10 The Brahmans, and the Fathers meet for Soma-draughts, and, graciously inclined, unequalled Heaven and Earth.
Guard us trom evil, Pusan, guard us strengtheners of Law: let not the evil-wisher master us.
11 Her tooth a deer, dressed in an eagle's feathers, bound with cow-hide, launched forth, She flieth onward.
There where the heroes speed hither and thither, there may the Arrows shelter and protect us.
12 Avoid us thou whose flight is straight, and let our bodies be as stone.
May Soma kindly speak to us, and Aditi protect us well.
13 He lays his blows upon their backs, he deals his blows upon their thighs.
Thou, Whip, who urgest horses, drive sagacious horses in the fray.
14 It compasses the arm with serpent windings, fending away the friction of the bowstring:
So may the Brace, well-skilled in all its duties, guard manfully the man from every quarter.
15 Now to the Shaft with venom smeared, tipped with deer-horn, with iron mouth,
Celestial, of Parjanya's seed, be this great adoration paid.
16 Loosed from the Bowstring fly away, thou Arrow, sharpened by our prayer.
Go to the foemen, strike them home, and let not one be left alive.
17 There where the flights of Arrows fall like boys whose locks are yet unshorn.
Even there may Brahmanaspati, and Aditi protect us well, protect us well through all our days.
18 Thy vital parts I cover with thine Armour: with immortality King Soma clothe thee.
Varuna give tliee what is more than ample, and in thy triumph may the Gods be joyful.
19 Whoso would kill us, whether he be a strange foe or one of us,
May all the Gods discomfit him. My nearest, closest Mail is prayer.


HYMN I. Agni.

1. THE men from fire-sticks, with their hands' swift movement, have, in deep thought, engendered glorious Agni,
Far-seen, with pointed flame, Lord of the homestead.
2 The Vasus set that Agni in the dwelling, fair to behold, for help from every quarter:
Who, in the home for ever, must be honoured.
3 Shine thou before us, Agni, well-enkindled, with flame, Most Youthful God, that never fadeth.
To thee come all our sacrificial viands.
4 Among all fires these fires have shone most brightly, splendid with light, begirt by noble heroes,
Where men of lofty birth sit down together.
5 Victorious Agni, grant us wealth with wisdom, wealth with brave sons, famous and independent,
Which not a foe who deals in magic conquers.
6 To whom, the Strong, at morn and eve comes, maid-like, the ladle dropping oil, with its oblation.
Wealth-seeking comes to him his own devotion.
7 Burn up all malice with those flames, O Agni, wherewith of old thou burntest up Jarutha,
And drive away in silence pain and sickness.
8 With him who lighteth up thy splendour, Agni, excellent, pure, refulgent, Purifier,
Be present, and with us through these our praises.
9 Agni, the patriarchal men, the mortals who have in many places spread thy lustre,-
Be gracious to us here for their sake also.
10 Let these men, heroes in the fight with foemen, prevail against all godless arts of 4magic,-
These who ipprove the noble song I sing thee.
11 Let us not sit in want of men, O Agni, without descendants, heroleu, about thee:
But, O House-Friend, in houses full of children.
12 By sacrifice which the Steeds' Lord ever visits, there make our dwelling rich in seed and offspring,
Increasing still with lineal successors.
13 Guard us, O Agni, from the hated demon, guard us from malice of the churlish sinner:
Allied with thee may I subdue assailants.
14 May this same fire of mine surpass all others, this fire where offspring, vigorous and firm-handed,
Wins, on a thousand paths, what ne'er shall perish.
15 This is that Agni, saviour from the foeman, who guards the kindler of the flame from sorrow:
Heroes of noble lineage serve and tend him.
16 This is that Agni, served in many places, whom the rich lord who brings oblation kindles,
And round him goes the priest at sacrifices.
17 Agni, may we with riches in possession bring thee continual ofierings in abundance,
Using both means to draw thee to our worship.
18 Agni, bear thou, Eternal, these most welcome oblations to the Deities' assembly:
Let them enjoy our very fragrant presents.
19 Give us not up, Agni, to want of heroes, to wretched clothes, to need, to destitution.
Yield us not, Holy One, to fiend or hunger; injure us not at home or in the forest.
20 Give strength and power to these my prayers, O Agni; O God, pour blessings on our chiefs and nobles.
Grant that both we and they may share thy bounty. Ye Gods, protect us evermore with blessings.
21 Thou Agni, swift to hear, art fair of aspect: beam forth, O Son of Strength, in full effulgence.
Let me not want, with thee, a son for ever: let not a manly hero ever fail us.
22 Condemn us not to indigence, O Agni, beside these flaming fires which Gods have kindled;
Nor, even after fault, let thy displeasure, thine as a God, O Son of Strength, o'ertake us.
23 O Agni, fair of face, the wealthy mortal who to the Immortal offers his oblation.
Hath him who wins him treasure by his Godhead, to whom the prince, in need, goes supplicating.
24 Knowing our chief felicity, O Agni, bring hither ample riches to our nobles,
Wherewith we may enjoy ourselves, O Victor, with undiminished life and hero children.
25 Give strength and power to these my prayers, O Agni; O God, pour blessings on bur chiefs and nobles.
Grant that both we and they may share thy bounty. Ye Gods, protect us evermore with blessings.

HYMN II. Apris.

1. GLADLY accept, this day, our fuel, Agni: send up thy sacred smoke and shine sublimely.
Touch the celestial summits with thy columns, and overspread thee with the rays of Surya.
2 With sacrifice to these we men will honour the majesty of holy Narasamsa-
To these the pure, most wise, the thought. inspirers, Gods who enjoy both sorts of our oblations.
3 We will extol at sacrifice for ever, as men may do, Agni whom Manu kindled,
Your very skilful Asura, meet for worship, envoy between both worlds, the truthful speaker.
4 Bearing the sacred grass, the men who serve him strew it with reverence, on their knees, by Agni.
Calling him to the spotted grass, oil-sprinkled, adorn him, ye Adhvaryus, with oblation.
5 With holy thoughts the pious have thrown open Doors fain for chariots in the Gods' assembly.
Like two full mother cows who lick their youngling, like maidens for the gathering, they adorn them.
6 And let the two exalted Heavenly Ladies, Morning and Night, like a cow good at milking,
Come, much-invoked, and on our grass be seated ' wealthy, deserving worship, for our welfare.
7 You, Bards and Singers at men's sacrifices, both filled with wisdom, I incline to worship.
Send up our offerings when we call upon you, and so among the Gods obtain us treasures.
8 May Bharati with all her Sisters, Ila accordant with the Gods, with mortals Agni,
Sarasvati with all her kindred Rivers, come to this grass, Three Goddesses, and seat them.
9 Well pleased with us do thou, O God, O Tvastar, give ready issue to our procreant vigour,
Whence springs the hero, powerful, skilled in action, lover of Gods, adjuster of the press-stones.
10 Send to the Gods the oblation, Lord of Forests, and let the Immolator, Agni, dress it.
He as the truer Priest shall offer worship, for the God'sgenerations well he knoweth.
11 Come thou to us, O Agni, duly kindled, together with the potent Gods and Indra.
On this our grass sit Aditi, happy Mother, and let our Hail! delight the Gods Immortal.


1. ASSOCIATE with fires, make your God Agni envoy at sacrifice, best skilled in worship,
Established firm among mankind, the Holy, flame-crowned and fed with oil, the Purifier.
2 Like a steed neighing eager for the pasture, when he hath stepped forth from the great enclosure:
Then the wind following blows upon his splendour, and, straight, the path is black which thou hast travelled.
3 From thee a Bull but newly born, O Agni, the kindled everlasting flames rise upward.
Aloft to heaven thy ruddy smoke ascendeth: Agni, thou speedest to the Gods as envoy.
4 Thou whose fresh lustre o'er the earth advanceth when greedily with thy jaws thy food thou eatest.
Like a host hurried onward comes thy lasso: fierce, with thy tongue thou piercest, as 'twere barley.
5 The men have decked him both at eve and morning, Most Youthful Agni, as they tend a courser.
They kindle him, a guest within his dwelling: bright shines the splendour of the worshipped Hero.
6 O fair of face, beautiful is thine aspect when, very near at hand, like gold thou gleamest,
Like Heaven's thundering roar thy might approaches, and like the wondrous Sun thy light thou showest.
7 That we may worship, with your Hail to Agni! with sacrificial cakes and fat oblations,
Guard us, O Agni, with those boundless glories as with a hundred fortresses of iron.
8 Thine are resistless songs for him who offers, and hero-giving hymns wherewith thou savest;
With these, O Son of Strength, O Jatavedas, guard us, preserve these princes and the singers.
9 When forth he cometh, like an axe new-sharpened, pure in his form, resplendent in his body,
Sprung, sought with eager longing, from his Parents, for the Gods' worship, Sage and Purifier:
10 Shine this felicity on us, O Agni: may we attain to perfect understanding.
All happiness be theirs who sing and praise thee. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.

HYMN IV. Agni.

1. BRING forth your gifts to his refulgent splendour, your hymn as purest offering to Agni,
To him who goes as messenger with knowledge between all songs of men and Gods in heaven.
2 Wise must this Agni be, though young and tender, since he was born, Most Youthful, of his Mother;
He who with bright teeth seizeth fast the forests, and eats his food, though plenteous, in a moment.
3 Before his presence must we all assemble, this God's whom men have seized in his white splendour.
This Agni who hath brooked that men should seize him hath shone for man with glow insufferable.
4 Far-seeing hath this Agni been established, deathless mid mortals, wise among the foolish.
Here, O victorious God, forbear to harm us: may weforever share thy gracious favour.
5 He who hath occupied his God-made dwelling, Agni, in wisdom hath surpassed Immortals.
A Babe unborn, the plants and trees support him, and the earth beareth him the All-sustainer.
6 Agni is Lord of Amrta. in abundance, Lord of the gift of wealth and hero valour,
Victorious God, let us not sit about thee like men devoid of strength, beauty, and worship.
7 The foeman's treasure may be won with labour: may we be masters of our own possessions.
Agni, no son is he who springs from others: lengthen not out the pathways of the foolish.
8 Unwelcome for adoption is the stranger, one to be thought of as another's offipring,
Though grown familiar by continual presence. May our strong hero come, freshly triumphant.
9 Guard us from him who would assail us, Agni; preserve us O thou Victor, from dishonour.
Here let the place of darkening come upon thee: may wealth be ours, desirable, in thousands.
10 Shine this felicity on us, O Agni: may we attain to perfect understanding.
All happiness be theirs who sing and praise thee. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.

HYMN V. Agni.

1. BRING forth your song of praise to mighty Agni, the speedy messenger of earth and heaven,
Vaisvanara, who, with those who wake, hath waxen great in the lap of all the Gods Immortal.
2 Sought in the heavens, on earth is Agni stablished, leader of rivers, Bull of standing waters.
Vaisvanara when he hath grown in glory, shines on the tribes of men with light and treasure.
3 For fear of thee forth fled the dark-hued races, scattered abroad, deserting their possessions,
When, glowing, O Vaisvanara, for Puru, thou Agni didst light up and rend their castles.
4 Agni Vaisvanara, both Earth and Heaven submit them to thy threefold jurisdiction.
Refulgent in thine undecaying lustre thou hast invested both the worlds with splendour.
5 Agni, the tawny horses, loudly neighing our resonant hymns that drop with oil, attend thee;
Lord of the tribes, our Charioteer of riches, Ensign of days, Vaisvanara of mornings.
6 In thee, O bright as Mitra, Vasus seated the might of Aduras, for they loved thy spirit.
Thou dravest Dasyus from their home, O Agni, and broughtest forth broad light to light the Arya.
7 Born in the loftiest heaven thou in a moment reachest, like wind, the place where Gods inhabit.
Thou, favouring thine offspring, roaredst loudly when giving life to creatures, Jatavedas.
8 Send us that strength, Vaisvanara, send it, Agni, that strength, O Jatavedas, full of splendour,
Wherewith, all-bounteous God, thou pourest riches, as fame wide-spreading, on the man who offers.
9 Agni, bestow upon our chiefs and nobles that famous power, that wealth which feedeth many.
Accordant with the Vasus and the Rudras, Agni, Vaisvanara, give us sure protection.

HYMN VI. Agni.

1. PRAISE of the Asura, high imperial Ruler, the Manly One in whom the folk shall triumph-
I laud his deeds who is as strong as Indra, and lauding celebrate the Fort-destroyer.
2 Sage, Sing, Food, Light,-they bring him from the mountain, the blessed Sovran of the earth and heaven.
I decorate with songs the mighty actions which Agni, Fort-destroyer, did aforetime.
3 The foolish, faithless, rudely-speaking niggards, without belief or sacrifice or worship,-
Far far sway hath Agni chased those Dasytis, and, in the cast, hath turned the godless westward.
4 Him who brought eastward, manliest with his prowess, the Maids rejoicing in the western darkness,
That Agni I extol, the Lord of riches, unyielding tamer of assailing foemen.
5 Him who brake down the walls with deadly weapons, and gave the Mornings to anoble Husband,
Young Agni, who with conquering strength subduing the tribes of Nahus made them bring their tribute.
6 In whose protection all men rest by nature, desiring to enjoy his gracious favour-
Agni Vaisvanara in his Parents, bosom hath found the choicest seat in earth and heaven.
7 Vaisvanara the God, at the sun's setting, hath taken to himself deep-hidden treasures:
Agni hath taken them from earth and heaven, from the sea under and the sea above us.


1. I SEND forth even your God, victorious Agni, like a strong courser, with mine adoration.
Herald of sacrifice be he who knoweth he hath reached Gods, himself, with measured motion.
2 By paths that are thine own come hither, Agni, joyous, delighting in the Gods' alliance,
Making the heights of earth roar with thy fury, burning with eager teeth the woods and forests.
3 The grass is strewn; the sacrifice advances adored as Priest, Agni is made propitious,
Invoking both All-boon-bestowing Mothers of whom, Most Youthful! thou wast born to help us.
4 Forthwith the men, the best of these for wisdom, have made him leader in the solemn worship.
As Lord in homes of men is Agni stablished, the Holy One, the joyous, sweetly speaking.
5 He hath come, chosen bearer, and is seated in man's home, Brahman, Agni, the Supporter,
He whom both Heaven anct Earth exalt and strengthenwhom, Giver of all boons, the Hotar worships.
6 These have passed all in glory, who, the manly, have wrought with skill the hymn of adoration;
Who, listening, have advanced the people's welfare, and set their thoughts on this my holy statute.
7 We, the Vasisthas, now implore thee, Agni, O Son of Strength, the Lord of wealth and treasure.
Thou hast brought food to singers and to nobles. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.


1. THE King whose face is decked with oil is kindled with homage offered by his faithful servant.
The men, the priests adore him with oblations. Agni hath shone forth when the dawn is breaking.
2 Yea, he hath been acknowledged as most mighty, the joyous Priest of men, the youthful Agni.
He, spreading o'er the earth, made light around him, and grew among the plants with blackened fellies..
3 How dost thou decorate our hymn, O Agni? What power dost thou exert when thou art lauded?
When, Bounteous God, may we be lords of riches, winners of precious wealth which none may conquer?
4 Far famed is this the Bharata's own Agni he shineth like the Sun with lofty splendour.
He who hath vanquished Puru in the battle, the heavenly guest hath glowed in full refulgence.
5 Full many oblations are in thee collected: with all thine aspects thou hast waxen gracious.
Thou art already famed as praised and lauded, yet still, O nobly born, increase thy body.
6 Be this my song, that winneth countless treasure, engendered with redoubled force for Agni,
That, splendid, chasing sickness, slaying demons, it may delight our friend and bless the singers.
7 We, the Vasisthas, now implore thee, Agni, O Son of Strength, the Lord of wealth and riches.
Thou hast brought food to singers and to nobles. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.

HYMN IX. Agni.

1. ROUSED from their bosom is the Dawns' beloved, the joyous Priest, most sapient, Purifier.
He gives a signal both to Gods and mortals, to Gods oblations, riches to the pious.
2 Most wise is he who, forcing doors of Panis, brought the bright Sun to us who feedeth many.
The cheerful Priest, men's Friend and home-companion, through still night's darkness he is made apparent.
3 Wise, ne.'er deceived, uncircumscribed, refulgent, our gracious guest, a Friend with good attendants,
Shines forth with wondrous light before the Mornings; the young plants hath he entered, Child of Waters.
4 Seeking our gatherings, he, your Jatavedas, hath shone adorable through human ages,
Who gleams refulgent with his lovely lustre: the kine have waked to meet him when enkindled.
5 Go on thy message to the Gods, and fail not, O Agni, with their band who pray and worship.
Bring all the Gods that they may give us riches, Sarasvati, the Maruts, Asvins, Waters.
6 Vasistha, when enkindling thee, O Agni, hath slain jarutha. Give us wealth in plenty.
Sing praise in choral song, O Jatavedas. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.

HYMN X. Agni.

1. HE hath sent forth, bright, radiant, and refulgent, like the Dawn's Lover, his far-spreading lustre.
Pure in his splendour shines the golden Hero: our longing thoughts hath he aroused and wakened.
2 He, like the Sun, hath shone while Morn is breaking, and priests who weave the sacrifice sing praises,
Agni, the God, who knows their generations and visits Gods, most bounteous, rapid envoy.
3 Our songs and holy hymns go forth to Agni, seeking the God and asking him for riches,
Him fair to see, of goodly aspect, mighty, men's messenger who carries their oblations.
4 joined with the Vasus, Agni, bring thou Indra bring hither mighty Rudra with the Rudras,
Aditi good to all men with Adityas, Brhaspati All-bounteous, with the Singers.
5 Men eagerly implore at sacrifices Agni, Most Youthful God, the joyous Herald.
For he is Lord and Ruler over riches, and for Gods' worship an unwearied envoy.

HYMN XI. Agni.

1. GREAT art thou, Agni, sacrifice's Herald: not without thee are deathless Gods made joyful.
Come hither with all Deities about thee here take thy seat, the first, as Priest, O Agni.
2 Men with oblations evermore entreat thee, the swift, to undertake an envoy's duty.
He on whose sacred grass with Gods thou sittest, to him, O Agni, are the days propitious.
3 Three times a day in thee are shown the treasures sent for the mortal who presents oblation.
Bring the Gods hither like a man, O Agni: be thou our envoy, guarding us from curses.
4 Lord of the lofty sacrifice is Agni, Agni is Lord of every gift presented.
The Vasus were contented with his wisdom, so the Gods made him their oblationbearer.
5 O Agni, bring the Gods to taste our presents: with Indra leading, here let them be joyful.
Convey this sacrifice to Gods in heaven. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.


1. WE with great reverence have approached The Youngest who hath shone forth well-kindled in his dwelling,
With wondrous light between wide earth and heaven, well-worshipped, looking forth in all directions.
2 Through his great might o'ercoming all misfortunes, praised in the house is Agni Jatavedas.
May he protect us from disgrace and trouble, both us who laud him and our noble patrons.
3 O Agni, thou art Varuna and Mitra: Vasisthas with their holy hymns exalt thee.
With thee be most abundant gain of treasure. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.


1. BRING song and hymn to Agni, Asura-slayer, enlightener of all and thought-bestower.
Like an oblation on the grass, to please him, I bring this to Vaisvanara, hymn-inspirer.
2 Thou with thy flame, O Agni, brightly glowing, hast at thy birth filled full the earth and heaven.
TIOU with thy might, Vaisvanara Jatavedas, settest the Gods free frodi the curse that bound them.
3 Agni, when, born thou lookedst on all creatures, like a brisk herdsman moving round his cattle.
The path to prayer, Vaisvanara, thou foundest. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.


1. WITH reverence and with offered gifts serve we the God whose flame is bright:
Let us bring Jatavedas fuel, and adore Agni when we invoke the Gods.
2 Agni, may we perform thy rites with fuel, and honour thee, O Holy one, with praises:
Honour thee, Priest of sacrifice! with butter, thee, God of blessed light! with our oblation.
3 Come, Agni, with the Gods to our invoking, come, pleased, to offerings sanctified with Vasat.
May we be his who pays thee, God, due honour. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.

HYMN XV. Agni.

1. OFFER oblations in his mouth, the bounteous God's whom we must serve.
His who is nearest kin to us:
2 Who for the Fivefold People's take hath seated him in every home
Wise, Youthful, Master of the house.
3 On all sides may that Agni guard our household folk and property;
May he deliver us from woe.
4 I have begotten this new hymn for Agni, Falcon of the sky:
Will he not give us of his wealth?
5 Whose lories when he glows in front of sacrite are fair to see,
Like wealth of one with hero sons.
6 May he enjoy this hallowed gift, Agni accept our songs, who bears
Oblations, best of worshippers.
7 Lord of the house, whom men must seek, we set thee down, O Worshipped Onel
Bright, rich in heroes, Agni! God
8 Shine forth at night and morn: through thee with fires are we provided well.
Thou, rich in heroes, art our Friend.
9 The men come near thee for their gain, the singers with their songs of praise:
Speech, thousandfold, comes near to thee.
10 Bright, Purifier, meet for praise, Immortal with refulgent glow,
Agni drives Raksasas away.
11 As such, bring us abundant wealth, young Child of Strength, for this thou canst
May Bhaga give us what is choice.
12 Thou, Agni, givest hero fame: Bhaga and Savitar the God,
And Did give us what is good.
13 Agni, preserve us from distress: consume our enemies, O God,
Eternal, with the hottest flames.
14 And, irresistible, be thou a mighty iron fort to us,
With hundred walls for man's defence.
15 Do thou preserve us, eve and morn, from sorrow, from the wicked men,
Infallible! by day and night.


1. WITH this my reverent hymn I call Agni for you, the Son of Strength,
Dear, wisest envoy, served with noble sacrifice, immortal messenger of all.
2 His two red horses, all-supporting, let him yoke: let him, well-worshipped, urge them fast.
Then hath the sacrifice good prayers and happy end, and heavenly gift of wealth to men.
3 The flame of him the Bountiful, the Much-invoked, hath mounted up,
And his red-coloured smoke-clouds reach and touch the sky: the men are kindling Agni well.
4 Thee, thee Most Glorious One we make our messenger. Bring the Gods hither to the feast.
Give us, O Son of Strength, all food that fcedeth man: give that for which we pray to thee.
5 Thou, Agni, art the homestead's Lord, our Herald at the sacrifice.
Lord of all boons, thou art the Cleanser and a Sage. Pay worship, and enjoy the good.
6 Give riches to the sacrificer, O Most Wise, for thou art he who granteth wealth.
Inspire with zeal each priest at this our solemn rite; all who are skilled in singing praise.
7 O Agni who art worshipped well, dear let our princes he to thee,
Our wealthy patrons who are governors of men, who part, as gifts, their stalls of kine.
8 They in whose home, her hand bearing the sacred oil, Ila sits down well-satisfied-
Guard them, Victorious God, from slander and from harm. give us a refuge famed afar.
9 Do thou, a Priest with pleasant tongue, most wise, and very near to us,
Agni, bring riches hither to our liberal chiefs, and speed the oflering of our gifts.
10 They who bestow as bounty plenteous wealth of steeds, moved by desire of great renown-
Do thou with saving help preserve them from distress, Most Youthful! with a hundred forts.
11 The God who gives your wealth demands a full libation poured to him.
Pour ye it forth, then fill the vessel full again: then doth the God pay heed to you.
12 Him have the Gods appointed Priest of sacrifice, oblation-bearer, passing wise.
Agni gives wealth and valour to the worshipper, to folk who offer up their gifts.


1. AGNI, be kindled well with proper fuel, and let the grass be scattered wide about thee.
2 Let the impatient Portals be thrown open bring thou the Gods impatient to come hither.
3 Taste, Agni: serve the Gods with our oblation. Offer good sacrifices, Jatavedas!
4 Let Jatavedas pay fair sacrifices, worship andgratify the Gods Immortal.
5 Wise God, win for us things that are all-goodly, and let the prayers, we pray today be fruitful.
6 Thee, even thee, the Son of Strength, O Agni, those Gods have made the bearer of oblations.
7 To thee the God may we perform our worship: do thou, besought, grant us abundant riches.


1. ALL is with thee, O Indra, all the treasures which erst our fathers won who sang thy praises.
With thee are milch-kine good to milk, and horses: best winner thou of riches for the pious.
2 For like a King among his wives thou dwellest: with glories, as a Sage, surround and help us.
Make us, thy servants, strong for wealth, and honour our songs wirth kine and steeds and decoration.
3 Here these our holy hymns with joy and gladness in pious emulation have approached thee.
Hitherward come thy path that leads to riches: may we find shelter in thy favour, Indra.
4 Vasistha hath poured forth his prayers, desiring to milk thee like a cow in goodly pasture.
All these my people call thee Lord of cattle: may Indra. come unto the prayer we offer.
5 What though the floods spread widely, Indra made them shallow and easy for Sudas to traverse.
He, worthy of our praises, caused the Simyu, foe of our hymn, to curse the rivers' fury.
6 Eager for spoil was Turvasa Purodas, fain to win wealth, like fishes urged by hunger.
The Bhrgus and the Druhyus quickly listened: friend rescued friend mid the two distant peoples.
7 Together came the Pakthas, the Bhalanas, the Alinas, the Sivas, the Visanins.
Yet to the Trtsus came the Arya's Comrade, through love of spoil and heroes' war, to lead them.
8 Fools, in their folly fain to waste her waters, they parted inexhaustible Parusni.
Lord of the Earth, he with his might repressed them: still lay the herd and the affrighted herdsman.
9 As to their goal they sped to their destruetion: they sought Parusni; e'en the swift returned not.
Indra abandoned, to Sudas the manly, the swiftly flying foes, unmanly babblers.
10 They went like kine unherded from the pasture, each clinging to a friend as chance directed.
They who drive spotted steeds, sent down by Prsni, gave ear, the Warriors and the harnessed horses.
11 The King who scattered one-and-twenty people of both Vaikarna tribes through lust of glory-
As the skilled priest clips grass within the chamber, so hath the Hero Indra, wrought their downfall.
12 Thou, thunder-armed, o'erwhelmedst in the waters famed ancient Kavasa and then the Druhyu.
Others here claiming friendship to their friendship, devoted unto thee, in thee were joyful.
13 Indra at once with conquering might demolished all their strong places and their seven castles.
The goods of Anu's son he gave to Trtsu. May we in sacrifice conquer scorned Puru.
14 The Anavas and Druhyus, seeking booty, have slept, the sixty hundred, yea, six thousand,
And six-and-sixty heroes. For the pious were all these mighty exploits done by Indra.
15 These Trtsus under Indra's careful guidance came speeding like loosed waters rushing downward.
The foemen, measuring exceeding closely, abandoned to Sudas all their provisions.
16 The hero's side who drank the dressed oblation, Indra's denier, far o'er earth he scattered.
Indra brought down the fierce destroyer's fury. He gave them various roads, the path's Controller.
17 E'en with the weak he wrought this matchless exploit: e'en with a goat he did to death a lion.
He pared the pillar's angles with a needle. Thus to Sudas Indra gave all provisions.
18 To thee have all thine enemies submitted: e'en the fierce Bheda hast thou made thy subject.
Cast down thy sharpened thunderbolt, O Indra, on him who harms the men who sing thy praises.
19 Yamuna and the Trtsus aided Indra. There he stripped Bheda bare of all his treasures.
The Ajas and the Sigrus and the Yaksus brought in to him as tribute heads of horses.
20 Not to be scorned, but like Dawns past and recent, O Indra, are thy favours and thy riches.
Devaka, Manyamana's son, thou slewest, and smotest Sambara from the lofty mountain.
21 They who, from home, have gladdened thee, thy servants Parasara, Vasistha, Satayatu,
Will not forget thy friendship, liberal Giver. So shall the days dawn prosperous for the princes.
22 Priest-like, with praise, I move around the altar, earning Paijavana's reward, O Agni,
Two hundred cows from Devavan's descendant, two chariots from Sudas with mares to draw them.
23 Gift of Paijavana, four horses bear me in foremost place, trained steeds with pearl to deck them.
Sudas's brown steeds, firmly-stepping, carry me and my son for progeny and glory.
24 Him whose fame spreads between wide earth and heaven, who, as dispenser, gives each chief his portion,
Seven flowing Rivers glorify like Indra. He slew Yudhyamadhi in close encounter.
25 Attend on him O ye heroic Maruts as on Sudas's father Divodasa.
Further Paijavana's desire with favour. Guard faithfully his lasting firm dominion.

HYMN XIX. Indra.

1. HE like a bull with sharpened horns, terrific, singly excites and agitates all the people:
Thou givest him who largely pours libations his goods who pours not, for his own possession.
2 Thou, verily, Indra, gavest help to Kutsa, willingly giving car to him in battle,
When, aiding Arjuneya, thou subduedst to him both Kuyava and the Dasa Susna.
3 O Bold One, thou with all thine aids hast boldly holpen Sudas whose offerings were accepted,
Puru in winning land and slaying foemen, and Trasadasyu son of Purukutsa.
4 At the Gods' banquet, hero-souled! with Heroes, Lord of Bay Steeds, thou slewest many foemen.
Thou sentest in swift death to sleep the Dasyu, both Cumuri and Dhuni, for Dabhiti.
5 These were thy mighty powers that, Thunder-wielder, thou swiftly crushedst nine-and-ninety castles:
Thou capturedst the hundredth in thine onslaught; thou slewest Namuci, thou slewest Vrtra.
6 Old are the blessings, Indra, which thou gavest Sudas the worshipper who brought oblations.
For thee, the Strong, I yoke thy strong Bay Horses: may our prayers reach thee and win strength, Most Mighty!
7 Give us not up, Lord of Bay Horses, Victor, in this thine own assembly, to the wicked.
Deliver us with true and faithful succours: dear may we be to thee among the princes.
8 May we men, Maghavan, the friends thou lovest, near thee be joyful under thy protection.
Fain to fulfil the wish of Atithigva humble. the pride of Turvasa and Yadva.
9 Swiftly, in truth, O Maghavan, about thee men skilled in hymning sing their songs and praises. '
Elect us also into their assembly who by their calls on thee despoiled the niggards.
10 Thine are these lauds, O manliest of heroes, lauds which revert to us and give us riches.
Favour these, Indra, when they fight with faemen, as Friend and Hero and the heroes' Helper.
11 Now, lauded for thine aid, Heroic Indra, sped by our prayer, wax mighty in thy body.
Apportion to us strength and habitations. Ye Gods, protect us evermore with blessings.

HYMN XX. Indra.

1. STRONG, Godly-natured, born for hero exploit, man's Friend, hedoth whatever deed he willeth.
Saving us e'en from great transgression, Indra, the Youthful, visiteth man's home with favour.
2 Waxing greatness Indra slayeth Vrtra: the Hero with his aid hath helped the singer.
He gave Sudas wide room and space, and often hath granted wealth to him who brought oblations.
3 Soldier unchecked, war-rousing, battling Hero, unconquered from of old, victorious ever,
Indra the very strong hath scattered armies; yea, he hath slain each foe who fought against him.
4 Thou with thy greatness hast filled full, O Indra, even both the worlds with might, O thou Most Mighty.
Lord of Bays, Indra, brandishing his thunder, is gratified with Soma at the banquet.
5 A Bull begat the Bull for joy of battle, and a strong Mother brought forth him the manly.
He who is Chief of men, their armies' Leader, is strong Hero, bold, and fain for booty.
6 The people falter not, nor suffer sorrow, who win themselves this God's terrific spirit.
He who with sacrifices worships Indra is lord of wealth, law-born and law's protector.
7 Whene'er the elder fain would help the younger the greater cometh to the lesser's present.
Shall the Immortal sit aloof' inactive? O Wondrous Indra, bring us wondrous riches.
8 Thy dear folk, Indra, who present oblations, are, in chief place, thy friends, O Thunder-wielder.
May we be best content in this thy favour, sheltered by One who slays not, but preserves us.
9 To thee the mighty hymn hath clamoured loudly, and, Maghavan, the eloquent hath besought thee.
Desire of wealth hath come upon thy singer: help us then, gakra, to our share of riches.
10 Place us by food which thou hast given, O Indra, us and the wealthy patrons who command us.
Let thy great power bring good to him who lauds thee. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.

HYMN XXI. Indra.

1. PRESSED is the juice divine with milk commingled: thereto hath Indra ever been accustomed.
We wake thee, Lord of Bays, with sacrifices: mark this our laud in the wild joy of Soma.
2 On to the rite they move, the grass they scatter, these Soma-drinkers eloquent in synod.
Hither, for men to grasp, are brought the press-stones, far-thundering, famous, strong, that wait on heroes.
3 Indra, thou settest free the many waters that were encompassed, Hero, by the Dragon.
Down rolled, as if on chariots borne, the rivers: through fear of thee all things created tremble.
4 Skilled in all manly deeds the God terrific hath with his weapons mastered these opponents.
Indra in rapturous joy shook down their castles he slew them in his might, the Thunder-wielder.
5 No evil spirits have impelled us, Indra, nor fiends, O Mightiest God, with their devices.
Let our true God subdue the hostile rabble: let not the lewd approach our holy worship.
6 Thou in thy strength surpassest Earth and Heaven: the regions comprehend not all thy greatness.
With thine own power and might thou slewest Vrtra: no foe hath found the end of thee in battle.
7 Even the earlier Deities submitted their powers to thy supreme divine dominion.
Indra wins wealth and deals it out to other's: men in the strife for booty call on Indra.
8 The humble hath invoked thee for protection, thee, Lord of great felicity, O Indra.
Thou with a hundred aids hast been our Helper: one who brings gifts like thee hath his defender.
9 May we, O Indra, be thy friends for ever, eagerly, Conqueror, yielding greater homage.
May, through thy grace, the strength of us who battle quell in the shock the onset of the foeman.
10 Place us by food which thou hast given, O Indra, us and the wealthy patrons who command us.
Let thy great power bring good to him who lauds thee. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.


1. DRINK Soma, Lord of Bays, and let it cheer thee: Indra, the stone, like a well guided courser,
Directed by the presser's arms hath pressed it.
2 So let the draught of joy, thy dear companion, by which, O Lord of Bays, thou slayest foemen,
Delight thee, Indra, Lord of princely treasures.
3 Mark closely, Maghavan, the words I utter, this eulogy recited by Vasistha:
Accept the prayers I offer at thy banquet.
4 Hear thou the call of the juice-drinking press-stone: hear thou the Brahman's hymn who sings and lauds thee.
Take to thine inmost self these adorations.
5 I know and ne'er forget the hymns and praises of thee, the Conqueror, and thy strength immortal.
Thy name I ever utter. Self-Refulgent
6 Among mankind many are thy libations, and many a time the pious sageinvokes thee.
O Maghavan, be not long distant from us.
7 All these libations are for thee, O Hero: to thee I offer these my prayers. that strengthen.
Ever, in every place, must men invoke thee.
8 Never do men attain, O Wonder-Worker, thy greatness, Mighty One, who must be lauded,
Nor, Indra, thine heroic power and bounty.
9 Among all Rsis, Indra, old and recent, who have engendered hymns as sacred singers,
Even with us be thine auspicious friendships. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.


1. PRAYERS have been offered up through love of glory: Vasistha, honour Indra in the battle.
He who with might extends through all existence hears words which I, his faithful servant, utter.
2 A cry was raised which reached the Gods, O Indra, a cry to them to send us strength in combat.
None among men knows his own life's duration: bear us in safety over these our troubles.
3 The Bays, the booty-seeking car I harness: my prayers have reached him who accepts them gladly.
Indra, when he had slain resistless foemen, forced with his might the two world-halves asunder.
4 Like barren cows, moreover, swelled the waters: the singen sought thy holy rite, O Indra.
Come unto us as with his team comes Vayu: thou, through our solemn hymns bestowest booty.
5 So may these gladdening draughts rejoice thee, Indra, the Mighty, very bounteous to the singer.
Alone among the Gods thou pitiest mortals: O Hero, make thee glad at this libation.
6 Thus the Vasisthas glorify with praises Indra, the Powerful whose arm wields thunder.
Praised, may he guard our wealth in kine and heroes. Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.


1. A HOME is made for thee to dwell in, Indra: O Much-invoked, go thitherwith the heroes.
That thou, to prosper us, mayst be our Helper, vouchsafe us wealth, rejoice with draughts of Soma.
2 Indra, thy wish, twice-strong, is comprehended: pressed is the Soma, poured are pleasant juices.
This hymn of praise, from loosened tongue, made perfect, draws Indra to itself with loud invoking.
3 Come, thou Impetuous; God, from earth or heaven; come to our holy grass to drink the Soma.
Hither to me let thy Bay Horses bring thee to listen to our hymns and make thee joyful.
4 Come unto us with all thine aids, accordant, Lord of Bay Steeds, accepting our devotions,
Fair-helmeted, o'ercoming with the mighty, and lending us the strength of bulls, O Indra.
5 As to the chariot pole a vigorous courser, this laud is brought to the great strong Upholder.
This hymn solicits wealth of thee: in heaven, as 'twere above the sky, set thou our glory.
6 With precious things. O Indra, thus content us: may we attain to thine exalted favour.
Send our chiefs plenteous food with hero children. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN XXV. Indra.

WHEN with thy mighty help, O potent Indra, the armies rush together in their fury.
When from the strong man's arm the lightning flieth, let not the mind go forth to side with others.
2 O Indra, where the ground is hard to traverse, smite down our foes, the mortals who assail us,
Keep far from us the curse of the reviler: bring us accumulated store of treasures.
3 God of the fair helm, give Sudas a hundred succours, a thousand blessings, and thy bounty.
Strike down the weapon of our mortal foeman: bestow upon us splendid fame and riches.
4 I wait the power of one like thee, O Indra, gifts of a Helper such as thou art, Hero.
Strong, Mighty God, dwell with me now and ever: Lord of Bay Horses, do not thou desert us.
5 Here are the Kutsas supplicating Indra for might, the Lord of Bays for God-sent conquest.
Make our foes ever easy to be vanquished: may we, victorious, win the spoil, O Hero.
6 With precious things, O Indra, thus content us: may we attain to thine exalted favour.
Send our chiefs plenteous food with hero children. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. SOMA unpressed ne'er gladdened liberal Indra, no juices pressed without a prayer have pleased him.
I generate a laud that shall delight him, new and heroic, so that he may hear us.
2 At every laud the Soma gladdens Indra: pressed juices please him as each psalm is chanted,
What time the priests with one united effort call him to aid, as sons invoke their father.
3 These deeds he did; let him achieve new exploits, such as the priests declare at their libations.
Indra hath taken and possessed all castles, like as one common husband doth his spouses.
4 Even thus have they declared him. Famed is Indra as Conqueror, sole distributer of treasures;
Whose many succours come in close succession. May dear delightful benefits attend us.
5 Thus, to bring help to men, Vasistha laudeth Indra, the peoples' Hero, at libation.
Bestow upon us strength and wealth in thousands. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. MEN call on Indra in the armed encounter that he may make the hymns they sing decisive.
Hero, rejoicing in thy might, in combat give us a portion of the stall of cattle,
2 Grant, Indra Maghavan, invoked of many, to these my friends the strength which thou possessest.
Thou, Maghavan, hast rent strong places open: unclose for us, Wise God, thy hidden bounty.
3 King of the living world, of men, is Indra, of all in varied form that earth containeth.
Thence to the worshipper he giveth riches: may he enrich us also when we laud him.
4 Maghavan Indra, when we all invoke him, bountiful ever sendeth strength to aid us:
Whose perfect guerdon, never failing, bringeth wealth to the men, to friends the thing they covet.
5 Quick, Indra, give us room and way to riches, and let us bring thy mind to grant us treasures,
That we may win us cars and Steeds and cattle. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. COME to our prayers, O Indra, thou who knowest: let thy Bay Steeds be yoked and guided hither.
Though mortal men on every side invoke thee, still give thine ear to us, O All-impeller.
2 Thy greatness reacheth to our invocation, the sages' prayer which, Potent God, thou guardest.
What time thy hand, O Mighty, holds the thunder, awful in strength thou hast become resistless.
3 What time thou drewest both world-halves together, like heroes led by thee who call each other-
For thou wast born for strength and high dominion-then e'en the active overthrew the sluggish.
4 Honour us in these present days, O Indra, for hostile men are making expiation.
Our sin that sinless Varuna discovered, the Wondrous-Wise hath long ago forgiven.
5 We will address this liberal Lord, this Indra, that he may grant us gifts of ample riches,
Best favourer of the singer's prayer and praises. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. THIS Soma hath been pressed for thee, O Indra: come hither, Lord of Bays, for this thou lovest.
Drink of this fair, this well-effused libation: Maghavan, give us wealth when we implore thee.
2 Come to us quickly with thy Bay Steeds, Hero, come to our prayer, accepting our devotion.
Enjoy thyself aright at this libation, and listen thou unto the prayers we offer.
3 What satisfaction do our hymns afford thee? When, Maghavan? Now let us do thee service.
Hymns, only hymns, with love for thee, I weave thee: then hear, O Indra, these mine invocations.
4 They, verily, were also human beings whom thou wast wont to hear, those earlier sages.
Hence I, O Indra Maghavan, invoke thee: thou art our Providence, even as a Father.
5 We will address this liberal Lord, this Indra, that he may grant us gifts of ample riches,
Best favourer of the singer's prayer and praises. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN XXX. Indra.

1. WITH power and strength, O Mighty God, approach us: be the augmenter, Indra, of these riches;
Strong Thunderer, Lord of men, for potent valour, for manly exploit and for high dominion.
2 Thee, worth invoking, in the din of battle, heroes invoke in fray for life and sunlight.
Among all people thou art foremost fighter: give up our enemies to easy slaughter.
3 When fair bright days shall dawn on us, O Indra, and thou shalt bring thy banner near in battle,
Agni the Asura shall sit as Herald, calling Gods hither for our great good fortune.
4 Thine are we, Indra, thine, both these who praise thee, and those who give rich gifts, O God and Hero.
Grant to our princes excellent protection, may they wax old and still be strong and happy.
5 We will address this liberal Lord, this Indra that he may grant us gifts of ample riches:
Best favourer of the singer's prayer and praises. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. SING ye a song, to make him glad, to Indra, Lord of Tawny Steeds,
The Soma-drinker, O my friends.
2 To him the Bounteous say the laud, and let us glorify, as men May do, the Giver of true gifts.
3 O Indra, Lord of boundless might, for us thou winnest strength and kine,
Thou winnest gold for us, Good Lord.
4 Faithful to thee we loudly sing, heroic Indra, songs to thee: Mark, O Good Lord, this act of ours.
5 Give us not up to man's reproach, to foeman's hateful calumny: In thee alone is all my strength.
6 Thou art mine ample coat of mail, my Champion, Vrtra-Slayer, thou:
With thee for Friend I brave the foe.
7 Yea, great art thou whose conquering might two independent Powers confess.
The Heaven, O India, and the Earth.
8 So let the voice surround thee, which attends the Maruts on their way,
Reaching thee with the rays of light.
9 Let the ascending drops attain to thee, the Wondrous God, in heaven:
Let all the folk bow down to thee.
10 Bring to the Wise, the Great, who waxeth mighty, your offerings, and make ready your devotion;
To many clans he goeth, man's controller.
11 For Indra, the sublime, the far-pervading, have singers generated prayer and praises:
The sages never violate his statutes.
12 The choirs have stablished Indra King for ever, for victory, him whose anger is resistless:
And, for the Bays' Lord, strengthened those he loveth.


1. LET none, no, not thy worshippers, delay thee far away from us.
Even from far away come thou unto our feast, or listen if already here.
2 For here, like flies on honey, these who pray to thee sit by the juice that they have poured.
Wealth-craving singers have on Indra set their hope, as men set foot upon a car.
3 Longing for wealth I call on him, the Thunderer with the strong right hand,
As a son calleth on his sire.
4 These Soma juices, mixed with curd, have been expressed for Indra here.
Come with thy Bay Steeds, Thunder-wielder, to our home, to drink them till they make thee glad.
5 May he whose ear is open hear us. He is asked for wealth: will he despise our prayer?
Him who bestows at once a hundred thousand gifts none shall restrain when he would give.
6 The hero never checked by men hath gained his strength through Indra, he
Who presses out and pours his deep libations forth, O Vrtra-slayer, unto thee.
7 When thou dost drive the fighting men together be, thou Mighty One, the mighty's shield.
May we divide the wealth of him whom thou hast slain: bring us, Unreachable, his goods.
8 For Indra, Soma-drinker, armed with thunder, press the Soma juice.
Make ready your dressed meats: cause him to favour us. The Giver blesses him who gives.
9 Grudge not, ye Soma pourers; stir you, pay the rites, for wealth, to the great Conqueror.
Only the active conquers dwells in peace, and thrives: not for the niggard are the Gods.
10 No one hath overturned or stayed the car of him who freely gives.
The man whom Indra and the Marut host defend comes to a stable full of kine.
11 Indra, that man when fighting shall obtain the spoil, whose strong defender thou wilt be.
Be thou the gracious helper, Hero I of our cars, be thou the helper of our men.
12 His portion is exceeding great like a victorious soldier's spoil.
Him who is Indra, Lord of Bays, no foes subdue. He gives the Soma-pourer strength.
13 Make for the Holy Gods a hymn that is not mean, but well-arranged and fair of form.
Even many snares and bonds subdue not him who dwells with Indra through his sacrifice.
14 Indra, what mortal will attack the man who hath his wealth in thee?
The strong will win the spoil on the decisive day through faith in thee, O Maghavan.
15 In battles with the foe urge on our mighty ones who give the treasures dear to thee,
And may we with our princes, Lord of Tawny Steeds! pass through all peril, led by thee.
16 Thine, Indra, is the lowest wealth, thou cherishest the mid-most wealth,
Thou ever rulest all the highest: in the fray for cattle none resisteth thee.
17 Thou art renowned as giving wealth to every one in all the battles that are fought.
Craving protection, all these people of the earth, O Much-invoked, implore thy name.
18 If I, O Indra, were the Lord of riches ample as thine own,
I should support the singer, God. who givest wealth! and not abandon him to woe.
19 Each day would I enrich the man who sang my praise, in whatsoever place he were.
No kinship is there better, Maghavan, than thine: a father even is no more.
20 With Plenty for his true ally the active man will gain the spoil.
Your Indra, Much-invoked, I bend with song, as bends a wright his wheel of solid wood.
21 A moral wins no riches by unworthy praise: wealth comes not to the niggard churl.
Light is the task to give, O Maghavan, to one like me on the decisive day.
22 Like kine unmilked we call aloud, Hero, to thee, and sing thy praise,
Looker on heavenly light, Lord of this moving world, Lord, Indra, of what moveth not.
23 None other like to thee, of earth or of the heavens, hath been or ever will be born.
Desiring horses, Indra Maghavan! and kine, as men of might we call on thee.
24 Bring, Indra, the Victorious Ones; bring, elder thou, the younger host.
For, Maghavan, thou art rich in treasures from of old, and must be called in every fight.
25 Drive thou away our enemies, O Maghavan: make riches easy to be won.
Be thou our good Protector in the strife for spoil: Cherisher of our friends be thou.
26 O Indra, give us wisdom as a sire gives wisdom to his sons.
Guide us, O Much-invoked, in this our way may we still live and look upon the light.
27 Grant that no mighty foes, unknown, malevolent, unhallowed, tread us to the ground.
With thine assistance, Hero, may we ass through all the waters that are rul`ng down.


1. THESE who wear hair-knots on the right, the movers of holy thought, white-robed, have won me over.
I warned the men, when from the grass I raised me, Not from afar can my Vasisthas help you.
2 With soma they brought Indra from a distance, Over Vaisanta, from the strong libation.
Indra preferred Vasisthas to the Soma pressed by the son of Vayata, Pasadyumna.
3 So, verily, with these he crossed the river, in company with these he slaughtered Bheda.
So in the fight with the Ten Kings, Vasisthas! did Indra help Sudas through your devotions.
4 I gladly, men I with prayer prayed by our fathers have fixed your axle: ye shall not be injured:
Since, when ye sang aloud the Sakvari verses, Vasisthas! ye invigorated Indra.
5 Like thirsty men they looked to heaven, in battle with the Ten Kings, surrounded and imploring.
Then Indra heard Vasistha as he praised him, and gave the Trtsus ample room and freedom.
6 Like sticks and staves wherewith they drive the cattle, Stripped bare, the Bharatas were found defenceless:
Vasistha then became their chief and leader: then widely. were the Trtsus' clans extended.
7 Three fertilize the worlds with genial moisture: three noble Creatures cast a light before them.
Three that give warmth to all attend the morning. All these have they discovered, these Vasisthas.
8 Like the Sun's growing glory is their splendour, and like the sea's is their unflathomed greatness.
Their course is like the wind's. Your laud, Vasisthas, can never be attained by any other.
9 They with perceptions of the heart in secret resort to that which spreads a thousand branches.
The Apsaras brought hither the Vasisthas wearing the vesture spun for them by Yama.
10 A form of lustre springing from the lightning wast thou, when Varuna and Mitra saw thee.
Tliy one and only birth was then, Vasistha, when from thy stock Agastya brought thee hither.
11 Born of their love for Urvasi, Vasistha thou, priest, art son of Varuna and Mitra;
And as a fallen drop, in heavenly fervour, all the Gods laid thee on a lotus-blossorn.
12 He thinker, knower both of earth and heaven, endowed with many a gift, bestowing thousands,
Destined to wear the vesture spun by Yama, sprang from the Apsaras to life, Vasistha.
13 Born at the sacrifice, urged by adorations, both with a common flow bedewed the pitcher.
Then from the midst thereof there rose up Mana, and thence they say was born the sage Vasistha.
14 He brings the bearer of the laud and Saman: first shall he speak bringing the stone for pressing.
With grateful hearts in reverence approach him: to you, O Pratrdas, Vasistha cometh.

HYMN XXXIV Visvedevas.

1. MAY our divine and brilliant hymn go forth, like a swift chariot wrought and fashioned well.
2 The waters listen as they flow along: they know the origin of heaven and earth.
3 Yea, the broad waters swell their flood ior him: of him strong heroes think amid their foes.
4 Set ye for him the coursers to the pole: like Indra Thunderer is the Golden-armed.
5 Arouse you, like the days, to sacrifice speed gladly like a traveller on the way.
6 Go swift to battles, to the sacrifice: set up a flag, a hero for the folk.
7 Up from his strength hath risen as 'twere a light: it bears the load as earth bears living things.
8 Agni, no demon I invoke the Gods: by law completing it, I form a hymn.
9 Closely albout you lay your heavenly song, and send your voice to where the Gods abide.
10 Varuna, Mighty, with a thousand eyes, beholds the paths wherein these rivers run.
11 He, King of kings, the glory of the floods, o'er all that liveth hath resistless sway.
12 May he assist us among all the tribes, and make the envier's praise devoid of light.
13 May the foes' threatening arrow pass us by: may he put far from us our bodies' sin.
14 Agni, oblation-cater, through our prayers aid us: to him our dearest laud is brought.
15 Accordant with the Gods choose for our Friend the Waters' Child: may he be good to us.
16 With lauds I sing the Dragon born of floods: he sits beneath the streams in middle air.
17 Ne'er may the Dragon of the Deep harm us: ne'er fail this faithful servant's sacrifice.
18 To these our heroes may they grant renown: may pious men march boldly on to wealth.
19 Leading great hosts, with fierce attacks of these, they burn their foes as the Sun burns the earth.
20 What time our wives draw near to us, may he, left-handed Tvastar, give us hero sons.
21 May Tvastar find our hymn acceptable, and may Aramati, seeking wealth, be ours.
22 May they who lavish gifts bestow those treasures: may Rodasi and Varunani listen.
May he, with the Varutris, be our refuge, may bountiful Tvastar give us store of riches.
23 So may rich Mountains and the liberal Waters, so may all Herbs that grow on ground, and Heaven,
And Earth accordant with the Forest-Sovrans, and both the World-halves round about protect us.
24 To this may both the wide Worlds lend approval, and Varuna in heaven, whose Friend is Indra.
May all the Maruts give consent, the Victors, that we may hold great wealth in firm possession.
25 May Indra, Varuna, Mitra, and Agni, Waters, Herbs, Trees accept the praise we offer.
May we find refuge in the Marut's bosom. Protect us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN XXXV. Visvedevas.

1. BEFRIEND us with their aids Indra and Agni, Indra and Varuna who receive oblations!
Indra and Soma give health, strength and comfort, Indra and Pusan be our help in battle.
2 Auspicious Friends to us be Bhaga, Sathsa, auspicious be Purandhi aid all Riches;
The blessing of the true and well-conducted, and Aryaman in many forms apparent.
3 Kind unto us he Maker and Sustainer, and the far-reaching Pair with God-like natures.
Auspicious unto us be Earth and Heaven, the Mountain, and the Gods' fair invocations.
4 Favour us Agni with his face of splendour, and Varuva and Mitra and the Asvins.
Favour us noble actions of the pious, impetuous vita blow on us with favour.
5 Early invoked, may Heaven and Earth be friendly, and Air's mid-region good for us to look on.
To us may Herbs and Forest-Trees be gracious, gracious the Lord Victorious of the region.
6 Be the God Indra with the Vasus friendly, and, with Adityas, Varuna who blesseth.
Kind, with the Rudras, be the Healer Rudra, and, with the Dames, may Tvastar kindly listen.
7 Blest unto us be Soma, and devotions, blest be the Sacrifice, the Stones for pressing.
Blest be the fixing of the sacred Pillars, blest be the tender Grass and blest the Altar.
8 May the far-seeing Sun rise up to bless us: be the four Quarters of the sky auspicious.
Auspicious be the firmly-seated Mountains, auspicious be the Rivers and the Waters.
9 May Adid through holy works be gracioas, and may the Maruts, loud in song, be friendly.
May Visnu give felicity, and Pusan, the Air that cherisheth our life, and Vayu.
10 Prosper us Savitar, the God who rescues, and let the radiant Mornings be propitious.
Auspicious to all creatures be Parjanya, auspicious be the field's benign Protector.
11 May all the fellowship of Gods befriend us, Sarasvati, with Holy Thoughts, be gracious.
Friendly be they, the Liberal Ones who seek us, yea, those who dwell in heaven, on earth, in waters.
12 May the great Lords of Truth protect and aid us: blest to us be our horses and our cattle.
Kind be the pious skilful-handed Rbhus, kind be the Fathers at our invocations.
13 May Aja-Ekapad, the God, be gracious, gracious the Dragon of the Deep, and Ocean.
Gracious be he the swelling Child of Waters, gracious be Prsni who hath Gods to guard her.
14 So may the Rudras, Vasus, and Adityas accept the new hymn which we now are making.
May all the Holy Ones of earth and heaven, and the Cow's offipring hear our invocation.
15 They who of Holy Gods are very holy, Immortal, knowing Law, whom man must worship,-
May these to-day give us broad paths to travel. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN XXXVI. Visvedevas

1. LET the prayer issue from the seat of Order, for Surya with his beams hath loosed the cattle.
With lofty ridges earth is far extended, and Agni's flame hath lit the spacious surface.
2 O Asuras, O Varuna and Mitra, this hymn to you, like food, anew I offer.
One of you is a strong unerring Leader, and Mitra, speaking, stirreth men to labour.
3 The movements of the gliding wind come hither: like cows, the springs are filled to overflowing.
Born in the station e'en of lofty heaven the Bull hath loudly bellowed in this region.
4 May I bring hither with my song, O Indra, wise Aryaman who yokes thy dear Bay Horses,
Voracious, with thy noble car, O Hero, him who defeats the wrath of the malicious.
5 In their own place of sacrifice adorers worship to gain long life and win his friendship.
He hath poured food on men when they have praised him; be this, the dearest reverence, paid to Rudra.
6 Coming together, glorious, loudly roaring - Sarasvati, Mother of Floods, the seventh-
With copious milk, with fair streams, strongly flowing, full swelling with the volume of their water;
7. And may the mighty Maruts, too, rejoicing, aid our devotion and protect our offspring.
Let not swift-moving Aksara neglect us: they have increased our own appropriate riches,
8 Bring ye the great Aramati before you, and Pusan as the Hero of the synod,
Bhaga who looks upon this hymn with favour, and, as our strength, the bountiful Purandbi.
9 May this our song of praise reach you, O Maruts, and Visnu guardian of the future infant.
May they vouchsafe the singer strength for offspring. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN XXXVII. Visvedevas.

1. LET your best-bearing car that must be lauded, ne'er injured, bring you Vajas and Rbhuksans.
Fill you, fair-helmeted! with mighty Soma, thrice-mixed, at our libations to delight you.
2 Ye who behold the light of heaven, Rbhuksans, give our rich patrons unmolested riches.
Drink, heavenly-natured. at our sacrifices, and give us bounties for the hymns we sing you.
3 For thou, O Bounteous One, art used to giving, at parting treasure whether small or ample.
Filled full are both thine arms with great possessions: thy goodness keeps thee not from granting riches.
4 Indra, high-famed, as Vaja and Rbhuksans, thou goest working, singing to the dwelling.
Lord of Bay Steeds, this day may we Vasisthas offer our prayers to thee and bring oblations.
5 Thou winnest swift advancement for thy servant, through hymns, Lord of Bay Steeds, which thou hast favoured.
For thee with friendly succour have we battled, and when, O Indra, wilt thou grant us riches?
6 To us thy priests a home, as 'twere, thou givest: when, Indra wilt thou recognize our praises?
May thy strong Steed, through our ancestral worship, bring food and wealth with heroes to our dwelling.
7 Though Nirrti the Goddess reigneth round him, Autumns with food in plenty come to Indra.
With three close Friends to length of days he cometh, he whom men let not rest at home in quiet.
8 Promise us gifts, O Savitar: may riches come unto us in Parvata's full bounty.
May the Celestial Guardian still attend us. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. ON high hath Savitar, this God, extended the golden lustre which he spreads around him.
Now, now must Bhaga be invoked by mortals, Lord of great riches who distributes treasures.
2 Rise up, O Savitar whose hands are golden, and hear this man while sacrifice is offered,
Spreading afar thy broad and wide effulgence, and bringing mortal men the food that feeds them.
3 Let Savitar the God he hymned with praises, to whom the Vasus, even, all sing glory.
Sweet be our lauds to him whose due is worship: may he with all protection guard our princes.
4 Even he whom Aditi the Goddess praises, rejoicing in God Savitar's incitement:
Even he who praise the high imperial Rulers, Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, sing in concert.
5 They who come emulous to our oblation, dispensing bounty, from the earth and heaven.
May they and Ahibudhnya hear our calling: guard us Varutri with the Ekadhenus.
6 This may the Lord of Life, entreated, grant us,-the wealth which Savitar the God possesses.
The mighty calls on Bhaga for protection, on Bhaga calls the weak to give him riches.
7 Bless us the Vajins when we call, while slowly they move, strong Singers, to the Gods' assembly.
Crushing the wolf, the serpent, and the demons, may they completely banish all affliction.
8 Deep-skilled in Law eternal, deathless, Singers, O Vajins, help us in each fray for booty.
Drink of this meath, he satisfied, be joyful: then go on paths which Gods are wont to travel.

HYMN XXXIX Visvedevas.

1. AGNI, erect, hath shown enriching favour: the flame goes forward to the Gods' assembly.
Like car-borne men the stones their path have chosen: let the priest, quickened, celebrate our worship.
2 Soft to the tread, their sacred grass is scattered: these go like Kings amid the band around them,
At the folks early call on Night and Morning,-Vayu, and Pusan with his team, to bless us.
3 Here on their path the noble Gods proceeded: in the wide firmament the Beauteous decked them.
Bend your way hither, ye who travel widely: hear this our envoy who hath gone to meet you.
4 For they are holy aids at sacrifices: all Gods approach the place of congregation.
Bring these, desirous, to our worship, Agni, swift the Nisatyas, Bhaga, and Purandhi.
5 Agni, to these men's hymns, from earth, from heaven, bring Mitra, Varuna, Indra, and Agni,
And Aryaman, and Aditi, and Visnu. Sarasvati be joyful, and the Maruts.
6 Even as the holy wish, the gift is offered: may he, unsated, come when men desire him.
Give never-failing ever-conquering riches: with Gods for our allies may we be victors.
7 Now have both worlds been praised by the Vasisthas; and holy Mitra, Varuna, and Agni.
May they, bright Deities, make our song supremest. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN XL. Visvedevas.

1. BE gathered all the audience of the synod: let us begin their praise whose course is rapid.
Whate'er God Savitar this day produces, may we be where the Wealthy One distributes.
2 This, dealt from heaven ' may both the Worlds vouchsafe us, and Varuna, Indra, Aryaman, and Mitra.
May Goddess Aditi assign us riches, Vayu and Bhaga make them ours for ever.
3 Strong be the man and full of power, O Maruts, whom ye, borne on by spotted coursers, favour.
Him, too, Sarasvati and Agni further, and there is none to rob him of his riches.
4 This Varuna is guide of Law, he, Mitra, and Aryaman, the Kings, our work have finished.
Divine and foeless Aditi quickly listens. May these deliver us unharmed from trouble.
5 With offerings I propitiate the branches of this swift-moving God, the bounteous Visnu.
Hence Rudra gained his Rudra-strength: O Asvins, ye sought the house that hath celestial viands.
6 Be not thou angry here, O glowing Pusan, for what Varutri and the Bounteous gave us.
May the swift-moving Gods protect and bless us, and Vata send us rain, wha wanders round us.
7 Now have both worlds been praised by the Vasisthas, and holy Mitra, Varuna, and Agni.
May they, bright Deities, make our song supremest. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN XLI. Bhaga.

1. AGNI at dawn, and Indra we invoke at dawn, and Varuna and Mitra, and the Asvins twain.
Bhaga at dawn, Pusan, and Brahmanaspati, Soma at dawn, Rudra we will invoke at dawn.
2 We will invoke strong, early-conquering Bhaga, the Son of Aditi, the great supporter:
Thinking of whom, the poor, yea, even the mighty, even the King himself says, Give me Bhaga.
3 Bhaga our guide, Bhaga whose gifts are faithful, favour this song, and give us wealth, O Bhaga.
Bhaga, augment our store of kine and horses, Bhaga, may we be rich in men and heroes.
4 So may felicity be ours at present, and when the day approaches, and at noontide;
And may we still, O Bounteous One, at sunset be happy in the Deities' loving-kindness.
5 May Bhaga verily be bliss-bestower, and through him, Gods! may happiness attend us.
As such, O Bhaga, all with might invoke thee: as such be thou our Champion here, O Bhaga.
6 To this our worship may all Dawns incline them, and come to the pure place like Dadhikravan.
As strong steeds draw a chariot may they bring us hitherward Bhaga who discovers treasure.
7 May blessed Mornings dawn on us for ever, with wealth of kine, of horses, and of heroes,
Streaming with all abundance, pouring fatness. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN XLII Visvedevas.

1. LET Brahmans and Angirases come forward, and let the roar of cloudy heaven surround us.
Loud low the Milch-kine swimming in the waters: set be the stones that grace our holy service.
2 Fair, Agni, is thy long-known path to travel: yoke for the juice tfiy bay, thy ruddy horses,
Or red steeds, Hero-bearing, for the chamber. Seated, I call the Deities' generations.
3 They glorify your sacrifice with worship, yet the glad Priest near them is left unequalled.
Bring the Gods hither, thou of many aspects: turn hitherward Aramati the Holy.
4 What time the Guest hath made himself apparent, at ease reclining in the rich man's dwelling,
Agni, well-pleased, well-placed within the chamber gives to a house like this wealth worth the choosing.
5 Accept this sacrifice of ours, O Agni; glorify it with Indra and the Maruts.
Here on our grass let Night and Dawn be seated: bring longing Varuna and Mitra hither.
6 Thus hath Vasistha praised victorious Agni, yearning for wealth that giveth all subsistence.
May he bestow on us food, strength, and riches. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN XLIII Visvedevas.

1. SING out the pious at your sacrifices to move with adorations Earth and Heaven-
The Holy Singers, whose unmatched devotions, like a tree's branches, part in all directions.
2 Let sacrifice proceed like some fleet courser: with one accord lift ye on high the ladles.
Strew sacred grass meet for the solenm service: bright flames that love the Gods have mounted upward.
3 Like babes in arms reposing on their mother, let the Gods sit upon the grass's summit.
Let general fire make bright the flame of worship: scorn us not, Agni, in the Gods' assembly.
4 Gladly the Gods have let themselves be honoured, milking the copious streams of holy Order.
The highest might to-day is yours, the Vasits': come ye, as many as ye are, one-minded.
5 So, Agni, send us wealth among the people: may we be closely knit to thee, O Victor,
Unharmed, and rich, and taking joy together. Preserve us evermore, ye ods, with blessings.

HYMN XLIV. Dadhikras.

1. I CALL on Dadhikras, the first, to give you aid, the Asvins, Bhaga, Dawn, and Agni kindled well,
Indra, and Visnu, Pusan, Brahmanaspati, Adityas, Heaven and Earth, the Waters, and the Light.
2 When, rising, to the sacrifice we hasten, awaking Dadhikras with adorations.
Seating on sacred grass the Goddess Ila. let us invoke the sage swift-hearing Asvins.
3 While I am thus arousing Dadhikravan I speak to Agni, Earth, and Dawn, and Surya,
The red, the brown of Varuna ever mindful: may they ward off from us all grief and trouble.
4 Foremost is Dadhikravan, vigorous courser; in forefront of the cars, his way he knoweth,
Closely allied with Surya and with Morning, Adityas, and Angirases, and Vasus.
5 May Dadhikras prepare the way we travel that we may pass along the path of Order.
May Agni bear us, and the Heavenly Army: hear us all Mighty Ones whom none deceiveth.

HYMN XLV. Savitar.

1. MAY the God Savitar, rich in goodly treasures, filling the region, borne by steeds, come hither,
In his hand holding much that makes men happy, lulling to slumber and arousing creatures.
2 Golden, sublime, and easy in their motion, his arms extend unto the bounds of heaven.
Now shall that mightiness of his he lauded: even Surya yields to him in active vigour.
3 May this God Savitar, the Strong and Mighty, the Lord of precious wealth, vouchsafe us treasures.
May he, advancing his far-spreading lustre, bestow on us the food that feedeth mortals.
4 These songs praise Savitar whose tongue is pleasant, praise him whose arms are full, whose hands are lovely.
High vital strength, and manifold, may he grant us. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. To Rudra bring these songs, whose bow is firm and strong, the self-dependent God with swiftly-flying shafts,
The Wise, the Conqueror whom none may overcome, armed with sharp-pointed weapons: may he hear our call.
2 He through his lordship thinks on beings of the earth, on heavenly beings through his high imperial sway.
Come willingly to our doors that gladly welcome thee, and heal all sickness, Rudra., in our families.
3 May thy bright arrow which, shot down by thee from heaven, flieth upon the earth, pass us uninjured by.
Thou, very gracious God, bast thousand medicines: inflict no evil on our sons or progeny.
4 Slay us not, nor abandon us, O Rudra let not thy noose, when thou art angry, seize us.
Give us trimmed grass and fame among the living. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. MAY we obtain this day from you, O Waters, that wave of pure refreshment, which the pious
Made erst the special beverage of Indra, bright, stainless, rich in sweets and dropping fatness.
2 May the Floods' Offspring, he whose course is rapid, protect that wave most rich in sweets, O Waters,
That shall make Indra and the Vasus joyful. This may we gain from you to-day, we pious.
3 All-purifying, joying in their nature, to paths of Gods the Goddesses move onward.
They never violate the laws of Indra. Present the oil-rich offering to the Rivers.
4 Whom Surya with his bright beams hath attracted, and Indra dug the path for them to travel,
May these Streams give us ample room and freedom. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. YE liberal Heroes, Vajas and Rbhuksans, come and delight you with our flowing Soma.
May your strength, Vibhus, as ye come to meet us, turn hitherward your car that brings men profit.
2 May we as Rbhu with your Rbhus conquer strength with our strength, as Vibhus with the Vibhus.
May Vaja aid us in the fight for booty, and helped by Indra may we quell the foeman.
3 For they rule many tribes with high dominion, and conquer all their foes in close encounter.
May Indra, Vibhvan, Vaja, and Rbhuksan destroy by turns the wicked foeman's valour.
4 Now, Deities, give us ample room and freedom: be all of you, one-minded, our protection.
So let the Vasus grant us strength and vigour. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN XLIX. Waters.

1. FORTH from the middle of the flood the Waters-their chief the Sea-flow cleansing, never sleeping.
Indra, the Bull, the Thunderer, dug their channels: here let those Waters, Goddesses, protect me.
2 Waters which come from heaven, or those that wander dug from the earth, or flowing free by nature,
Bright, purifying, speeding to the Ocean, here let those Waters. Goddesses, protect me.
3 Those amid whom goes Varuna the Sovran, he who discriminates men's truth and falsehood-
Distilling meath, the bright, the purifying, here let those Waters, Goddesses, protect me.
4 They from whom Varuna the King, and Soma, and all the Deities drink strength and vigour,
They into whom Vaisvanara Agni entered, here let those Waters, Goddesses, protect Me.

HYMN L. Various Deities.

1. O MITRA-VARUNA, guard and protect me here: let not that come to me which nests within and swells.
I drive afar the scorpion hateful to the sight: let not the winding worm touch me and wound my foot.
2 Eruption that appears upon the twofold joints, and that which overspreads the ankles and the knees,
May the refulgent Agni banish far away let not the winding worm touch me and wound my foot.
3 The poison that is formed upon the Salmali, that which is found in streams, that which the plants produce,
All this may all the Gods banish and drive away: let not the winding worm touch me and wound my foot.
4 The steep declivities, the valleys, and the heights, the channels full of water, and the waterless-
May those who swell with water, gracious Goddesses, never afflict us with the Sipada disease, may all the rivers keep us free from Simida.

HYMN LI. Adityas.

1 THROUGH the Adityas' most auspicious shelter, through their most recent succour may we conquer.
May they, the Mighty, giving ear, establish this sacrifice, to make us free and sinless.
2 Let Aditi rejoice and the Adityas, Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, most righteous.
May they, the Guardians of the world, protect us, and, to show favour, drink this day our Soma.
3 All Universal Deities, the Maruts, all the Adityas, yea, and all the Rbhus,
Indra, and Agni, and the Asvins, lauded. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN LII. Adityas.

1. MAY we be free from every bond, Adityas! a castle among Gods and men, ye Vasus.
Winning, may we win Varuna and Mitra, and, being, may we be, O Earth and Heaven.
2 May Varuna and Mitra grant this blessing, our Guardians, shelter to our seed and offspring.
Let us not suffer for another's trespass. nor do the thing that ye, O Vasus, punish.
3 The ever-prompt Angirases, imploring riches from Savitar the God, obtained them.
So may our Father who is great and holy, and all the Gods, accordant, grant this favour.

HYMN LIII. Heaven and Earth.

1. AS priest with solemn rites and adorations I worship Heaven and Earth, the High and Holy.
To them, great Parents of the Gods, have sages of ancient time, singing, assigned precedence.
2 With newest hymns set in the seat of Order, those the Two Parents, born before all others,
Come, Heaven and Earth, with the Celestial People, hither to us, for strong is your protection.
3 Yea, Heaven and Earth, ye hold in your possession full many a treasure for the liberal giver.
Grant us that wealth which comes in free abundance. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN LIV. Vastospati.

1. ACKNOWLEDGE us, O Guardian of the Homestead: bring no disease, and give us happy entrance.
Whate'er we ask of thee, be pleased to grant it, and prosper thou quadrupeds and bipeds.
2 Protector of the Home, be our promoter: increase our wealth in kine and steeds, O Indu.
May we be ever-youthful in thy friendship: be pleased in us as in his sons a father.
3 Through thy dear fellowship that bringeth welfare, may we be victors, Guardian of the Dwelling!
Protect our happiness in rest and labour. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN LV. Vastospati.

1. VASTOSPATI, who killest all disease and wearest every form,
Be an auspicious Friend to us.
2 When, O bright Son of Sarama, thou showest, tawny-hued! thy teeth,
They gleam like lances' points within thy mouth when thou wouldst bite; go thou to steep.
3 Sarama's Son, retrace thy way: bark at the robber and the thief.
At Indra's singers barkest thou? Why dust thou seek to terrify us? Go to sleep.
4 Be on thy guard against the boar, and let the boar beware of thee.
At Indra's singers barkest thou? Why dost thou seek to terrify us? Go to sleep.
5 Sleep mother, let the father sleep, sleep dog and master of the house.
Let all the kinsmen sleep, sleep all the people who are round about.
6 The man who sits, the man who walks, and whosoever looks on us,
Of these we closely shut the eyes, even as we closely shut this house.
7 The Bull who hath a thousand horns, who rises up from out the sea,-
By him the Strong and Mighty One we lull and make the people sleep.
8 The women sleeping in the court, lying without, or stretched on beds,
The matrons with their odorous sweetsthese, one and all, we lull to sleep.

HYMN LVI. Maruts.

1. Wno are these radiant men in serried rank, Rudra's young heroes borne by noble steeds?
2 Verily no one knoweth whence they sprang: they, and they only, know each other's birth.
3 They strew each other with their blasts, these Hawks: they strove together, roaring like the wind.
4 A sage was he who knew these mysteries, what in her udder mighty Prsni bore.
5 Ever victorious, through the Maruts, be this band of Heroes, nursing manly strength,
6 Most bright in splendour, flectest on their way, close-knit to glory, strong with varied power.
7 Yea, mighty is your power and firm your strength: so, potent, with the Maruts, be the band.
8 Bright is your spirit, wrathful are your minds: your bold troop's minstrel is like one inspired.
9 Ever avert your blazing shaft from us, and let not your displeasure reach us here
10 Your dear names, conquering Maruts, we invoke, calling aloud till we are satisfied.
11 Well-armed, impetuous in their haste, they deck themselves, their forms, with oblations: to you, the pure, ornaments made of gold.
12 Pure, Maruts, pure yourselves, are your oblations: to you, the pure, pure sacrifice I offer.
By Law they came to truth, the Law's observers, bright by their birth, and pure, and sanctifying.
13 Your rings, O Maruts, rest upon your shoulders, and chains of gold are twined upon your bosoms.
Gleaming with drops of rain, like lightning-flashes, after your wont ye whirl about your weapons.
14 Wide in the depth of air spread forth your glories, far, most adorable, ye bear your titles.
Maruts, accept this thousandfold allotment of household sacrifice and household treasure.
15 If, Maruts, ye regard the praise recited here at this mighty singer invocation,
Vouchsafe us quickly wealth with noble heroes, wealth which no man uho hateth us may injure.
16 The Maruts, fleet as coursers, while they deck them like youths spectators of a festal meeting,
Linger, like beauteous colts, about the dwelling, like frisking calves, these who pour down the water.
17 So may the Maruts help us and be gracious, bringing free room to lovely Earth and Heaven.
Far be your bolt that slayeth men and cattle. Ye Vasus, turn yourselves to us with blessings.
18 The priest, when seated, loudly calls you, Maruts, praising in song your universal bounty.
He, Bulls! who hath so much in his possession, free from duplicity, with hymns invokes you.
19 These Maruts bring the swift man to a stand-still, and strength with mightier strength they break and humble
These guard the singer from the man who hates him and lay their sore displeasure on the wicked.
20 These Maruts rouse even the poor and needy: the Vasus love him as an active champion.
Drive to a distance, O ye Bulls, the darkness: give us full store of children and descendants.
21 Never, O Maruts, may we lose your bounty, nor, car-borne Lords! be hitidmost when ye deal it.
Give us a share in that delightful treasure, the genuine wealth that, Bulls! is your possession.
22 What time the men in fury rush together for running streams, for pastures, and for houses.
Then, O ye Maruts, ye who spring from Rudra, be our protectors in the strife with foemen.
23 Full many a deed ye did for our forefathers worthy of lauds which, even of old, they sang you.
lle strong man, with the Maruts, wins in battle, the charger, with the Maruts, gains the booty.
24 Ours, O ye Maruts, be the vigorous Hero, the Lord Divine of men, the strong Sustainer,
With whom to fair lands we may cross the waters, and dwell in our own home with you beside us.
25 May Indra, Mitra, Varuna and Agni, Waters, and Plants, and Trees accept our praises.
May we find shelter in the Marut's bosom. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN LVII. Maruts.

1. YEA, through the power of your sweet juice, ye Holy! the Marut host is glad at sacrifices.
They cause even spacious heaven and earth to tremble, they make the spring flow when they come, the Mighty.
2 The Maruts watch the man who sings their praises, promoters of the thought of him who worships.
Seat you on sacred grass in our assembly, this day, with friendly minds, to share the banquet.
3 No others gleam so brightly as these Maruts with their own forms, their golden gauds, their weapons.
With all adornments, decking earth and heaven, they heighten, for bright show, their common splendour.
4 Far from us be your blazing dart, O Maruts, when we, through human frailty, sin against you.
Let us not he exposed to that, ye Holy! May your most loving favour still attend us.
5 May even what we have done delight the Maruts, the blameless Ones, the bright, the purifying.
Further us, O ye Holy, with your kindness: advance us mightily that we may prosper.
6 And may the Maruts, praised by all their titles, Heroes, enjoy the taste of our oblations.
Give us of Amrta for the sake of offspring: awake the excellent fair stores of riches.
7 Hither, ye Maruts, praised, with all your succours, with all felicity come to our princes,
Who, of themselves, a hundredfold increase us. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. SING to the troop that pours down rain in common, the Mighty Company of celestial nature.
They make the world-halves tremble with their greatness: from depths of earth and sky they reach to heaven.
2 Yea, your birth, Maruts, was with wild commotion, ye who move swiftly, fierce in wrath, terrific.
Ye all-surpassing in your might and vigour, each looker on the light fears at your coming.
3 Give ample vital power unto our princes let our fair praises gratify the Maruts.
As the way travelled helpeth people onward, so further us with your delightful succours.
4 Your favoured singer counts his wealth by hundreds: the strong steed whom ye favour wins a thousand.
The Sovran whom ye aid destroys the foeman. May this your gift, ye Shakers, be distinguished.
5 I call, as such, the Sons of bounteous Rudra: will not the Maruts turn again to us-ward?
What secret sin or open stirs their anger, that we implore the Swift Ones to forgive us.
6 This eulogy of the Bounteous hath been spoken: accept, ye Maruts, this our hymn of praises.
Ye Bulls, keep those who hate us at a distance. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN LIX. Maruts.

1. WHOMSO ye rescue here and there, whomso ye guide, O Deities,
To him give shelter, Agni, Mitra, Varuna, ye Maruts, and thou Aryaman.
2 Through your kind favour, Gods, on some auspicious day, the worshipper subdues his foes.
That man increases home and strengthening ample food who brings you offerings as ye list.
3 Vasistha will not overlook the lowliest one among you all.
O Maruts, of our Soma juice effused to-day drink all of you with eager haste.
4 Your succour in the battle injures not the man to whom ye, Heroes, grant your gifts.
May your most recent favour turn to us again. Come quickly, ye who fain would drink.
5 Come hitherward to drink the juice, O ye whose bounties give you joy.
These offerings are for you, these, Maruts, I present. Go not to any place but this.
6 Sit on our sacred grass, be graciously inclined to give the wealth for which we long,
To take delight, ye Maruts, Friends of all, with Svaha, in sweet Soma juice.
7 Decking the beauty of their forms in secret the Swans with purple backs have flown down hither.
Around me all the Company hath settled, like joyous Heroes glad in our libation.
8 Maruts, the man whose wrath is hard to master, he who would slay us ere we think, O Vasus,
May he be tangled in the toils of mischief; smite ye him down with your most flaming weapon.
9 O Maruts, ye consuming Gods, enjoy this offering brought for you,
To help us, ye who slay the foe.
10 Sharers of household sacrifice, come, Maruts, stay not far away,
That ye may help us, Bounteous Ones.
11 Here, Self-strong Maruts, yea, even here. ye Sages with your sunbright skins
I dedicate your sacrifice.
12 Tryambaka we worship, sweet augmenter of prosperity.
As from its stem the cucumber, so may I be released from death, not reft of immortality.

HYMN LX. Mitra-Varuna.

1. WHEN thou, O Sun, this day, arising sinless, shalt speak the truth to Varuna and Mitra,
O Aditi, may all the Deities love us, and thou, O Aryaman, while we are singing.
2 Looking on man, O Varuna and Mitra, this Sun ascendeth up by both the pathways,
Guardian of all things fixt, of all that moveth, beholding good and evil acts of mortals.
3 He from their home hath yoked the Seven gold Coursers who, dropping oil and fatness, carry Surya.
Yours, Varuna and Mitra, he surveyeth the worlds and living creatures like a herdsman.
4 Your coursers rich in store of sweets have mounted: to the bright ocean Surya hath ascended,
For whom the Adityas make his pathway ready, Aryaman, Mitra, Varuna, accordant.
5 For these, even Aryaman, Varuna and Mitra, are the chastisers of all guile and falsehood.
These, Aditi's Sons, infallible and mighty, have waxen in the home of law Eternal.
6 These, Mitra, Varuna whom none deceiveth, with great power quicken even the fool to wisdom,
And, wakening, moreover, thoughtful insight, lead it by easy paths o'er grief and trouble.
7 They ever vigilant, with eyes that close not, caring for heaven and earth, lead on the thoughtless.
Even in the river's bed there is a shallow. across this broad expanse may they conduct us.
8 When Aditi and Varuna and Mitra, like guardians, give Sudas their friendly shelter,
Granting him sons and lineal succession, let us not, bold ones! move the Gods to anger.
9 May he with ofierings purify the altar from any stains of Varuna's reviler.
Aryaman save us us all those who hate us: give room and freedom to Sudas, ye Mighty.
10 Hid from our eyes is their resplendent meeting: by their mysterious might they hold dominion.
Heroes! we cry trembling in fear before you, even in the greatness of your power have mercy.
11 He who wins favour for his prayer by worship, that he may gain him strength and highest riches,
That good man's mind the Mighty Ones will follow: they have brought comfort to his spacious dwelling.
12 This priestly task, Gods! Varuna and Mitra! hath been performed for you at sacrifices.
Convey us safely over every peril. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN LXI. Mitra-Varuna.

1. O VARUNA and Mitra, Surya spreading the beauteous light of you Twain Gods ariseth.
He who beholdetb all existing creatures observetb well the zeal that is in mortals.
2 The holy sage, renowned afar, directeth his hymns to you, O Varuna and Mitra,-
He whose devotions, sapient Gods, ye favour so that ye fill, as 'twere, with power his autumns.
3 From the wide earth, O Varuna and Mitra from the great lofty heaven, ye, Bounteous Givers, -
Have in the fields and houses set your warder-, who visit every spot and watch unceasing.
4 I praise the strength of Varuna and Mitra that strength, by mightiness, keeps both worlds asunder.
Heroless pass the months of the ungodly he who loves sacrifice makes his home enduring.
5 Steers, all infallible are these your people in whom no wondrous thing is seen, no worship.
Guile follows close the men who are untruthful: no secrets may be hidden from your knowledge.
6 I will exalt your sacrifice with homage: as priest, I, Mitra-Varuna, invoke you.
May these new hymns and prayers that I have fashioned delight you to the profit of the singer.
7 This priestly task, Gods! Varuna and Mitra! hath been performed for you at sacrifices.
Convey us safely over every peril. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN LXII. Mitra-Varuna.

1. SURYA hath sent aloft his beams of splendour o'er all the tribes of men in countless places.
Together with the heaven he shines apparent, formed by his Makers well with power and wisdom.
2 So hast thou mounted up before us, Surya, through these our praises, with fleet dappled horses.
Declare us free from all offence to Mitra, and Varuna, and Aryaman, and Agni.
3 May holy Agni, Varuna, and Mitra send down their riches upon us in thousands.
May they, the Bright Ones, make our praise-song perfect, and, when we laud them, grant us all our wishes.
4 O undivided Heaven and Earth, preserve us, us, Lofty Ones! your nobIy-born descendants.
Let us not anger Varuna, nor Vayu, nor him, the dearest Friend of mortals, Mitra.
5 Stretch forth your arms and let our lives be lengthened: with fatness dew the pastures of our cattle.
Ye Youthful, make us famed among the people: hear, Mitra-Varuna, these mine invocations.
6 Now Mitra, Varuna, Aryaman vouchsafe us freedom and room, for us and for our children.
May we find paths all fair and good to travel. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN LXIII. Mitra-Varuna.

1. COMMON to all mankind, auspicious Surya, he who beholdeth all, is mounting upward;
The God, the eye of Varuna and Mitra, who rolled up darkness like a piece of leather.
2 Surya's great ensign, restless as the billow, that urgeth men to action, is advancing:
Onward he still would roll the wheel well-rounded, which Etasa, harnessed to the car-pole, moveth.
3 Refulgent from the bosom of the Mornings, he in Whom singers take delight ascendeth.
This Savitar, God, is my chief joy and pleasure, who breaketh not the universal statute.
4 Golden, far-seeing, from the heaven he riseth: far is his goal, he hasteth on resplendent.
Men, verily, inspirited by Surya speed to their aims and do the work assigned them.
5 Where the irrunortals have prepared his pathway he flieth through the region like a falcon.
With homage and oblations will we serve you, O Mitra-Varuna, when the Sun hath risen.
6 Now Mitra, Varuna, Aryaman vouchsafe us freedom and room, for us and for our children.
May we find paths all fair and good to travel. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN LXIV. Mitra-Varuna.

1. YE Twain who rule, in heaven and earth, the region, clothed be your clouds in robes of oil and fatness.
May the imperial Varuna, and Mitra, and high-born Aryaman accept our presents.
2 Kings, guards of rrtighty everlasting Order, come hitherward, ye Princes, Lords of Rivers.
Send us from heaven, O Varuna and Mitra, rain and sweet food, ye who pour down your bounties.
3 May the dear God, and Varuna and Mitra conduct us by the most effective pathways,
That foes may say unto Sudas our chieftain, May, we, too, joy in food with Gods to guard us.
4 Him who hath wrought for you this car in spirit, who makes the song rise upward and sustains it,
Bedew with fatness, Varuna nd Mitra ye Kings, make glad the pleasant dwelling-places.
5 To you this laud, O Varuna and Mitra is offered like bright Soma juice to Vayu.
Favour our songs of praise, wake thought and spirit. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN LXV. Mitra-Varuna.

1. WITH hymns I call you, when the Sun hath risen, Mitra, and Varuna whose thoughts are holy,
Whose Power Divine, supreme and everlasting, comes with good heed at each man's supplication.
2 For they are Asuras of Gods, the friendly make, both of you, our lands exceeding fruitful.
May we obtain you, Varuna and Mitra, wherever Heaven and Earth and days may bless us.
3 Bonds of the sinner, they bear many nooses: the wicked mortal hardly may escape them.
Varuna-Mitra, may your path of Order bear us o'er trouble as a boat o'er waters.
4 Come, taste our offering, Varuna and Mitra: bedew our pasture wil sweet food and fatness.
Pour down in plenty here upon the people the choicest of your fair celestial water.
5 To you this laud, O Varuna and Mitra, is offered, like bright Soma juice to Vayu.
Favour our songs of praise, wake thought and spirit. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN LXVI Mitra-Varuna.

1. LET our strong hymn of praise go forth, the laud of Mitra-Varuna,
With homage to that high-born Pair;
2 The Two exceeding wise, the Sons of Daksa, whom the gods ordained
For lordship, excellently great.
3 Such, Guardians of our homes and us, O Mitra-Varuna, fulfil
The thoughts of those who sing your praise.
4 So when the Sun hath risen to-day, may sinless Mitra, Aryaman,
Bhaga, and Savitar sendus forth.
5 May this our home be guarded well forward, ye Bounteous, on the way,
Who bear us safely o'er distress.
6. And those Self-reigning, Aditi, whose statute is inviolate,
The Kings who rule a vast domain.
7 Soon as the Sun hath risen, to you, to Mitra-Varuna, I sing,
And Aryarnan who slays the foe.
8 With wealth of gold may this my song bring unmolested power and might,
And, Brahmans, gain the sacrifice.
9 May we be thine, God Varuna, and with our princes, Mitra, thine.
Food and Heaven's light will we obtain.
10 Many are they who strengthen Law, Sun-eyed, with Agni for their tongue,
They who direct the three great gatherings with their thoughts, yea, all things with surpassing might.
11 They who have stablished year and month and then the day, night, sacrifice and holy verse,
Varuna, Mitra, Aryarnan, the Kings, have won dominion which none else may gain.
12 So at the rising of the Sun we think of you with hymns to-day,
Even as Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman deserve: ye are the charioteers of Law.
13 True to Law, born in Law the strengtheners of Law, terrible, haters of the false,
In their felicity which gives the best defence may we men and our princes dwell.
14 Uprises, on the slope of heaven, that marvel that attracts die sight
As swift celestial Etasa bears it away, prepared for every eye to see.
15 Lord of each single head, of fixt and moving things, equally through the whole expanse,
The Seven sister Bays bear Surya on his car, to bring us wealth and happiness.
16 A hundred autumns may we see that bright Eye, God-ordained, arise
A hundred autumns may we live.
17 Infallible through your wisdom, come hither, resplendent Varuna,
And Mitra, to the Soma draught.
18 Come as the laws of Heaven ordain, Varuna, Mitra, void of guile:
Press near and drink the Soma juice.
19 Come, Mitra, Varuna, accept, Heroes, our sacrificial gift:
Drink Soma, ye who strengthen Law.


1. I WITH a holy heart that brings oblation will sing forth praise to meet your car, ye Princes,
Which, Much-desired! hath wakened as your envoy. I call you hither as a son his parents.
2 Brightly hath Agni shone by us enkindled: the limits even of darkness were apparent.
Eastward is seen the Banner of the Morning, the Banner born to give Heaven's Daughter glory.
3 With hymns the deft priest is about you, Asvins, the eloquent priest attends you now, Nasatyas.
Come by the paths that ye are wont to travel, on car that finds the light, laden with treasure.
4 When, suppliant for your help, Lovers of Sweetness! I seeking wealth call you to our libation,
Hitherward let your vigorous horses bear you: drink ye with us the well-pressed Soma juices.
5 Bring forward, Asvins, Gods, to its fulfilment my never-wearied prayer that asks for riches.
Vouchsafe us all high spirit in the combat, and with your powers, O Lords of Power, assist us.
6 Favour us in these prayers of ours, O Asvins. May we have genial vigour, ne'er to fail us.
So may we, strong in children and descendants, go, wealthy, to the banquet that awaits you.
7 Lovers of Sweetness, we have brought this treasure to you as 'twere an envoy sent for friendship.
Come unto us with spirits free from anger, in homes of men enjoying our oblation.
8 With one, the same, intention, ye swift movers, o'er the Seven Rivers hath your chariot travelled.
Yoked by the Gods, your strong steeds never weary while speeding forward at the pole they bear you.
9 Exhaustless be your bounty to our princes who with their wealth incite the gift of riches,
Who further friendship with their noble natures, combining wealth in kine with wealth in herses.
10 Now hear, O Youthful Twain, mine invocation: come, Asvins, to the home where food aboundeth.
Vouchsafe us wealth, do honour to our nobles. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. COME, radiant Asvins, with your noble horses: accept your servant's hymns, ye Wonder-Workers:
Enjoy oblations which we bring to greet you.
2 The gladdening juices stand prepared before you: come quickly and partake of mine oblation.
Pass by the calling of our foe and bear us.
3 Your chariot with a hundred aids, O Asvins, beareth you swift as thought across the regions,
Speeding to us, O ye whose wealth is Surya.
4 What time this stone of yours, the Gods' adorer, upraised, sounds forth for you as Soma-presser,
Let the priest bring you, Fair Ones, through oblations.
5 The nourishment ye have is, truly, wondrous: ye gave thereof a quickening store to Atri,
Who being dear to you, receives your favour.
6 That gift, which all may gain, ye gave Cyavana, when he grew old, who offered you oblations,
When ye bestowed on him enduring beauty.
7 What time his wicked friends abandoned Bhujyu, O Asvins, in the middle of the ocean,
Your horse delivered him, your faithful servant.
8 Ye lent your aid to Vrka when exhausted, and listened when invoked to Sayu's calling.
Ye made the cow pour forth her milk like water, and, Asvins, strengthened with your strength the barren.
9 With his fair hymns this singer, too, extols you, waking with glad thoughts at the break of morning.
May the cow nourish him with milk to feed llim. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN LXIX. Asvins.

1. MAY your gold chariot, drawn by vigorous horses, come to us, blocking up the earth
and heaven,
Bright with its fellies while its way drops fatness, food-laden, rich in coursers, man's protector.
2 Let it approach, yoked by thewill, three-seated, extending far and wide o'er fivefold beings,
Whereon ye visit God-adoring races, bending your course whither ye will, O Asvins.
3 Renowned, with noble horses, come ye hither: drink, Wondrous Pair, the cup that holds sweet juices.
Your car whereon your Spouse is wont to travel marks with its track the farthest ends of heaven.
4 When night was turning to the grey of morning the Maiden, Surya's Daughter, chose your splendour.
When with your power and might ye aid the pious he comes through heat to life by your assistance.
5 O Chariot-borne, this car of yours invested with rays of light comes harnessed to our dwelling.
Herewith, O Asvins, while the dawn is breaking, to this our sacrifice bring peace and blessing.
6 Like the wild cattle thirsty for the lightning, Heroes, come nigh this day to our libations.
Men call on you with hymns in many places, but let not other worshippers detain you.
7 Bhujyu, abandoned in the midst of ocean, ye raised from out the water with your horses,
Uninjured, winged, flagging not, undaunted, with deeds of wonder saving him, O Asvins.
8 Now hear, O Youthful Twain, mine invocation: come, Asvins, to the home where food aboundeth.
Vouchsafe us wealth, do honour to our nobles. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN LXX. Asvins.

1. RICH in all blessings, Asvins come ye hither: this place on earth is called your own possession,
Like a strong horse with a fair back it standeth, whereon, as in a lap, ye seat you firmly.
2 This most delightful eulogy awaits you in the man's house drink-offering hath been heated,
Which bringeth you over the seas and rivers, yoking as'twere two well-matched shining horses.
3 Whatever dwellings ye possess, O Asvins, in fields of men or in the streams of heaven,
Resting upon the summit of the mountain, or bringing food to him who gives oblation,
4 Delight yourselves, ye Gods, in plants and waters when Rsis give them and ye find they suit You.
Enriching us with treasures in abundance ye have looked back to former generations.
5 Asvins, though ye have heard them oft aforetime, regard the many prayers which Rsis offer.
Come to the man even as his heart desireth: may we enjoy your most delightful favour.
6 Come to the sacrifice offered you, Nasatyas, with men, oblations, and prayer duly uttered.
Come to Vasistha as his heart desireth, for unto you these holy hymns are chanted.
7 This is the thought, this is the song, O Asvins: accept this hymn of ours, ye Steers, with favour.
May these our prayers addressed to you come nigh you. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN LXXI. Asvins.

1. THE Night retireth from the Dawn her Sister; the Dark one yieldeth to the Red her pathway.
Let us invoke you rich in steeds and cattle - by day and night keep far from us the arrow.
2 Bearing rich treasure in your car, O Asvins, come to the mortal who presents oblation.
Keep at a distance penury and sickness; Lovers of Sweetness, day and night preserve us.
3 May your strong horses, seeking bliss, bring hither your chariot at the earliest flush of morning.
With coursers yoked by Law drive hither, Asvins, your car whose reins are light, laden with treasure.
4 The chariot, Princes, that conveys you, moving at daylight, triple-seated, fraught with riches,
Even with this come unto us, Nasatyas, that laden with all food it may approach us.
5 Ye freed Cyavana from old age and weakness: ye brought the courser fleet of food to Pedu.
Ye rescued Atri from distress and darkness, and loosed for Jahusa the bonds that bound him.
6 This is the thought, this is the song, O Asvins: accept this hymn of ours, ye Steers, With favour.
May these our prayers addressed to you come nigh you. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. COME, O Nasatyas, on your car resplendent, rich in abundant wealth of kine and horses.
As harnessed steeds, all our laudations follow you whose forms shine with most delightful beauty.
2 Come with the Gods associate, come ye hither to us, Nasatyas, with your car accordant.
'Twixt you and us there is ancestral friendship and common kin: remember and regard it.
3 Awakened are the songs that praise the Asvins, the kindred prayers and the Celestial Mornings.
Inviting those we long for, Earth and Heaven, the singer calleth these Nasatyas hither.
4 What time the Dawns break forth in light, O Asvins, to you the poets offer their devotions.
God Savitar hath sent aloft his splendour, and fires sing praises with the kindled fuel.
5 Come from the west, come from the cast, Nasatyas, come, Asvins, from below and from above us.
Bring wealth from all sides for the Fivefold People. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. WE have o'erpassed the limit of this darkness while, worshipping the Gods, we sang their praises.
The song invoketh both Immortal Asvins far-reaching, born of old, great WonderWorkers.
2 And, O Nasatyas, man's dear Priest is seated, who brings to sacrifice and offers worship,
Be near and taste the pleasant juice, O Asvins: with food, I call you to the sacrifices.
3 We choosing you, have let our worship follow its course: ye Steers, accept this hymn with favour.
Obeying you as your appointed servant, Vasistha singing hath with lauds aroused you.
4 And these Two Priests come nigh unto our people, united, demon-slayers, mighty-handed.
The juices that exhilarate are mingled. Injure us not, but come with happy fortune.
5 Come from the west, come from the cast, Nasatyas, come, Asvins, from below and from above us.
Bring wealth from all sides for the Fivefold People. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN I.XXIV. Asvins.

1. THESE morning sacrifices call you, Asvins, at the break of day.
For help have I invoked you rich in power and might: for, house by house ye visit all.
2 O Heroes, ye bestow wonderful nourishment. send it to him whose songs are sweet
Accordant, both of you, drive your car down to us, and drink the savoury Soma juice.
3 Approach ye and be near to us. drink, O ye Asvins, of the meath.
Draw forth the milk, ye Mighty, rich in genuine wealth: injure us not, and come to us.
4 The horses that convey you in their rapid flight down to the worshipper's abode,
With these your speedy coursers, Heroes, Asvins, come, ye Gods, come well-inclined to us.
5 Yea, verily, our princes seek the Asvins in pursuit of food.
These shall give lasting glory to our liberal lords, and, both Nasatyas, shelter us.
6 Those who have led the way, like cars, offending none, those who are guardians of the men-
Also through their own might the heroes have grown strong, and dwell in safe and happy homes.


1. BORN in the heavens the Dawn hath flushed, and showing her majesty is come as Law ordaineth.
She hath uncovered fiends and hateful darkness; best of Angirases, hath waked the pathways.
2 Rouse us this day to high and happy fortune: to great felicity, O Dawn, promote us.
Vouchsafe us manifold and splendid riches, famed among mortals, man-befriending Goddess!
3 See, lovely Morning's everlasting splendours, bright with their varied colours, have approached us.
Filling the region of mid-air, producing the rites of holy worship, they have mounted.
4 She yokes her chariot far away, and swiftly visits the lands where the Five Tribes are settled,
Looking upon the works and ways of mortals, Daughter of Heaven, the world's Imperial Lady.
5 She who is rich in spoil, the Spouse of Surya, wondrously opulent, rules all wealth and treasures.
Consumer of our youth, the seers extol her: lauded by priests rich Dawn shines out refulgent.
6 Apparent are the steeds of varied colour, the red steeds carrying resplendent Morning.
On her all-lovely car she comes, the Fair One, and brings rich treasure for her faithful servant.
7 True with the True and Mighty with the Mighty, with Gods a Goddess, Holy with the Holy,
She brake strong fences down and gave the cattle: the kine were lowing as they greeted Morning.
8 O Dawn, now give us wealth in kine and heroes, and horses, fraught with manifold enjoyment.
Protect our sacred grass from man's reproaches. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. SAVITAR God of all men hath sent upward his light, designed for all mankind, immortal.
Through the Gods' power that Eye was first created. Dawn hath made all the universe apparent.
2 I see the paths which Gods are wont to travel, innocuous paths made ready by the Vasus.
Eastward the flag of Dawn hath been uplifted; she hath come hither o'er the tops of houses.
3 Great is, in truth, the number of the Mornings which were aforetime at the Sun's uprising.
Since thou, O Dawn, hast been beheld repairing as to thy love, as one no more to leave him.
4 They were the Gods' companions at the banquet, the ancient sages true to Law Eternal.
The Fathers found the light that lay in darkness, and with effectual words begat the Morning.
5 Meeting together in the same enclosure, they strive not, ofone mind, one with another.
They never break the Gods' eternal statutes, and injure none, in rivalry with Vasus.
6 Extolling thee, Blest Goddess, the Vasisthas, awake at early mom, with lauds implore thee.
Leader of kine and Queen of all that strengthens, shine, come as first to us, O high-born Morning.
7 She bringeth bounty and sweet charm of voices. The flushing Dawn is sung by the Vasisthas,
Giving us riches famed to distant places. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. SHE hath shone brightly like a youthful woman, stirring to motion every living creature.
Agni hath come to feed on mortal? fuel. She hath made light and chased away the darkness.
2 Turned to this All, far-spreading, she hath risen and shone in brightness with white robes about her.
She hath beamed forth lovely with golden colours, Mother of kine, Guide of the days she bringeth.
3 Bearing the Gods' own Eye, auspicious Lady, leading her Courser white and fair to look on,
Distinguished by her bean-is Dawn shines apparent, come forth to all the world with wondrous treasure.
4 Draw nigh with wealth and dawn away the foeman: prepare for us wide pasture free from danger.
Drive away those who hate us, bring us riches: pour bounty, opulent Lady, on the singer.
5 Send thy most excellent beams to shine and light us, giving us lengthened days, O Dawn, O Goddess,
Granting us food, thou who hast all things precious, and bounty rich in chariots, kine, and horses.
6 O Usas, nobly-born, Daughter of Heaven, whom the Vasisthas with their hymns make mighty,
Bestow thou on us vast and glorious riches. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. WE have beheld her earliest lights approaching: her many glories part, on high, asunder.
On car sublime, refulgent, wending hither, O Usas, bring the Wealth that makes us happy.
2 The fire well-kindIed sings aloud to greet her, and with their hymns the priests are chaming welcome.
Usas approaches in her splendour, driving all evil darkness far away, the Goddess.
3 Apparent eastward are those lights of Morning, sending out lustre, as they rise, around them.
She hath brought forth Sun, sacrifice, and Agni, and far away hath fled detested darkness.
4 Rich Daughter of the Sky, we all behold her, yea, all men look on Dawn as she is breaking.
fler car that moves self-harnessed hath she mounted, the car drawn onward by her well-yoked horses.
5 Inspired with loving thoughts this day to greet thee, we and our wealthy nobles have awakened.
Show yourselves fruitful, Dawns, as ye are rising. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. ROUSING the lands where men's Five Tribes are settled, Dawn hath disclosed the pathways of the people.
She hath sent out her sheen with beauteous oxen. The Sun with light hath opened earth and heaven.
2 They paint their bright rays on the sky's far limits. the Dawns come on like tribes arrayed for battle.
Thy cattle, closely shutting up the darkness, as Savitar spreads his arms, give forth their lustre.
3 Wealthy, most like to Indra, Dawn hath risen, and brought forth lauds that shall promote our welfare.
Daughter of Heaven, a Goddess, she distributes, best of Angirases, treasures to the pious.
4 Bestow on us, O Dawn, that ample bounty which thou didst send to those who sang thy praises;
Thou whom with bellowings of a bull they quickened: thou didst unbar the firm-set mountain's portals.
5 Impelling every God to grant his bounty sending to us the charm of pleasant voices,
Vouchsafe us thoughts, for profit, as thou breakest. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1 THE priests, Vasisthas, are the first awakened to welcome Usas with their songs and praises,
Who makes surrounding regions part asunder,and shows apparent all existing creatures.
2 Giving fresh life when she hath hid the darkness, this Dawn hath wakened there with new-born lustre.
Youthful and unrestrained she cometh forward: she hath turned thoughts to Sun and fire and worship.
3 May blessed Mornings shine on us for ever, with wealth of kine, of horses, and of heroes,
Streaming with all abundance, pouring fatness. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. ADVANCING, sending forth her rays, the Daughter of the Sky is seen.
Uncovering, that we may see, the mighty gloom, the friendly Lady makes the light.
2 The Sun ascending, the refulgent Star, pours down his beams together with the Dawn.
O Dawn, at thine arising, and the Sun's, may we attain the share allotted us.
3 Promptly we woke to welcome thee, O Usas, Daughter of the Sky,
Thee, Bounteous One, who bringest all we long to have, and to the offerer health and wealth.
4 Thou, dawning, workest fain to light the great world, yea, heaven, Goddess! that it may be seen.
We yearn to be thine own, Dealer of Wealth: may we be to this Mother like her sons.
5 Bring us that wondrous bounty, Dawn, that shall be famed most far away.
What, Child of Heaven, thou hast of nourishment for man, bestow thou on us to enjoy.
6 Give to our princes opulence and immortal fame, and strength in herds of kine to us.
May she who prompts the wealthy, Lady of sweet strains, may Usas dawn our foes away.

HYMN LXXXIT. Indra-Varuna

1. GRANT us your strong protection, IndraVaruna, our people, and our family, for sacrifice.
May we subdue in fight our evil-hearted foes, him who attacks the man steadfast in lengthened rites.
2 O Indra-Varuna, mighty and very rich One of you is called Monarch and One Autocrat.
All Gods in the most lofty region of the air have, O ye Steers, combined all power and might in you.
3 Ye with your strength have pierced the fountains of the floods: the Sun have ye brought forward as the Lord in heaven.
Cheered by this magic draught ye, Indra-Varuna, made the dry places stream, made songs of praise flow forth.
4 In battels and in frays we ministering priests, kneeling upon our knees for furtherance of our weal,
Invoke you, only you, the Lords of twofold wealth, you prompt to hear, we bards, O Indra-Varuna.
5 O Indra-Varuna, as ye created all these creatures of the world by your surpassing might,
In peace and quiet Mitra waits on Varuna, the Other, awful, with the Maruis seeks renown.
6 That Varuna's high worth may shine preeminent, these Twain have measured each his proper power and might.
The One subdueth the destructive enemy; the Other with a few furthereth many a man.
7 No trouble, no misfortune, Indra-Varuna, no woe from any side assails the mortal man
Whose sacrifice, O Gods, ye visit and enjoy: ne'er doth the crafty guile of mortal injure him.
8 With your divine protection, Heroes, come to us: mine invncation hear, if ye be pleased therewith.
Bestow ye upon us, O Indra-Varuna, your friendship and your kinship and your favouring grace.
9 In battle after battle, Indra-Varuna, be ye our Champions, ye who are the peoples' strength,
When both opposing bands invoke you for the fight, and men that they may gain offspring and progeny.
10 May Indra, Varuna, Mitra, and Aryaman vouchsafe us glory and great shelter spreading far.
We think of the beneficent light of Aditi, and Savitar's song of praise, the God who strengthens Law.

HYMN LXXXIII. Indra-Varuna.

1. LOOKING to you and your alliance, O ye Men, armed with broad axes they went forward, fain for spoil.
Ye smote and slew his Dasa and his Aryan enemies, and helped Sudas with favour, Indra-Varuna.
2 Where heroes come together with their banners raised, in the encounter where is naught for us to love,
Where all things that behold the light are terrified, there did ye comfort us, O Indra-Varuna.
3 The boundaries of earth were seen all dark with dust: O Indra-Varuna, the shout went up to heaven.
The enmities of the people compassed me about. Ye heard my calling and ye came to me with help.
4 With your resistless weapons, Indra-Varuna, ye conquered Bheda and ye gave Sudas your aid.
Ye heard the prayers of these amid the cries of war: effectual was the service of the Trtsus' priest.
5 O Indra-Varuna, the wickedness of foes and mine assailants' hatred sorely trouble me.
Ye Twain are Lords of riches both of earth and heaven: so grant to us your aid on the decisive day.
6 The men of both the hosts invoked you in the fight, Indra and Varuna, that they might win the wealth,
What time ye helped Sudas, with all the Trtsu folk, when the Ten Kings had pressed him down in their attack.
7 Ten Kings who worshipped not, O Indra-Varuna, confederate, in war prevailed not o'er Sudas.
True was the boast of heroes sitting at the feast: so at their invocations Gods were on their side.
8 O Indra-Varuna, ye gave Sudas your aid when the Ten Kings in battle compassed him about,
There where the white-robed Trtsus with their braided hair, skilled in song worshipped you with homage and with hymn.
9 One of you Twain destroys the Vrtras in the fight, the Other evermore maintains his holy Laws.
We call on you, ye Mighty, with our hymns of praise. Vouchsafe us your protection, Indra-Varuna.
10 May Indra, Varuna, Mitra, and Aryaman vouchsafe us glory and great shelter spreading far.
We think of the beneficent light of Aditi, and Savitar's song of praise, the God who strengthens Law.

HYMN LXXXIV. Indra-Varuna.

1. KINGS, Indra-Varuna, I would turn you hither to this our sacrifice with gifts and homage.
Held in both arms the ladle, dropping fatness, goes of itself to you whose forms are varied.
2 Dyaus quickens and promotes your high dominion who bind with bonds not wrought of rope or cordage.
Far from us still be Varuna's displeasure may Indra give us spacious room to dwell in.
3 Make ye our sacrifice fair amid the assemblies: make ye our prayers approved among our princes.
May God-sent riches come for our possession: further ye us with your delightful succours.
4 O Indra-Varuna, vouchsafe us riches with store of treasure, food, and every blessing;
For the Aditya, banisher of falsehood, the Hero, dealeth wealth in boundless plenty.
5 May this my song reach Varuna and Indra, and, strongly urging, win me sons and offspring.
To the Gods' banquet may we go with riches. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN LXXXV. Indra-Varuna.

1. FOR you I deck a harmless hymn, presenting the Soma juice to Varuna and Indra-
A hymn that shines like heavenly Dawn with fatness. May they be near us on the march and guard us.
2 Here where the arrows fall amid the banners both hosts invoke the Gods in emulation.
O Indra-Varuna, smite back those-our foemen,yea, smite them withyour shaft to every quarter.
3 Self-lucid in their seats, e'en heavenly Waters endowed with Godhead Varuna and Indra.
One of these holds the folk distinct and sundered, the Other smites and slays resistless foemen.
4 Wise be the priest and skilled in Law Eternal, who with his sacred gifts and oration.
Brings you to aid us with your might, Adityas: let him have viands to promote his welfare.
5 May this my song reach Varuna and Indra, and, strongly urging, win me sons and offspring.
To the Gods' banquet may we go with riches. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods with blessings.


1. WISE, verily, are creatures through his greatness who stayed ever, spacious heaven and earth asunder;
Who urged the high and mighty sky to motion, the Star of old, and spread the earth before him.
2 With mine own heart I commune on the question how Varuna and I may be united.
What gift of mine will he accept unangered? When may I calmly look and find him gracious?
3 Fain to know this in in I question others: I seek the wise, O Varuna, and ask them.
This one same answer even the sages gave me, "Surely this Varuna is angry with thee."
4 What, Varuna, hath been my chief transgression, ihat thou wouldst slay the friend who sings thy praises?
Tell me, Unconquerable Lord, and quickly sinless will I approach thee with mine homage.
5 Free us from sins committed by our fathers, from those wherein we have ourselves offended.
O King, loose, like a thief who feeds the cattle, as from the cord a calf, set free Vasistha.
6 Not our own will betrayed us, but seduction, thoughtlessness, Varuna wine, dice, or anger.
The old is near to lead astray the younger: even sleep removeth not all evil-doing.
7 Slavelike may I do service to the Bounteous, serve, free from sin, the God inclined to anger.
This gentle Lord gives wisdom to the simple: the wiser God leads on the wise to riches.
8 O Lord, O Varuna, may this laudation come close to thed and lie within thy spirit.
May it be well with us in rest and labour. Preserve us ever-more, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. VARUNA cut a pathway out for Surya, and led the watery floods of rivers onward.
The Mares, as in a race, speed on in order. He made great channels for the days to follow.
2 The wind, thy breath, hath sounded through the region like a wild beast that seeks his food in pastures.
Within these two, exalted Earth and Heaven, O Varuna, are all the forms thou lovest.
3 Varuna's spies, sent forth upon their errand, survey the two world-halves well formed and fashioned.
Wise are they, holy, skilled in sacrifices, the furtherers of the praise-songs of the prudent.
4 To me who understand hath Varuna spoken, the names borne by the Cow are three times seven.
The sapient God, knowing the place's secret, shall speak as 'twere to teach the race that cometh.
5 On him three heavens rest and are supported, and the three earths are there in sixfold order.
The wise King Varuna hath made in heaven that Golden Swing to cover it with glory.
6 Like Varuna from heaven he sinks in Sindhu, like a white-shining spark, a strong wild creature.
Ruling in depths and meting out the region, great saving power hath he, this world's Controller.
7 Before this Varuna may we be sinless him who shows mercy even to the sinner-
While we are keeping Aditi's ordinances. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. PRESENT to Varuna thine hymn, Vasistha, bright, most delightful to the Bounteous Giver,
Who bringeth on to us the Bull, the lofty, the Holy, laden with a thousand treasures.
2 And now, as I am come before his presence, I take the face of Varuna for Agni's.
So might he bring-Lord also of the darkness-the light in heaven that I may see its beauty!
3 When Varuna and I embark together and urge our boat into the midst of ocean,
We, when we ride o'er ridges of the waters, will swing within that swing and there be happy.
4 Varuna placed Vasistha in the vessel, and deftly with his niight made him a Rsi.
When days shone bright the Sage made him a singer, while the heavens broadened and the Dawns were lengthened.
5 What hath become of those our ancient friendships, when without enmity we walked together?
I, Varuna, thou glorious Lord, have entered thy lofty home, thine house with thousand portals.
6 If he, thy true ally, hath sinned against thee, still, Varuna, he is the friend thou lovedst.
Let us not, Living One, as sinners I know thee: give shelter, as a Sage, to him who lauds thee.
7 While we abide in these fixed habitations, and from the lap of Aditi win favour,
May Varuna untie the bond that binds us. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. LET me not yet, King Varuna, enter into the house of clay:
Have mercy, spare me, Mighty Lord.
2 When, Thunderer! I move along tremulous like a wind-blown skin,
Have mercy, spare me, Mighty Lord.
3 O Bright and Powerful God, through want of strength I erred and went astray
Have mercy, spare me, Mighty Lord.
4 Thirst found thy worshipper though he stood in the midst of water-fijods:
Have mercy, spare me, Mighty Lord.
5 O Varuna, whatever the offence may be which we as men commit against the heavenly host,
When through our want of thought we violate thy laws, punish us not, O God, for that iniquity.

HYMN XC. Vayu.

1. To you pure juice, rich in meath, are offered by priest: through longing for the Pair of Heroes.
Drive, Vayu, bring thine harnessed horses hither: drink the pressed Soma till it make thee joyful.
2 Whoso to thee, the Mighty, brings oblation, pure Soma unto thee, pure-drinking Vayu,
That man thou makest famous among mortals: to him strong sons are born in quick succession.
3 The God whom both these worlds brought forth for riches, whom heavenly Dhisana for our wealth appointeth,
His team of harnessed horses waits on Vayu, and, foremost, on the radiant Treasure-bearer.
4 The spotless Dawns with fair bright days have broken; they found the spacious light when they were shining.
Eagerly they disclosed the stall of cattle: floods streamed for them as in the days aforetime.
5 These with their truthful spirit, shining brightly, move on provided with their natural insight.
Viands attend the car that beareth Heroes, your car, ye Sovran Pair, Indra and Vayu.
6 May these who give us heavenly light, these rulers, with gifts of kine and horses, gold and treasures.
These princes, through full life, Indra and Vayu! o'ercome in battle with their steeds and heroes.
7 Like coursers seeking fame will we Vasisthas, O Indra-Vayu, with our fair laudations.
Exerting all our power call you to aid us. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. WERE not in sooth, the Gods aforetime blameless, whose pleasure was increased by adoration?
For Vayu and for man in his affliction they caused the Morning to arise with Surya.
2 Guardians infallible, eager as envoys' preserve us safe through many months and autumns.
Addressed to you, our fair praise, Indra-Vayu, implores your favour and renewed well-being.
3 Wise, bright, arranger of his teams, he. seeketh men with rich food whose treasures are abundant.
They have arranged them of one mind with Vayu: the men have wrought all noble operations.
4 So far as native power and strength permit you, so far as men behold whose eyes have vision,
O ye pure-drinkers, drink with us pure Soma: sit on this sacred grass, Indra and Vayu.
5 Driving down teams that bear the lovely Heroes, hitherward, Indra-Vayu, come together.
To you this prime of savoury juice is offered: here loose your horses and be friendly-minded.
6 Your hundred and your thousand teams, O Indra and Vayu, all-munificent, which attend you,
With these most gracious-minded come ye hither, and drink, O Heroes of the meath we offer.
7 Like coursers seeking fame will we Vasisthas, O Indra-Vayu, with our fair laudations,
Exerting all our powe-,, call you to aid us. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. O VAYU, drinker of the pure, be near us: a thousand teams are thine, Allbounteous Giver.
To thee the rapture-bringing juice is offered, whose first draught, God, thou takest as thy portion.
2 Prompt at the holy rites forth came the presser with Soma-draughts for Indra and for Vayu,
When ministering priests with strong devotion bring to you Twain the first taste of the Soma.
3 The teams wherewith thou seekest him who offers, within his home, O Viyu, to direct him,
Therewith send wealth: to us with full enjoyment, a hero son and gifts of kine and horses.
4 Near to the Gods and making Indra joyful, devout and ofFering precious gifts to Vayu,
Allied with princes, smiting down the hostile, may we with heroes conquer foes in battle.
5 With thy yoked teams in hundreds and in thousands come to our sacrifice and solemn worship.
Come, Vayu, make thee glad at this libation. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN XCIII. Indra-Agni.

1. SLAYERS of enemies, Indra and Agni, accept this day our new-born pure laudation.
Again, again I call you prompt to listen, best to give quickly strength to him who craves it.
2 For ye were strong to gain, exceeding mighty, growing together, waxing in your vigour.
Lords of the pasture filled with ample riches, bestow upon us strength both fresh and lasting.
3 Yea when the strong have entered our assembly, and singers seeking with their hymns your favour,
They are like steeds who come into the race-course, those men who call aloud on Indra-Agni.
4 The singer, seeking with his hymns your favour, begs splendid riches of their first possessor.
Further us with new bounties, Indra-Agni, armed with strong thunder, slayers of the foeman.
5 When two great hosts, arrayed against each other, meet clothed with brightness, in the fierce encounter
Stand ye beside the godly, smite the godless; and still assist the men who press the Soma.
6 To this our Soma-pressing, Indra-Agni, come ye prepared to show your loving-kindness,
For not at any time have ye despised us. So may I draw you with all strengthenings hither.
7 So Agni, kindled mid this adoration, invite thou Mitra, Varuna, and Indra.
Forgive whatever sin we have committed may Aryaman and Aditi remove it.
8 While we accelerate these our sacrifices, may we win strength from both of you, O Agni:
Ne'er may the Maruts, Indra, Visnu slight us. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN XCIV. Indra-Agni.

1. As rain from out the cloud, for you, Indra and Agni, from my soul
This noblest praise hath been produced.
2 Do ye, O Indra-Agni, hear the singer's call: accept his songs.
Ye Rulers, grant his heart's desire.
3 Give us not up to poverty, ye Heroes, Indra-Agni, nor
To slander and reproach of men.
4 To Indra and to Agni we bring reverence, high and holy hymn,
And, craving help, softwords with prayer.
5 For all these holy singers here implore these Twain to succour them,
And priests that they may win them strength.
6 Eager to laudyou, we with songs invoke you, bearing sacred food,
Fain for success in sacrifice.
7 Indra and Agni, come to us with favour, ye who conquer men:
Let not the wicked master us.
8 At no time let the injurious blow of hostile mortal fall on us:
O Indra-Agni, shelter us.
9 Whatever wealth we crave of you, in gold, in cattle, or in steeds,
That, Indra-Agni, let us gain;
10 When heroes prompt in worship call Indra and Agni, Lords of steeds,
Beside the Soma juice effused.
11 Call hither with the song and lauds those who best slay the foemen, those
Who take delight in hymns of praise.
12 Slay ye the wicked man whose thought is evil of the demon kind.
Slay him who stays the waters, slay the Serpent with your deadly dart.

HYMN XCV. Sarasvati.

1. THIS stream Sarasvati with fostering current comes forth, our sure defence, our fort of iron.
As on a car, the flood flows on, surpassing in majesty and might all other waters.
2 Pure in her course from mountains to the ocean, alone of streams Sarasvati hath listened.
Thinking of wealth and the great world of creatures, she poured for Nahusa her milk and fatness.
3 Friendly to man he grew among the women, a strong young Steer amid the Holy Ladies.
He gives the fleet steed to our wealthy princes, and decks their bodies for success in battle.
4 May this Sarasvati be pleased and listen at this our sacrifice, auspicious Lady,
When we with reverence, on our knees, implore her close-knit to wealth, most kind to those she loveth.
5 These offerings have ye made with adoration: say this, Sarasvati, and accept our praises;
And, placing us under thy dear protection, may we approach thee, as a tree, for shelter.
6 For thee, O Blest Sarasvati, Vasistha hath here unbarred the doors d sacred Order.
Wax, Bright One, and give strength to him who lauds thee. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN XCVI. Sarasvati.

1. I SING a lofty song, for she is mightiest, most divine of Streams.
Sarasvati will I exalt with hymns and lauds, and, O Vasistha, Heaven and Earth.
2 When in the fulness of their strength the Purus dwell, Beauteous One, on thy two grassy banks,
Favour us thou who hast the Maruts for thy friends: stir up the bounty of our chiefs.
3 So may Sarasvati auspicious send good luck; she, rich in spoil, is never niggardly in thought,
When praised in jamadagni's way and lauded as Vasistha lauds.
4 We call upon Sarasvan, as unmarried men who long for wives,
As liberal men who yearn for sons.
5 Be thou our kind protector, O Sarasvan, with those waves of thine
Laden with sweets and dropping oil.
6 May we enjoy Sarasvan's breast, all-beautiful, that swells with streams,
May we gain food and progeny.

HYMN XCVIL Brhaspati.

1. WHERE Heaven and Earth combine in men's assembly, and ttose who love the Gods delight in worship,
Where the libations are effused for Indra, may he come first to drink and make him stronger.
2 We crave the heavenly grace of Gods to guard us-so may Brhaspati, O friends, exalt us-
That he, the Bounteous God, may find us sintess, who giveth from a distance like a father.
3 That Brahmanaspati, most High and Gracious, I glorify with offerings and with homage.
May the great song of praise divine, reach Indra who is the King of prayer the Gods' creation.
4 May that Brhaspati who brings all blessings, most dearly loved, be seated by our altar.
Heroes and wealth we crave; may he bestow them, and bear us safe beyond the men who vex us.
5 To us these Deathless Ones, erst born, have granted this laud of ours which gives the Immortal pleasure.
Let us invoke Brhaspati, the foeless, the clear-voiced God, the Holy One of households
6 Him, this Brhaspati, his red-hued horses, drawing together, full of strength, bring hither.
Robed in red colour like the cloud, they carry the Lord of Might whose friendship gives a dwelling.
7 For he is pure, with hundred wings, refulgent, with sword of gold, impetuous, winning sunlight.
Sublime Brhaspati, easy of access granteth his friends most bountiful refreshment.
8 Both Heaven and Earth, divine, the Deity's Parents, have made Brhaspati increase in grandeur.
Glorify him, O friends, who merits glory: may he give prayer fair way and easy passage.
9 This, Brahmanaspati, is your laudation prayer hath been made to thunderwielding Indra.
Favour our songs, wake up our thought and spirit: destroy the godless and our foemen's malice.
10 Ye Twain are Lords of wealth in earth and heaven, thou, O Brhaspati, and thou, O Indra.
Mean though he be, give wealth to him who lauds you. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. PRIESTS, offer to the Lord of all the people the milked-out stalk of Soma, radiant-coloured.
No wild-bull knows his drinking-place like Indra who ever seeks him who hath pressed the Soma,
2 Thou dost desire to drink, each day that passes, the pleasant food which thou hast had aforetime,
O Indra, gratified in heart and spirit, drink eagerly the Soma set before thee.
3 Thou, newly-born, for strength didst drink the Soma; the Mother told thee of thy future greatness.
O Indra, thou hast filled mid-air's wide region, and given the Gods by battle room and freedom.
4 When thou hast urged the arrocrant to combat, proud in their strength of arm, we will subdue them.
Or, Indra, when thou fightest girt by heroes, we in the glorious fray with thee will conquer.
5 I will declare the earliest deeds of Indra, and recent acts which Maghavan hath accomplished.
When he had conquered godless wiles and magic, Soma became his own entire possession.
6 Thine is this world of flocks and herds around thee, which with the eye of Surya thou beholdest.
Thou, Indra, art alone the Lord of cattle; may we enjoy the treasure which thou givest.
7 Ye Twain are Lords of wealth in earth and heaven, thou, O Brhaspati, and thou, O Indra.
Mean though he be, give wealth to him who lauds you. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.


1. MEN come not nigh thy majesty who growest beyond all bound and measure with thy body.
Both thy two regions of the earth, O Visnu, we know: thou God, knowest the highest also.
2 None who is born or being born, God Visnu, hath reached the utmost limit of thy grandeur.
The vast high vault of heaven hast thou supported, and fixed earth's eastern pinnacle securely.
3 Rich in sweet food be ye, and rich in milch-kine, with fertile pastures, fain to do men service.
Both these worlds, Visnu, hast thou stayed asunder, and firmly fixed the earth with pegs around it.
4 Ye have made spacious room for sacrificing by generating Surya, Dawn, and Agni.
O Heroes, ye have conquered in your battles even the bull-jawed Dasa's wiles and magic.
5 Ye have destroyed, thou, Indra, and thou Visnu, Sambara's nine-and-ninety fenced castles.
Ye Twain smote down a hundred times a thousand resistless heroes of the royal Varcin.
6 This is the lofty hymn of praise, exalting the Lords of Mighty Stride, the strong and lofty.
I laud you in the solemn synods, Visnu: pour ye food on us in our camps, O Indra.
7 O Visnu, unto thee my lips cry Vasat! Let this mine offering, Sipivista, please thee.
May these my songs of eulogy exalt thee. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN C. Visnu.

1 NE'ER doth the man repent, who, seeking profit, bringeth his gift to the far-striding Visnu.
He who adoreth him with all his spirit winneth himself so great a benefactor.
2 Thou, Visnu, constant in thy courses, gavest good-will to all men, and a hymn that lasteth,
That thou mightst move us to abundant comfort of very splendid wealth with store of horses.
3 Three times strode forth this God in all his grandeur over this earth bright with a hundred splendours.
Foremost be Visnu, stronger than the strongest: for glorious is his name who lives for ever.
4 Over this earth with mighty step strode Visnu, ready to give it for a home to Manu.
In him the humble people trust for safety: he, nobly born, hath made them spacious dwellings.
5 To-day I laud this name, O gipivista, I, skilled in rules, the name of thee the Noble.
Yea, I the poor and weak praise thee the Mighty who dwellest in the realm beyond this region.
6 What was there to be blamed in thee, O Visnu, when thou declaredst, I am Sipivista?
Hide not this form from us, nor keep it secret, since thou didst wear another shape in battle.
7 O Visnu, unto thee my lips cry Vasat! Let this mine offering, Sipivista, please thee.
May these my songs of eulogy exalt thee. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN CI. Parjanya.

1 SPEAK forth three words, the words which light precedeth, which milk this udder that produceth nectar.
Quickly made manifest, the Bull hath bellowed, engendering the germ of plants, the Infant.
2 Giver of growth to plants, the God who ruleth over the waters and all moving creatures,
Vouchsafe us triple shelter for our refuge, and threefold light to succour and befriend us.
3 Now he is sterile, now begetteth offspring, even as he willeth doth he change his figure.
The Father's genial flow bedews the Mother; therewith the Sire, therewith the son is nourished.
4 In him all living creatures have their being, and the three heavens with triplyflowing waters.
Three reservoirs that sprinkle down their treasure shed their sweet streams around him with a murmur.
5 May this my song to Sovran Lord Parjanya come near unto his heart and give him pleasure.
May we obtain the showers that bring enjoyment, and God-protected plants with goodly fruitage.
6 He is the Bull of all, and their impregner lie holds the life of all things fixed and moving.
May this rite save me till my hundredth autumn. Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.

HYMN CII Parjanya.

1 SING forth and laud Parjanya, son of Heaven, who sends the gift of rain
May he provide our pasturage.
2 Parjanya is the God who forms in kine, in mares, in plants of earth,
And womankind, the germ of life.
3 Offer and pour into his mouth oblation rich in savoury juice:
May he for ever give us food.


1. THEY who lay quiet for a year, the Brahmans who fulfil their vows,
The Frogs have lifted up their voice, the voice Parjanya hath inspired.
2 What time on these, as on a dry skin lying in the pool's bed, the floods of heaven descended,
The music of the Frogs comes forth in concert like the cows lowing with their calves beside them.
3 When at the coming of the Rains the water has poured upon them as they yearned and thirsted,
One seeks another as he talks and greets him with cries of pleasure as a son his father.
4 Each of these twain receives the other kindly, while they are revelling in the flow of waters,
When the Frog moistened by the rain springs forward, and Green and Spotty both combine their voices.
5 When one of these repeats the other's language, as he who learns the lesson of the teacher,
Your every limb seems to be growing larger as ye converse with eloquence on the waters.
6 Onc is Cow-bellow and Goat-bleat the other, one Frog is Green and one of them is Spotty.
They bear one common name, and yet they vary, and, talking, modulate the voice diversely.
7 As Brahmans, sitting round the brimful vessel, talk at the Soma-rite of Atiratra,
So, Frogs, ye gather round the pool to honour this day of all the year, the first of Rain-time.
8 These Brahmans with the Soma juice, performing their year-long rite, have lifted up their voices;
And these Adhvaryus, sweating with their kettles, come forth and show themselves, and none are hidden.
9 They keep the twelve month's God-appointed order, and never do the men neglect the season.
Soon as the Rain-time in the year returneth, these who were heated kettles gain their freedom.
10 Cow-bellow and Goat-bleat have granted riches, and Green and Spotty have vouchsafed us treasure.
The Frogs who give us cows in hundreds lengthen our lives in this most fertilizing season.

HYMN CIV. Indra-Soma.

1. INDRA and Soma, burn, destroy the demon foe, send downward, O ye Bulls, those who add gloom to gloom.
Annihilate the fools, slay them and burn them up: chase them away from us, pierce the voracious ones.
2 Indra and Soma, let sin round the wicked boil like as a caldron set amid the flames of fire.
Against the foe of prayer, devourer of raw flesh, the vile fiend fierce of eye, keep ye perpetual hate.
3 Indra and Soma, plunge the wicked in the depth, yea, cast them into darkness that hath no support,
So that not one of them may ever thence return: so may your wrathful might prevail and conquer them.
4 Indra and Soma, hurl your deadly crushing bolt down on the wicked fiend from heaven and from the earth.
Yea, forge out of the mountains your celestial dart wherewith ye burn to death the waxing demon race.
5 Indra and Soma, cast ye downward out of heaven your deadly darts of stone burning with fiery flame,
Eternal, scorching darts; plunge the voracious ones within the depth, and let them sink without a sound.
6 Indra and Soma, let this hymn control you both, even as the girth encompasses two vigorous steeds-
The song of praise which I with wisdom offer you: do ye, as Lords of men, animate these my prayers.
7 In your impetuous manner think ye both thereon: destroy these evil beings, slay the treacherous fiends.
Indra and Soma, let the wicked have no bliss who evermore assails us with malignity.
8 Whoso accuses me with words of falsehood when I pursue my way with guileless spirit,
May he, the speaker of untruth, be, Indra, like water which the hollowed hand compresses.
9 Those who destroy, as is their wont, the simple, and with their evil natures barm the righteous,
May Soma give them over to the serpent, or to the lap of Nirrti consign them.
10 The fiend, O Agni, who designs to injure the essence of our food, kine, steeds, or bodies,
May he, the adversary, thief, and robber, sink to destruction, both himself and offipring.
11 May he be swept away, himself and children: may all the three earths press him down beneath them.
May his fair glory, O ye Gods, be blighted, who in the day or night would fain destroy us.
12 The prudent finds it easy to distinguish the true and false: their words oppose each other.
Of these two that which is the true and honest, Soma protects, and brings the false to nothing.
13 Never doth Soma aid and guide the wicked or him who falsely claims the Warrior's title.
He slays the fiend and him who speaks untruly: both lie entangled in the noose of Indra.
14 As if I worshipped deities of falsehood, or thought vain thoughts about the Gods, O Agni.
Why art thou angry with us, Jatavedas? Destruction fall on those who lie against thee!
15 So may I die this day if I have harassed any man's life or if I be a demon.
Yea, may he lose all his ten sons together who with false tongue hath called me Yatudhana.
16 May Indra slay him with a mi weapon, and let the vilest ofghty
all creatures perish,
The fiend who says that he is pure, who calls me a demon though devoid of demon nature.
17 She too who wanders like an owl at night-time, hiding her body in her guile and malice,
May she fall downward into endless caverns. May press-stones with loud ring destroy the demons.
18 Spread out, ye Maruts, search among the people: seize ye and grind the Raksasas to pieces,
Who fly abroad, transformed to birds, at night-time, or sully and pollute our holy worship.
19 Hurl down from heaven thy bolt of stone, O Indra: sharpen it, Maghavan, made keen by Soma.
Forward, behind, and from above and under, smite down the demons with thy rocky weapon.
20 They fly, the demon dogs, and, bent on mischief, fain would they harm indomitable Indra.
Sakra makes sharp his weapon for the wicked: now, let him cast his bolt at fiendish wizards.
21 Indra hath ever been the fiends' destroyer who spoil oblations of the Gods' invokers:
Yea, Sakra, like an axe that spilts the timber, attacks and smashes them like earthen vessels.
22 Destroy the fiend shaped like an owl or owlet, destroy him in the form of dog or cuckoo.
Destroy him shaped as eagle or as vulture as with a stone, O Indra, crush the demon.
23 Let not the fiend of witchcraft-workers reach us: may Dawn drive off the couples of Kimidins.
Earth keep us safe from earthly woe and trouble: from grief that comes from heaven mid-air preserve us.
24 Slay the male demon, Indra! slay the female, joying and triumphing in arts of magic.
Let the fools' gods with bent necks fall and perish, and see no more the Sun when he arises.
25 Look each one hither, look around Indra and Soma, watch ye well.
Cast forth your weapon at the fiends against the sorcerers hurt your bolt.

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